Twitter banned AR - SIGN & SHARE

Asking for re-instatement of Atheist Republic. One group used their country’s blasphemy laws.

Sorry, eh - but one country’s laws do not the “world” make. Especially when it comes to legal inequality (as in value).


Surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

I’m sure there are quite a few countries in which atheist need to keep their heads down.

No blasphemy laws in the US? Would that be because of the first amendment?.

Cute, Its a petition against Twitter for banning AR for persecuting Hinduism, and the option for spreading the protest is Twitter. Fuck Twitter. Never use it anyway. Signed the petition in any case.

All these frigging gods and every one of them a snowflake to persecution, harsh words, and ridicule. To paraphrase Epicurus, why the fuck would you want to worship them?

Every theist organisation, all whine and whinge about persecution from atheists. Oh FFS, they should try the persecution of all religions against agnostic atheism, which as it has been in the past, is in danger of once more become the crime against being honest with one’s self.

I should not have to say it but I don’t believe anyone can know a god exists and consequently simply cannot accept the claims of any theist that their god does exist and this, in the minds of the theists, is an unforgivable, intolerable thought crime, punishable in less enlightened countries, some full of faithful Hindus, by beatings, intimidation, misogyny, persecution, murder and Twitter bannings.

Its Heaven for the climate and Hell for the company. I just hope I can get a window seat.

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A little background on bans, protests, petitions and Kellerman’s bathing suits in Aussie history…lock the doors…

The history of women’s swimming in Australia is steeped in the struggle for women’s rights. Public swimming in Australia was segregated in 1912. Gals like Annette Kellerman, Fanny Durak, Mina Wylie had to fight and protest against authorities to be able to participate in the Stockholm Olympics of 1912 in which women’s swimming was included for the first time. The standoff between official swimming organisations and the scantily clad girls caused a great deal of public commotion and debate, but the overwhelming public support swept the President of the NSW Ladies Swimming Association, one Mrs. Rose Scott (ironically enough a staunch political suffragette with a body image problem) from office.

But there were conditions, the Olympic selection team were all males and because of the segregation laws, they could not watch Fanny or Mina swimming. They were nonetheless selected and finally permitted to go to Stockholm but they had to pay their own way (unlike the men). Kellerman at this time was wowing the US with her bathing costume. Fanny and Mina competed in the first-ever women’s Olympic 100 metres freestyle final and took out both gold and silver for Australia.
They were both wearing Kellerman’s one-piece swimming costume.
Fanny and Minnie then toured the world with swimming carnivals and costume parades. Fanny at one point held 12 world records.
All the women named have swimming pools named after them except for Mrs Rose. who opened a string of fashion boutiques for the ‘larger woman’.

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Who the fuck elected these clowns? It’s shit like this that makes me glad that I don’t participate in anything like “glitter” or “hate book”.

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Especially since they deny the existence of all other deities themselves. Not just disbelieve they exist, as atheists do, but make the unevidenced claim they don’t exist, and only their deity(s) is - are real.

Blasphemy laws are the ultimate power trip for theists, make a law that ring fences their unevidenced superstitions from all objective scrutiny.

Its fucking hilarious to think their beliefs are so fragile they need that sort of closed minded persecution of all detractors. Says it all really.


I think they just get pissed because their gods have no response.

IF someone took my picture and it came to my attention that it was being promoted in a way opposite to the intent - I would be more effective in making my personal demands known (as to say slander, exploitation, promotion, - think a “catfish scheme” using a pic of a hot old lady with a rolling pin to lure them in for money)… THEN these fucking ineffective, unknowing, powerless imaginary pieces of mind-shit.

Any “god” that needs humans to defend it is a fucking joke.



To that I add: How could an infinite creator god with many infinite attributes need the worship of his creations, who are as motes of dust to him? How could such insignificant creatures please or offend such a being?


Very well put. Why 20 characters?

Not me :wink:

I’ve nicknamed Twitter to Twit because it’s quite fitting. Because Twit has become an echo chamber. Wealthy elites control it. They care about money politically. So, they cause censorship on Twit to appease powerful people who are part of a smaller population. America’s private company laws allow this censorship to unfold. Which is what happens on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Tumblr, and other elite-owned platforms. Inverted totalitarianism is what wealthy people like owners of Twit are doing. Hence, Twit banned the people from Atheist Republic’s community. Chauvinistic religions make a lot of money and let politicians control their citizens through hateful fear. So, why would those wealthy Twit owners let people have free speech on their social media platform? Free speech wouldn’t work for them if they’re balls deep in the inverted totalitarianism game.

As a far as I’m aware, Twitter is a privately owned platform free for the public to use. Just as is Atheist Republic. As such, the owners may set whatever rules they like, without explanation. I don’t like either the rules or the lowlifes who infest Twitter, so I don’t use it. Simple, no biggie.

I’m afraid I don’t understand your claims about totalitarianism. Perhaps have a look at a dictionary, and then explain your perception


I don’t post or use Twitter - but I’ve lurked :eyes: on occasion.

The elites have intentionally created a privatized economy in America with legal loopholes and systemic classism to prevent low and middle class Americans from having freedom from elitist abuse. Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other elite-owned social media platforms were created because those platform owners are part of an elitist group of people. They exclusively own media companies and sell propaganda to prevent low and middle class people from having power against abusive elites. It’s why Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other platforms started having an increased amount of censorship against human rights organizations. Elites are trying to control the internet entirely like dictators by creating privatized companies, legal loopholes, totalitarian censorship, and systemic classism.

I believe Google and Facebook were both started in college dorm rooms.


Yeah, from males that are industry plants from wealthy families that sold their souls to America’s amoral capitalism that benefits wealthy men way more than low and middle class people, especially women and minorities from low and middle class families. Now, they’re making a lot of money from the suffering of low and middle class people, especially women and minorities during this pandemic that has caused regressed gender inequality. Because they’re immorally greedy and don’t care about morals nor people’s well-being. Because they were raised by families that enabled cut-throat business behaviour for money and power. Some of these industry plants are sociopaths because they come from cut-throat families that are part of elites that sell their souls to amoral capitalism that benefits elites while making poor people poorer. It’s hard not to create an offspring of potentially ruthless sociopaths in that environment.

Google’s founders had parents that worked in universities. Those universities are indoctrination institutions that didn’t teach people about America’s real history that the elites try to bury or rewrite. They don’t teach that America has always been and will be founded on slavery, genocide, racism, and misogyny. The Pledge of Allegiance used to not have God in it until the K.K.K. influenced schools to add in Christian indoctrination. Cultural misogyny has been included as a result of that. Because Christianity is misogynistic. Men who usually come from wealthy families are the ones who really control America. They get females, who look like dumbed down degraded sex objects and/or act like cut-throat feminazis, to sell the illusion of separation of church and state while selling the illusion of feminism. It’s just a scam. Which is why some people have escaped America to avoid Christian fearmongering, cultural misogyny, cut-throat feminazis, the K.K.K, racism, and amoral capitalism controlled by elitist con artists that make poor people poorer.

If Google’s founders and their families and Facebook’s founders and their families actually gave a shit, they would stop low and middle class Americans from being brainwashed and abused patriots, if they are patriots, to a system that abuses them caused by elites. It has caused the American society to have stockholm syndrome, a superiority complex, stupidity, and an insane amount of greed that is making American civilisation collapse further. Which is another reason why some people have escaped America because it is no longer a stable country that has psychologically stable and healthy citizens able to do critical thinking and questioning authority properly for the most part. Elites are living in their gated communities while buying land that causes poverty and homelessness for others.

Almost everyone in my family has worked for a university at one time or another; myself included.

Okay. Now thanks to the elites’ easier access to information from universities and other things compared to low class and middle class people, they have found a clever way to make an increasing amount of college or university debt, apartment/house debt, health insurance debt, and other forms of debt bondage to prevent lower class people from affording education and job opportunities, such as university professors, easily compared to decades ago when colleges and universities didn’t cost an arm and a leg for students and didn’t make students’ course credits become a pain in the butt to use when transferring to colleges or universities to allow them to graduate on time as much in the past. The elites have even legalized standardized tests that make immoral opportunists that think like computers with abnormally good memory who come from wealthy families more likely to graduate from high school and gain opportunities to be in any college or university they want to be in. Which is why some people have left America to become citizens elsewhere, so their children can gain better education and job opportunities. Because even the standard of living has significantly droppped for university workers in America.

The virtue signalling celebrities/sellouts with lower I.Q.s from Hollywood who get paid to lie get paid a lot more than the human rights organization leaders and the university workers who have higher I.Q.s in America. It shows how embarrassing America is in regards to justice. When people with decent intelligence that help people learn how the world works through objective facts and human rights leaders that help people learn how to empower themselves in a healthy way get paid less than entertainers who are gullible addicts that are paid to lie and create chaos, it tells me that society is headed towards a hedonistic downfall. In the past, entertainers weren’t allowed to get paid a lot of money because they weren’t disciplining children, teenagers, and adults on how to protect society from lies, greedy excess, and other things. Because America has collapsed with moral depravity and is no longer known for family values, children are being neglected with mass shootings in schools and lower likelihood of being literate in mathematics, other languages, science, economics, and other things while getting raised on television shows or entertainment streaming services that program them to become impulsive consumers because their parents are neglecting them because their parents are too busy working at their workplaces because American elites have prevented American families from properly raising their children to become smart, healthy, and nice critical thinkers that question authority and other things.