The hard problem

If you thought that account was deleted, why did you respond directly to the account holder?


It’s a bizarre request tbh, no one is required to post if they don’t want to, if I am minded not to post in any forum I just don’t, I’ve walked away from a few, where the moderators and rules seemed to value civility over integrity in a very pedantic almost schoolteacher fashion, for example in one religious forum it was acceptable to lie, but if you pointed out someone had lied you were censured. That got old very quickly…I complained privately to the moderators, and when it fell on deaf ears I just left.

This just seems like grandstanding to me. maybe it’s me but I am far more offended when I think someone is being deliberately duplicitous or dishonest, than by someone telling me to fuck off etc. I tend to give a few warnings if someone seems determined to devolve the exchange into ad hominem, then I if I can be bothered they get some back. However I have some rules, it must be funny, and it mustn’t entirely derail any threads.

Is there any cogent reason you think atheists shouldn’t confront some of the pernicious bs religions try to peddle? Or are you suggesting any of those people are advocating or being violent? Perhaps militant doesn’t mean what you think it means, you do seem to have an aversion to dictionaries.

Ah another handy sweeping generalisation at hand, you are prodigious fair play, but I will require a citation please. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: Not that I care, if anyone claims someone like Richard Dawkins to be militant I just have to laugh aloud. I mean we’re going to need a new fucking word for religious extremists if we put up with such nonsense.

What utter bollocks. There was a time the faithful revelled in being fed to lions and nailed to crosses for their superstition, when did they become such delicate flowers that they wither at derision of their superstitious claims by a few incredulous scientists determined not to let claims that outrage reason and deny scientific fact be peddled to the hoi polloi with impunity? Persecuted ffs, don’t make me fucking laugh, go tell the Taliban their religion is an intolerant and immoral blight on women, and you’ll find out what the words militant and persecute really fucking mean. Hell try running for public office in the US as an atheist. What a joke.

I think that’s absurd nonsense a truly pathetic lie, though it’s hilarious you don’t see the irony of that diatribe labelling others intolerant simply for not sharing your beliefs and saying so. We should be glad post industrialised western democracies have largely neutered the power of religions, as there are plenty of places in the world where a declaration of atheism would likely prove fatal.


I actually am intolerant of a great deal of religion and a great number of the religious.

For instance, I am intolerant of the religious based mutilation of children’s bodies. I am intolerant of religious based killing. I am intolerant of religious based discrimination.
The list goes on.
These are things about which I hold an alternate view from others. And yes, I would stand on a soap box about them so could indeed be described as dogmatic.
And before you ask, I’m intolerant of those things done when not based in religion as well. However, I’m unfamiliar with any of those activities being atheist based.
(Please don’t suggest that political leaders like Stalin, et al, did these things in the name of atheism.)


Me too.

Me too, though in the US there’s a perverse rationalization of circumcision, unshared by the larger scientific community outside the US.

Dogma is dogma, religion is just a manifestation of human manipulation, there are many other forms too.

Me too.

OK I won’t, promise. So I’ll suggest instead that euthanasia was then, for example the support of leading atheist proponents of the AAAS in late 19th century and early 20th. After all if there’s no God, then there’s no rules, nature is nature, evolution is what it is, wherever it may lead its all natural, survival at any cost and all that.

Sigh….so one, or more, folks (that’s all an organization is, after all), a hundred years ago, decided to support something, then all folks who have even one commonality with them are forever saddled with it? Sounds like original sin to me.


Good for you, but you seem to have avoided the point I was making. Unless, of course, you didn’t understand it. The latter, however, is probably not likely as you are trained in science and must have quite a sharp mind.


C’mon, Cyber, be honest. Considering what we’ve seen from our dear Sherlock, did you REALLY expect him to pick up on that clue? And the HILARIOUS irony here is that he calls himself Sherlock. :joy::joy:


It’s the Doyle Fallacy, in action. When all respondents are bound to challenge you, whoever is left must be on your side. Try talking to them.


What exactly were you expecting from me anyway, what have I done now.

Did I do anything wrong? why are some people so uptight here?

Oh fuck! I have no idea why people are so uptight! Shit! God must be real!


Might it be said that uptightness is part of the bigger framework and method of atheism?

AtheistSystem is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path!


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…(standing outside the doorstaring at the groundshaking my headmumbling to self)… I can’t believe I actually have to explain it to him… (heavy sighlooking up toward the skywoeful voice)… Why me, Lord?.. (deeeep breathopens doorenters room)…

Sherlock! :grinning: Hey there, buddy! How the hell are ya? Why ya lookin’ so glum? Don’t worry, big guy. You’re not in trouble. I mean, sure, you have done PLENTY wrong around here. No doubt. But you ain’t in trouble. We have some great Mods here who are quite tolerant of people being ignorant and evasive and condescending and impervious to rational/logical thinking. Basically, as long as an individual isn’t making direct threats or displaying blatantly racist/bigoted behavior, all is well. So, you should be okay at the moment. Anyway, on to the reason for your inquiry…

My reply to @CyberLN was in regards to your making a direct post to an individual who’s account had supposedly been deactivated. Meaning, that individual would likely never see your post, MUCH LESS be able to reply. In other words, you were reaching out to a “ghost”. And Cyber simply inquired as to why you would do that. Whereas it was only natural for me to point out the obvious irony of the situation. Although, in all fairness, perhaps your reaching out to a “ghost” shouldn’t be a big surprise to us, considering your theistic beliefs. But, hey, to each his own… (shrugging shoulders)…

Anyway, good to finally hear from you. Was beginning to think you don’t like me. Don’t be such a stranger. And if you need any further help, please let me know.


It hadn’t been deactivated, I checked that beforehand. Nor would it matter anyway, you don’t need an account to peruse the forum’s threads and posts - did you really not know this?

And guess what! @Sherlock-Holmes never answered my question! Shocking, eh Tin?


Latest Definition of Atheist:

“One who incessantly frets over the personality traits and habits of those who have the audacity to disagree with the atheists beliefs”.

If by this you mean:

I did not “think the account was deleted” either, are you a mind reader? why did you think that I thought that?

I’m under no obligation to answer questions about my motives for doing or saying the things I do or say.

These things, this obsessing about the person is typical of many in this forum, a need to distract from the subject, attack the person rather that their arguments.

I kindly requested a deletion of my account. Noone responded. Is there anyone in charge here?
I couldn’t find a “delete account” option anywhere, so… I will ask for it one more time:

Anyone who moderates the forum, should delete my account now. This is a formal request.

Just an FYI: I am a EU citizen, which means you have to conform to the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR. Here are a few links if this concept is new to you:

I am waiting for a response.

Bullshit. AR is not accountable to the EU.

It isn’t up to me; but if you want your account deleted, I recommend giving a good reason (just saying you want it deleted typically isn’t enough).


I guess you are a mod. If it is not up to you, then you should contact the one who is responsible for such an action. It is not my job to find this person, and I wont provide any reason whatsoever.

Any online entity that collects information is accountable to the GDPR.

I am not here to argue. Just do it or face the consequences.