Theists And Evolution

looks like a strawman

Thanks you much, and I knew evolution but hadn’t that much idea things were still evolving. Makes perfect sense though.

Looks like someone has no idea at all what the definition of a species is. NONE!

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Fievel, change is constant. If I compare myself to my parents and siblings, we are all different. If mutations and change did not occur, I would be identical to my brothers in every way. And everything is transitional. I still retain nipples (completely unnecessary in a male), a tailbone, and the muscles that produce goosebumps. In the past, my ancient ancestors would have use for those now-useless parts.

So your saying a finch is a t rex. I would highly doubt that since bigger animals wouldn’t have survived.

Phylum group of species I major in science and chemistry

Then please do not attempt to boost yourself pretending to know anything about science. Either the gaps in your knowledge are so large you could drive an ocean liner through them, your are a religious nut who rejects facts because they conflict with your bible, or you are just a troll.

I have novel idea.

Why don’t you take some time to actually READ some of Charles Darwin’s writings.
“The Voyage Of The Beagle” is an easy place to start.

Doesn’t matter to me you understand. If you armed yourself with a little knowledge and understanding you might not look quite as ignorant.

Are you aware that there is actually no debate about evolution? That it has been mainstream science for over 100 years? That today the only people who insist on arguing the point are bloody minded literalists. These intellectual giants insist that not only is the bible the word of god, that it is the INNERRANT word of god, regardless of proof to the contrary, EG FOSSILS!

I remind you once again, that you may not use the bible as an authority here.

Really? Perhaps time you started to pay attention in class.

Of course I understand your position, I was being snide. IE .:That you absolutely support science and the scientific method, 100%.—Unless of course science contradicts your dogma, then you ignore it. EG as with evolution, about which you seem to have no knowledge or understanding which does not come from leading scientists, such as Ken Ham and, Ray Comfort


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !~!! Science “AND” Chemistry Huh! What an idiot!

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We believed that germs came from rocks for 200 years.

And I suppose human beings came from clay and some magical man blowing into a nose. You really wanna compare idiotic creation stories? We know for a fact, the building blocks of life, amino acids, can be extracted from inorganic matter “rocks”. Please cite any fact you have at all that a magical being can blow into dirt and create a living being. I would love to hear all about it.

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I don’t think anyone here is 200 years old.

Indeed, although I sometimes feel that old first thing in morning ,as I wonder what to do about an erection. :innocent:

Of course they have, every single living species has evolved from earlier species, the objective evidence demonstrates this beyond any reasonable or rational doubt. It’s even been observed in laboratories in real time, using selective breeding.

They’re the same species you cretin… :roll_eyes: the genetic mutations in dog breeds is down to selective breeding by humans, it’s happened in just a few thousand years, speciation takes place on much longer timescales, though as I said, it’s been achieved in laboratories using selective breeding. Did you not know this?

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity or any creation myth?

Start there instead of attacking objective scientific facts.

Define the word species then please?

Only you just told dogs are still dogs no matter what their breed. Are dogs not all the same species then?

Yes a chiwawa and a bull dog same one in the same.

Adaptation there is.

[quote=“God30, post:77, topic:523”]
Yes a chiwawa

The Chihuahua (Spelled Correctly for Mr. Science major.) and Bull Dogs are the same species. Can you say anything more idiotic? They are both Canis familiaris

You probably need to read up a bit on the relationship between wolves and dogs. Once considered a separate species but currently dogs are considered a sub species. This is a group in the process of speciation. Not all offspring of dogs and wolves are fertile. The problem with dogs and wolves is that there are no natural boundaries separating them and so they continue to breed. If there were a natural boundary. as in the case of ring species, developmentally they would evolve enough over time to be completely incomparable. From what I have read, all modern dogs are evolutionary offshoots of the wolf. All of them. Dogs are currently classified as a subspecies of wolf. Dogs are in transition just as every living thing on the planet is in transition. EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING is evolving.

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In evolutionary theory, adaptation is the biological mechanism by which organisms adjust to new environments or to changes in their current environment. … This enables better survival and reproduction compared with other members of the species, leading to evolution .