The Phenomenon of Miracles

I don’t know why I always bust out laughing when Sheldon hits his rope’s end.

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“Just fucking one will do, you tediously dishonest bore. You are literally a bare faced liar.”[/quote]

Okay … sums it up nicely!


I like to give a real sense of my gnawing dissappoitment, when some relentlessly stupid moron has made it necessary for me to point out just how fucking annoyingly stupid their verbiage is.

You can sense the exasperation…:sunglasses:


Come and sit on the branch of the banana tree next to me, here, have a toke on this banana peel! Your head will stop hurting and you will feel better. LOL

Where is Tin’s eggnog when you need it? Election is over and the streets are safe again… he better get his tin ass back here.

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Joanna. Lmao.

Irish comedian Dave Allen was famous for taking the piss out of Irish Catholicism

Well to be fair, that’s some low hanging fruit.

Still waiting for you to link any peer reviewed research about any deity? I’ll bet my house it’s another of your sweeping lies.

My empirical evidence and foot path to faith are a little strange.

My son has cerebral palsy. He did not speak more than one or two words sentences such as: cup, milk, toy etc…until he was 10 years old.

Josh was abused in school by his teachers, and we took him out. When I did he started to speak.
He began by telling us that he could see. I was told that he was neurologically blind from birth. His neurological anomalies are in the primary optical center, and a portion of his motor cortex. He sees differently. We found out later, he has chromoethesia and can see the color of tone. People can’t usually lie to Josh or surprise him because he can tell.

He told me to get baptized. I used the word agnostic because that is the term I affiliated with back in the day. I know I used it wrongly. Haha. It was a cover for being lazy and safe. I wasn’t raised in the church. My experiences with them were ridiculous, so I forgot about them.
I really didn’t care if there was a God or not because I didn’t understand the implications. I just liked being non-confrontational. There is so much bad in the world I thought God was either very choosy or wasn’t helping anyone. I determined that one time and didn’t ponder it again for a long time.

And then Josh spoke.

I had never taken him to church. I had never read him the Bible. I was disgusted with organized religion and disinterested in history or holy books. We don’t watch TV. He still just watches the same shows that he watched in his childhood. At that time, they were on DVD.

Imagine my surprise when he starts instructing me to do such things.

So many things have happened since then that I’ve started keeping a journal.

From that one miracle that I noticed as a miracle many have happened. Huge ones that are very personal, but also defy generality.

I came to faith through the voice of a miracle.

I know full well that you aren’t going to come to Faith through my personal experience. I’m not trying to make you. I’m just offering you my experience so that you know that there are people that do have empirical evidence.

I think the whole Faith / miracle thing is pretty simple but we make it tricky with words.

I have a couple of atheist friends that believe nearly the same way I do with different words and don’t even know it.
I have several Christian friends that believe contrarally to me and don’t even know it.

Evolution is real. 🤦 Hahaha its real, man. And Evolution doesn’t conflict with the holy books. Evolution conflicts with the failed understanding of individuals.

There are people that make a claim. This experience of yours is NOT empirical.

Empirical evidence is information acquired by observation or experimentation, in the form of recorded data, which may be the subject of analysis (e.g. by scientists). This is the primary source of empirical evidence.

You need your “experience” (especially your perception) to be validated by outside sources to firstly FALSIFY it - if it can’t be “falsified” that is a step towards what is true.

I am in no position to doubt or trust your claim regarding Josh.

Off the top of my head - you could just as easily be experiencing a savant or time travellers that are using his particular brain frequency to pass messages through to the past.


I’m not sure what you mean. Does my son’s MRI count as empirical evidence? His IEP records. I was told that he would never hold a normal conversation. That he was unable to neurologically.
Then he told me to get baptized.
He speaks to me everyday.
He has a strong faith in something more.
He doesn’t use the term God but he is fine with me using the term.
He doesn’t use a term.
My son is my empirical evidence… I don’t know what else you want me to provide.
I can share with you the miracles that I’ve experienced since but many of them are personal until he gets anotherher MRI done.

I don’t know. He says he remembers. That’s it in regards to him. He just has me research stuff and tells me whether it’s right or wrong. He’s my son but he’s also like an older uncle or something.

In October of last year he stopped wanting to leave the house. He used to love to drive around with his hand off the window on a nice day or go swimming.

He still does but he won’t go.

Again, we don’t watch tv. We just got rokus. He started asking us to socially distance before anything happened but he didn’t tell us about the pandemic.
Just to distance.

Medical science like all human endeavors is necessarily fallible, and the doctors were in all probability given you the most probable prognosis based on available evidence. The fact this turned out to be wrong is not evidence of anything except the fallibility of human methods.

Hardly compelling evidence for a deity, human brains are vastly complex, what you have is an experience you can’t fully understand or explain, it’s an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy to based claims or assertions on mysteries.

Sorry but what you’ve described isn’t empirical evidence. Even prima facie it seems tenuous, but I’m still at a loss as to why you’ve assumed your sons condition evidences a deity.

I can’t speak for others, but I have no expectations, as I’m not trying to prove or disprove anything. I’m simply examining the claims.

Why do think they’re miracles? Also why does a miracle necessarily evidence any deity?

An MRI will be abnormal in 90% of children with cerebral palsy (3). It is usually the preferred method of testing on children because it is painless and reveals the structures of the brain.

OK - he has cerebral palsy. This is not an extraordinary claim. I have evidence of my physical ailment, Crohns and take medicine.

Doctors will give you the “worse case scenario” and usually a realistic expectation of a “best outcomes” (depending on many factors). No doctor can say with certainty the outcome of any ailment.

So it could be time travellers? Appears he is OK with your perceptions (you are the parent figure) …

Your son is a physical, real being with physical limits. He is describing or relating his thoughts and you in turn are interpreting through your perception/bias.

Empirical evidence requires “scientific peer review” which would be of interest to the medical community. I am currently recording certain physical ailments which are unusual for a physician paper, which will be “peer reviewed” and I may be required for that process.

This is neurosurgeon: VS Ramachandran.
I find him to be fascinating. Maybe you will enjoy watching him too.

I would love to hear the results of the study. Please keep us posted with whatever you learn!

I can’t validate anything for you. I won’t try to. I just want to understand.

It’s not all that exciting. My specialist couldn’t identify a particular issue I have with my muscles/joints. We investigated current med side effects.

I’m currently with another specialist (working with my Crohns specialist) and he also has Crohns.

So he finds “it” (my particular issue) baffling. Anyway - no biggie… I highly doubt they can do anything but study it. It is progressively getting worse (year by year).

If enough are documented to have this condition, they will research it more intensely (and perhaps develop medicine if needed) - otherwise I’m just an anomaly.

Anyhoo - not complaining.
We all have “conditions”. I don’t worry too much about mine and I rarely allow it to interfere with my life. Time is my most valuable asset.

As far as I can tell: your ridiculous (or at the very least, heavily embellished) testimonial isn’t evidence for much, except for possibly your own credulity.

Claiming you have evidence is easy. Actually having it is the hard part.

I’ve heard that Crohn’s is particularly difficult. I hope that you help pioneer some relief through your experiences. I know that is not what this platform is for, but I still thought I’d say it. I hope you feel better.

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I believe you. However, that is a claim, not empirical evidence.

Perhaps have another go at understanding the meaning of the term ‘empirical evidence’

Religious faith is often formed built upon from a simple local fallacy “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” (After this therefore because of this" EG Person has cancer, his family and church pray for him. Cancer goes away. Family and church conclude ‘God did it, It’s a miracle’ Of course they ignore the simple fact that god constantly ignores millions, billions of prayers, even from those perhaps more worthy.

I’m truly glad for your to learn of your son’s improvement. So far, all we have is claims, not empirical evidence. Perhaps try to be joyful for what is rather than spoiling a beautiful experience with superstition.


You have a talent for understatement.