The hard problem

What kind of stupid is this? What has religion explained? Religion basically chucks it up to “only god knows, and we can’t perceive what god knows”

So until a raging pedophile loving, woman hating, warmonger pops it’s gigantic unseeable face through the clouds and gives me that information, religion hasn’t explained shit.

“Which are the current tendencies” what the fuck kind of weird question is this? Are you a theist troll? There is no current tendencies in a non organized thing called not believing in god(s).

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Hense the ‘debate’ … which belongs in some AI forum someplace and not in an Atheist forum. I don’t have the intelligence or information to counter anything you have said. I just read articles because I find them interesting. I probably know enough to ask some interesting questions and I certainly like the one you have posed. From what I have read AI is writing its own code. Our only ‘Ace up the sleeve,’ appears to be the ‘on - off’ switch. Again referencing Elon Musk, he has asserted AI cannot be controlled.

Then of course there is THIS (Are we just going to go around in circles?)

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Ah, well perhaps he should watch some old episodes of Star Trek and stfu…

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Spreading the “Message of Atheism”??? What the hell is THAT? Did I miss the memo? All this time, and there was a MESSAGE I was suppose to be spreading? Why didn’t any of you assholes here tell me about that?

We always blame Cog. He is such an uncouth heathen. Although, to his credit, he has actually been rather nice during this thread. Which honestly worries me a bit, now that I think about it… (calling out down hallway)… Hey! Anybody seen the thermometer? I need to take Cog’s temperature!

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Com’mon, you know there is no room up there for a thermometer!

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Well, sometimes things are so obvious that if you have to point them out, well, at that point you wonder if it is worth it…it is possible that you thought they said MASSAGE and that would explain a lot…

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Don’t worry. I have a crowbar and extra lube.

Speaking of spreading massages, some people are really rude with no sense of appreciation. Like the other night, for instance. I was giving a girl a massage, and instead of saying, “Thank you. That feels wonderful,” she actually got mad and started screaming, “Get off me! Who are you? How did you get in my house? Why are you in my bedroom? I’m calling the police!” Sheesh! A simple bit of gratitude would have been nice, ya know. I even told her, “Look, just calm down and go back to sleep and rest. I’ll have a nice breakfast ready when you get up in the morning.” But that just made her MORE upset. Some people, I swear! :roll_eyes:

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You guys suck. I wonder why I got here in the first place.
You are not able to discuss with arguments, only pseudo-arguments and insults. Boring sophisms at best…
So, there is no real debate going on here, and nothing really interesting or productive.
My advice: Leave the 90s-forum-flaming behind you once and for all, and do something useful for yourself and the world: get a fucking life.

Kind request to the moderators: Please delete my account. Thanks

I actually did get a life once. Brand new and a real sporty model. And it was running pretty damn good for awhile. Went everywhere with it and did all kinds of stuff. Sure, got a few dents and scratches along the way. Even required a couple of major repairs here and there. Then the warranty expired. Naturally, that’s when everything started going poo-poo with it. Running rough, slower acceleration, audio systems deteriorating, headlights dimming, etc., etc., etc… Finally ended up having to trade it in for a slower, more comfortable model that required less maintenance. So, here I am. :blush:

Gee, really hate to see you go, by the way. Thanks for playing, though. You can pick up your consolation prize from the toilet on your way out. Try not to let the door hit your ass as you leave. We’ll miss you… (wiping tear from eye)… :disappointed_relieved:

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Well I had one once, but it resulted in two kids and an enlarged prostate, so there’s that…,

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Uh…PRIZE?..I think he might be more deserving of a surprise from the toilet…

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Yes, but it is writing it’s code within defined parameters from another code. It still isn’t doing anything a person hasn’t explicitly guided it to do in pretty much black and white. Now is it intelligently working within its parameters becomes the question, which there is no agreed upon standards of how this is achieved. How can we call something intelligent when we can’t fully assess it without interference from its maker also?

The debate CANNOT even occur until there are no more non disclosure agreements and patents hiding parts of the operation. Until one of these slimy tech guru doofuses builds an A.I. and hands it over to a credited third party to analyze as they see fit, there is no establishment of legitimacy. Someone like MIT, or a non profit group that has no contractual or monetary incentive to find a particular outcome. With absolute zero input from the creators, of said A.I., on how the reviewers write their analysis and findings. In other words the maker cannot withhold certain parts of the analysis because of whatever proprietary or non compete agreement. Otherwise, what are you hiding?

Until there is someone willing to put their money where their mouth is and isn’t peddling a product based on it, I don’t see how there can be any serious discussion yet. It’s a very sticky problem, these creators see billions of dollars from getting this to market, and they are hyping these products, but they won’t allow anyone behind the curtain for an unrestricted analysis because of the potential that others could copy their tech, or be caught manipulating their creations. How anyone solves this I don’t know.

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Probably one of those Muslim Karens. I’ve been reading articles about them lately. If she didn’t want a backrub, she never would have moved out of her parent’s home, she would have blocked the damn chimney and installed a better alarm system, and had a lock on the dang bedroom door.


Beats the fuck out of me. Do I have to straighten out all your stuipid ideas? GO FIND AN A.I. SITE You have said NOTHING PERTAINING TO ATHEISM that has been correct in any way. Your consciousness shit has nothing to do with Atheism, world views, or any other inane assertion you have made. YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE - How fucking difficult is that to understand. You are making no sense by talking nonsense.


I spent a decent amount of time trying to answer you questions without insults (after you made it clear you wanted arguments, not criticism). But you seem more interested in those who want to insult, than those who want to have a discussion. I guessing you got exactly what you wanted.

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You wonder why? I wonder how.

Announcing you are leaving ROFL! That’s like a toddler stomping out of the room and slamming the door. Yet you accuse the rest of the group of acting immature. I hope my eyes unroll from the back of my head, it’s hard to wire an electric panel blind.

Thanks for the lols. Bye.


I don’t believe the guy was an Atheist for a second. Instead, I’m betting on some theist troll with an argument from consciousness that never made it past “Consciousness exists.” I don’t think he had an understanding of any term he used. Not one.

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Agreed, not a single iota of knowledge on the subject he was talking about.

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