The word corresponding to "inferno" means: "inferior" - it is a diminished form of existence

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, “all evil is an absence” - all evil is deprivation. And in the light of this explanation here you understand that it really is so, because the human being has a true nature. This nature is permanent, it is immortal, it infinitely transcends your circle of bodily existence and it is something you cannot reject.

So, that is why the Church says that “those who go to Hell, go by their own choice”. The Monseigneur de Ségur - in a book called L’Enfer, which is a very important book, a fifty-page book - he reports several cases of people who appeared after they were dead (they appeared to others) and said: look, I’m here in Hell for a righteous sentence from God. That is to say: the condemned to Hell does not rebel against his situation - he accepts it. Which means that this decrease was, in a way, voluntary - if maintained until the end.

And the actual evidence for this? Or is it just a quote from a convinced theist that you think should convince me?

Really? And your hard evidence that this actually happened as he (the Fr) did not witness it himself?.

Have any Muslims reappeared and said the same thing? Any hindus? If their “spirits” were “permanent” as you claim why haven’t they reappeared claiming that their gods were wrong?

Get a grip. You make less and less sense every post.

The Church is wrong. “I choose not to go to hell.” Now the ball is in their court. I have made my choice. Anything else that happens is against my will. End of story.

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I know, I saw that in a movie.

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Christian theology is based on the [I think] disgusting concept of redemption through the suffering of another. In my opinion, a god requiring , or even accepting the blood sacrifice of his only begotten son to save anyone is monstrous, whether it’s one or a billion…

IF we have free will, imo it follows that we must be singularly responsible for our actions and any consequences.

Having the choice of accepting and obeying a god and going to heaven or disobeying and going to hell is Hobson’s choice. IE no choice at all.

Have never heard of him. He sounds deluded. Why is his book and his hallucinations important?

Oh, he actually provided empirical; evidence for his claims? Great! Let’s see it.

Oh, no empirical evidence? I suspected there might not be. Pretty sure I would have heard if anyone had actually demonstrated life after death.

Without empirical evidence, your claims are based on faith alone, as indeed Jesus is reported to have admonished in the doubting Thomas incident.

Viz: John 20:29 “Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” KJV

Another term for such faith is superstition. Now please don’t misunderstand, I don’t care about your personal superstitions. So far, like **every ** other apologist we’ve had here, your superstitions are all you have posted.

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Holy fuck - look up definitions before you claim:

Inferno means “inferior” - diminished form of existence

First off… a quick search:

The root…

I choose irritating and bothersome

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@nessahanalita Assuming hell exists, which it probably doesn’t, none of us choose to go there. It’s a big nasty trick from your god if we’re going to be condemned there for all eternity because he played hide and seek throughout our lives.

@nessahanalita My personal story was that I grew up in a theist family, and about the age of 19 I left organized religion because to me they were more a social club than a place to commune with god. I was more than devout. For over the next forty years I examined different religions, spoke with priests, seminal students, even spent nights alone in a church praying for a “sign”.

I more than did what religion asked of a person. I truly and sincerely sought out a “creator”.

@nessahanalita So how come, by your rules, I am doomed to hell?

What a load of shit. Show some super strong evidence.

Do you know how fuck’n nuts you sound repeating this bullshit to everyone?

Do infinite transcensions cost more than regular ones?

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I agree with @nessahanalita that Hell does exist. It is anywhere we have to deal with theists or religious believers, like @nessahanalita, who try to make us folks believe in any God or Gods (including theirs), despite the fact that they have CONSISTENTLY failed to prove their very existence and reality, with actual sufficient evidence, at the REPEATED request of the members here.

Heaven is any place where both God and religion does not exist. You’re welcome. :sunglasses:

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Meister Eckhart was once asked what is burning in the depths of hell. He replied: "What burns at the bottom of hell is the ‘No’ ". So that total, absolute and profound refusal to love God, that’s what takes the guy to hell. The thing is: don’t give up. Always say to God “I want to be with You in eternal glory, I want to be with You anyway, I do not accept contrary hypothesis”.

Fulton J. Sheen explains that hell is not really a punishment. It is not like the punishment of a crime, which comes in other ways than the crime itself. It is before, he says, like the blindness that comes with the extraction of an eye.

@nessahanalita Why would anyone love a God, who created everything flawed and imperfect resulting in the existence of what we humans call “evil”?

Why would anyone love a God, who plays a cruel game of hide and go seek, for His own entertainment or fun, as per the Hindu concept of “leela”.

Why would anyone love God, who condemns people to hell for all eternity, for not worshipping Him, thereby, inflating His already oversized ego?

Why would anyone love God, who directly causes so much needless pain and suffering?

And finally, why would you love God, who theists like yourself, have failed consistently, to provide actual, substantial evidence to prove His/Her/Its existence?

I used to believe in God, and that caused me SO much needless pain, agony and suffering, that it “literally” felt like I was in hell, It was only when I consciously decided to stop believing in any God or Gods, that the hellish nightmare ended, and what remained was a profound peace and joy. There are many reports of those, who stopped believing in God and left their religion, who felt like a great burden has been lifted, and they felt free…full of joy and maybe peace.

It is believing in any God or Gods, that is the hell here, @nessahanalita, not the absence of it.

You lie in saying God ‘plays hide and seek’. It is you who turn a blind eye, however, it is not possible to ignore the consequences of having ignored reality. Miracles of Padre Pio - Many According To His 25 Year Assistant - YouTube

@nessahanalita That is as per the popular concept of “leela” in Hinduism. Maybe such an exists in other religions? I am not sure. But that is one religious concept that I am not a fan of.

According to Fulton Sheen, sin mutilates us in some way, where hell would be more a consequence of this spiritual mutilation than a punishment.

What a load of shit.

@nessahanalita So people born with birth defects are a result of sin? Spiritual mutilation? Yuck!