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Sounds like The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; just with the word “Jew” switched for the word “elite”.


There was a lot to breakdown. ALOT. The idea of poverty, universities, wealthy families, conglomerates, BUT I am picking the one in quotes…

What is the “moral depravity” and previous “family values”???

The “family values” is what Twitter (acting upon outrage from those against “moral depravity”) are “helping” restore…

@Hadmin lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I don’t understand, those platforms as Boomer explained, are privately owned and open to anyone who obey the terms of use. Thus they are platforms where anyone can in fact have the opportunity to respond to anyone they like, no matter how wealthy or powerful.

Again as Boomer says, they are privately owned, they have every legal right to set whatever rules they like, and to ban and censor whomever they see fit. They banned the account of the president of the United States, a wealthy elitist by any objective standard, and because he violated their terms of service which he had signed up to when he created the account.

The banning of Atheist Republic account isn’t quite so clearly based on a violation of those terms of service. Though I understand that account was reactivated? As far as I can see that has nothing to do with wealthy elites, it’s a result of religions wanting to censor what they don’t like, and pressuring the owners of Twitter with legal challenges that seem dubious to me.

Hmm, I’m afraid I’d like to see some objective evidence to support that claim. What legal loopholes are you referring to for instance? Totalitarian censorship seems like hyperbole to me sorry.

I see precisely what you mean, there are some statements that are self evidently true, wealthy powerful people tend to look after their own interests, but @HonestAtheist seems to be claiming some sort of vast global conspiracy, I’d like to see some solid objective evidence demonstrated to support that, as I’m dubious.

It’s far more likely that large companies exploit existing laws for their benefit, and often lobby politicians in the same vein.

It’s odd but many right wing conservatives hate those very same tech companies, citing a left wing agenda? I find both claims pretty dubious, and vast conspiracy theories are self evidently highly implausible, and I’d need to see some pretty compelling objective evidence demonstrated, or else I’m inclined to dismiss them as simple bias and paranoia.

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Think about it: an anti-education, anti-human rights, and anti-tech rant. The reason it sounds like a right wing rant, is because it is a right wing rant; IMO.

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Dressed up as love of the working class. When people weave facts into a vast conspiracy it makes me laugh.

Conspiracies by definition cannot be vast, as it has the word secret in it. A global conspiracy always strikes me as something of an oxymoron.

What’s next, “our way of life”?

Moral depravity? I concede that Donald Trump and much of the GOP are morally bankrupt. Although I might describe US culture as anomic, (look it up) I haven’t noticed depravity as a general thing. In fact quite the opposite. On my visits to the US I was always treated with civility and kindness (even in New York)

I’m on tenterhooks to learn all about family values.

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HEY Good news for AR

Elon Musk Seems to actually give a shit about freedom of speech! Woo Hooo! AR may be back in business sooner than expected.

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Who knew???


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