The evidence for God from the scholars is SO OVERWHELMING that atheists can't refute them. Mind blowing evidences!

All of these cumulative proofs below for the Christian God are a compelling indication of the truth of the matter. At some point you will have to say that God’s existence is the only reasonable inference in light of the cumulation of the evidences below. The total evidence for the Christian God is overwhelming. It is impossible for all these evidences to just be coincidental.

*God is answer for creation of all time, matter, space, and energy (Big Bang) – creating the universe out of nothing - as the creator has to be immaterial, and outside time, space and energy. It must be powerful, intelligent, personal (to make a choice to create universe out of nothing to do this, changeless (there is no time), and no beginning (it is impossible to have an infinite regress of causes, otherwise you would not be here today)

*God is the answer of the fine tuning – exactly precise on many cosmological and earthly constants – needed for life to be on earth. The creator has to be intelligent

*creating life out of non-life: We know that nature – because of laws of thermodynamics – universally brings non living things to disorder. Nature will take a building and turn it into a pile of bricks – but nature will NEVER take a pile of bricks and turn it into a building – creating life out of non life.

*Information, instructions, messages in the Genetic Code indicate design from a Designer. The universe with complex life, like the language of DNA - instructions, messages, information, and language - written in 3 billion letters in each cell - only comes from intelligence, same with DNA - There are many examples of cellular biological machines that demonstrate characteristics of “specified complexity” - intelligence, language, instructions, information – and bear a striking resemblance to systems and structures that have been designed by humans. These characteristics lead many to the reasonable belief that unguided forces are simply insufficient to create such structures.

*Death and resurrection of Jesus is the MOST attested event in ancient history

*The resurrection/Gospel narratives are affirmed by 10 NON-CHRISTIAN sources (which is a lot, as historians would drool over just 2)

*Proofs that ALL disciples, Christian killer paul, and agnostic james did see the resurrected Jesus, and willingly died for what they KNOW they saw, ate with, heard from, touched firsthand over 40 days in many places (muslims die for what they THINK is true, Disciples would not die for what they KNOW is a lie

*hundreds of prophecies of Jesus 500-700 yeas before his birth on all details of His life, birth place, ancestry, death by crucifixion (even before invented), and resurrection. The probability of this happening if Jesus was not God as prophesized is: 1 / trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion (1/10 with 157 zeros behind it; source Dr. Peter Stoner).

*the existence of objective moral values proves there is a transcendent moral lawmaker outside humanity (otherwise all morals would be just opinions and not objective)

*Cambrian explosion proves macroevolution is not true

*Laws of logic, nature, mathematics; mind, consciousness, intentionality prove immaterial, spaceless, timeless world – who created the laws – proves immaterial universe

*New viable DNA cannot be created by random mutations or natural selection

*nature - all of it – is goal driven and has intentionality. Random chance proposed by atheists can never have goals or intentionality – or even cannot cause something

*there are transcendent objective moral values – outside of human thought - evil proves God

No, and ummm nope

opens popcorn and waits for the avalanche


Have you searched and read what’s already covered this subject here? In doing so, one may be further prepared for the retorts that will soon ensue. And it may save some time in the service of non-repetition.

@Old_man_shouts_at_cl Are there any apologist arguments he left out? That’s a truckload of shit there to unpack.

@JC1432 I hate to spoil the party but I will lock this thread. You are free to open new topics, but each subject shall be discussed one at a time.


The evidence you claim that you have is what we would call Fallacy of Imaginary Evidence, which also known as Agrippa’s Trilemma . So really all you’ve given is “NOTHING” for your claims.

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I had some coons get up on my deck last night and the mess they left for me pales in comparison to this conglomeration of horseshit…