The right to lie

I agree with you and I think Mao is apt on that point. I’ll even say he’s right. That’s where power comes from.

A revolution can be just, can be justified, depending on the conditions of oppression. Are we oppressed in the United States? Yes. Must we revolt violently to fight that oppression? No, we should try elections first. They can and have accomplished change.

I read an article from an anarchist newsletter once called The Platypus Review that defined certain anarchists as avantegarde. They see their role as introducing the ideas in the hopes of influencing the masses. That’s how I see my role. I reach a small audience with the art I make and opinions I express, but perhaps I influence people in small ways. That would be enough for me.

I think that’s the right track to have any chance of ultimate success ,but I doubt that will happen. I don’t believe anarchy can work in an industrial society.

Look at four modern revolutions: America, 1776, France 1789 and Russia 1917 and China 1945. In each case middle class intellectuals fomented revolution and got we the people (who are sheep) to support them.

Imo, there is no such thing as a grass roots revolution.

I’m in an invidious position. Right now, I’m enjoying a comfortable retirement and old age. My political position is that of pluralist not anarchist.

I also happen to be ineffably selfish. I have no objections to the have nots having more, as long as that doesn’t mean I have to have less. I think this is a pretty common bourgeois attitude. Thing is, I’m bog Irish working class to the boot straps. I guess I must be suffering from false consciousness. :thinking:

Believing in Santa is unlikely to develop a closed minded, unfounded and pernicious scepticism about scientific facts. Most kids see through the Santa myth at a pretty young age, that isn’t the case with creationism.

If I found out my doctor believed in Santa as a child I’d be unfazed, if I found out they didn’t accept the fact we are evolved mammals, I’d refuse to let them treat me.


Yesterday I was going through homeschool materials from the boys (organizing, storing, tossing…)

Came across this gem from their science:

I parent-directed. Guess which part of this science I didn’t “read” to a 9 year old??? :smirk:

And if you just look a bit deeper you can see how the Christians took old flood stories and changed them into modern Christian stories by recycling them. You can see how they took old Pagan customs like dying and rising gods, last suppers, and celebrating births, and made them their own. You can see how they even took over temples of Dionysus and Mithra, claimed them as their own, and began Chriastian worship services from them.

God truly is amazing…

I think O.J. Simpson and Donald Trump fit into this category.

That sounds plausible. Plus, whenever something happens that is sufficiently advanced or complex that you cannot fully comprehend why or how, or something that is just down to plain luck (like catching a big fish, killing a big deer, etc) the easiest option is to ascribe it to “the spirits” doing it, either favouring you or punishing you.

Although I believe you are correct here, I disagree slightly. The religion does not need to be hierarchical or organized to become corrupt. It suffices that a medicine man or a druid or an old and respected person (or just a common con man) figures out that they can receive gifts, gain respect or other advantages by pretending to do some spirit shit, telling fortunes in the most ambiguous way possible, or something.

Yeah, fair enough.

Trivia: Did you know that Muslims are allowed to lie to Kafirs? (non believers)
Initially, I had thought it was only in extremis. Eg Become Christian or we’ll burn you alive, that kind of thing. I’ve always thought that’s a splendid idea, and exactly what I would do. IE lie through my teeth. Turns out that’s not quite right. It’s my understanding that a Muslim is allowed to lie to a Kafir at any time and for any reason… Perfectly sensible idea, but not a position which allows taking the moral high ground imo.

was the subject of many debates on the old forum me old mate.

BTW I hope your bloody french crap submarines sink.

JWs are allowed the same. It’s called “spiritual warfare”.

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Of course, all the cults have a similar exemption for the truly faithful. Losing ones virginity (real or pretended) to gain a convert, lying, offering reward such as housing, employment, medications are all used and rewarded to gain converts.

It is how religions, MLMs and grifters make their marks. Reward for conversion to the $$$.

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Don’t think much of that.

The "Children Of God’ used an interesting form of love bombing. Their most attractive women would fuck the brains out of young men they wanted as members.

River and Joaquin Phoenix grew up in that cult. Explains a lot about their problems I think

Not mine mate. Besides, that contract has been cancelled.

Apparently some Aussie politician with a more modest IQ than usual claimed straight faced, that our subs are in essence to protect us from the Chinese.

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Welcome! I look forward to your thoughts… bam! out of the gate an anti-theist (against god/s) atheist (no belief in god).

I myself am anti-Dragon… also leaning towards anti-Sasquatch (those fuckers mess with our rural life). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to Atheist Republic aerie. Pull up a seat, crack a cold one, and enjoy. When I joined AR I was also like you, I had no idea on what to say and when. But you will.

I am anti pro. Or pro anti. Or even pro pro or anti anti, depending on the context.