The first gods are fake

The flood, yes is one, but is too universal. The laws were first in my mind. Ur-nammu. Some of the creation myths - the bible, obviously spins its own tale but both have commonality.

I wasn’t suggesting that an early bible writer sat and copied and changed the stories, just that they were similar and “passed” down and expanded. Like modern day stories built on tales from hundreds of years ago. Grimms provided a base for Disney.

Interestingly the tale of the Brothers Grimm has many parallels to the bible.

From Wiki … Brothers Grimm - Wikipedia

Versions of tales differ from region to region, “picking up bits and pieces of local culture and lore, drawing a turn of phrase from a song or another story and fleshing out characters with features taken from the audience witnessing their performance.”

However, as Tatar explains, the Grimms appropriated stories as being uniquely German, such as “Little Red Riding Hood”, which had existed in many versions and regions throughout Europe, because they believed that such stories were reflections of Germanic culture. Furthermore, the brothers saw fragments of old religions and faiths reflected in the stories, which they thought continued to exist and survive through the telling of stories.

They self-apponted task was just to record oral traditions. They were aware that oral stories change as they get passed along. They also edited the stories to fit their own narrative and reflect the German culture.

I found a publisher finally. Just wanted to update anyone who might still be interested.


Cool. Despite my initial resistance, I still wish you all the best.

Sincerely, good luck on this project.

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I appreciate that. I’ll post when it’s in print, might not be too long now.