Thought experiment

If everyone on the planet had a vision of god and its requirements, but I did not, would it be honest of me to believe in that god?

Two-letter answers are fine, 3 or more letters will need an honest explanation.

I don’t have enough information.

What is your belief based on exactly? You surely can’t be basing it on not sharing a vision of it?

No. Not until I have been personally convinced with evidence. The reason is that mankind has been wrong before. For example, not 100 years ago almost everyone believed that tobacco smoke was not harmful. Or that the earth was flat.

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I don’t understand that phrase in this context. I recommend explaining what that means; or removing it so it won’t be a distraction.

If everyone on the planet had exactly the same vision of a god, and I did not share in that vision - would I be honest in subscribing to the fact that their vision was a reality and that I should believe in it too? In other words, how many people does it take to prove a reality? 1 or 7.6 billion?

I get it, “and its requirements” is a distraction, so please remove it it.

Non sequitur. If you did not share the vision it may not be claimed that everyone on the planet did

It’s a nonsensical claim. How would you be able to tell what every one had the same vision? I think your question is unfalsifiable.

My dad died of lung cancer at 61. He often told me that smoking was not harmful. My dad was a highly intelligent man, the trouble was that smoking was far more pleasurable than the truth.

If everyone on the planet “except me” had the vison or experience or visitation. And i concur, as I did not share in he vision I would have to simply believe that their claim of sharing in the vision or experience or visitation was a fact. Thanks boomer for yet again for helping me to adjust my thought process.

Based on what, not sharing anyone else’s vision of it? That makes no sense.

The validity of a claim has absolutely nothing to do with the number of people who believe it. That is an argumentum ad populum fallacy.


Why? What your describing is a bare appeal to numbers, a known fallacy in informal logic, called an argumentum ad populum fallacy.

Visions are not a basis for belief… they are not evidence of anything… No — explanation needed.


We humans have always been gullible. So many believed in the visions allegedly experienced by Saul of Tarsus that he was able to invent a new religion.

Oh I don’t know about that. I usually draw an inference when people make the leap from superstitious fanboy to prophet of god.


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If I didn’t had the same vision as everyone else, I would not believe. But even if I did had the same vision as everyone, I’d still not believe.

What if everyone on the planet suffered from a collective hallucination or a delusion?

Carl Sagan talks about something similar, alien abductions, in his book “The Demon Haunted World”. The point he touches is, why is that there are so many thousands (maybe millions) or people in USA who so sincerely narrate their story of how they were abducted by some alleged aliens, taken to their alleged ship, and some surgical shit was done on them and then they were returned to their home on earth.

Are all of them crazy? Surely there must be something if so many people are being “abducted” by alleged aliens? No, if I went that way, that’d be appeal to the masses.

Maybe a better scenario would be that suddenly a voice starts coming out of the sky and starts saying “I am god. Worship me.”

But, to be honest, even if everyone heard that, it could still be a hallucination. Like damn, can we ask questions Mr. God? Or Mrs. Goddess? Can we engage in a conversation? If not, I’m not gonna believe in anything.

One factor to consider is that people who claimed to have aliens visit them in the 1950’s describe them as something from a 50’s alien horror movie, while people who described them 30 years later describe aliens as what was portrayed in Close Encounters of The Third Kind.

Then you would be wrong.
2.4 billion Christians live on this planet and they all assert that their God is true. 1.8 billion Muslims disagree with them and will tell you that the Christians are going to suffer the wrath of Allah for their disbelief. The Christians of course, who have all experienced their god, will tell you that the Muslims are going to burn in hell. [image]

1.2 billion Hindus don’t get it. God and Allah are the same after all. Everything is just the unfolding of Brahma. Jesus, God and Allah are just members of the 330 creators of Galaxies. Of course both Christians and Muslims know the Hindus are burning in hell.

About 500 million people have said “Fuck this shit, we’re outta here.” and decided to follow the selfish way and focus on themselves. (Well, when they become perfect beings, they will come back for the rest of us… ) But fuck the gods, work on the self, and you can be reborn as many times as you like… until you get what you want. (Of course these dumb fucks are going to burn in hell as well.)

and you think

YOU ARE AN IDIOT! How many people did it take to believe the earth was flat, that lightning came from the gods, or that disease was caused by evil demons? GROW UP!

Well - fuck - it could be time travelling aliens :alien: that put a form of LSD in our atmosphere and are using a sound technology…

Much more likely a scenario.

And what does everyone have to back up the claim of their vision? Just because they said they had one doesn’t mean they really did.
Without data, the visions may not have happened at all. Or, maybe YOU are the one having a vision that everyone else on the planet had a vision when in fact no one had a vision. Lots of possibilities that don’t involve accepting another’s “vision” as reality until it’s justified to do so.