The banning of the adhan in South Africa

What are some ways that individuals can stop the muslim prayer from being played five times a day in their country? I understand that some countries have banned it already because it is an atrocious display of privilege and infringes on my rights to be non-religious in my secular country. It is also unnecessary as the use of technology can be used to ensure that only people who follow this religion will be able to realise it’s time to pray. Does anyone have any legal suggestions and ways to stop this from continuing?

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Don’t worry you are not the only one with this problem :relaxed::blush: .I am also from South Africa and I have problems with alt right extremists . I am not anti religious but the alt right extremists keep pushing their religious armageddon agenda and they (alt right extremists ) force their beliefs on others and they also harass Angus Buchan followers .

Sadly I don’t have any suggestions and ways to stop this :disappointed_relieved:.

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Depends where you live.

In my area of Australia there are laws about noise pollution which includes the call to prayer, church bells and the like.

Some complaints have been made about Muezzin and they were quickly reduced to mangeable volumes. i.e under 65Db and not before 7am and not after 7pm.

I am sure muslims carry watches and mobiles.


Yup… I’d say if you are in a secular country looking for real disturbances/infringements on society is a way to go.

You could research how other countries with religious freedoms set boundaries on what are considered acceptable displays and take that approach via petition (local government); or law breaking; or working with law students to craft a bill…


There was recently a court ruling to stop it in Isipingo and muslims were up in arms saying that it is a form of Islamophobia. :expressionless: They are truly annoying. I wish courts were smarter about their rulings and stop all call to prayers.

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I live in South Africa and all religious people think that they’d rather fight for Muslims privilege instead of realising how rowdy it is. I wish South Africans would also follow the lead of Australia but I will definitely look at noise pollution. Thank you.

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Thank you for the great advice. I definitely agree that they are an infringement and I am thinking of starting a petition. Even Islamic states have banned this ruckus, but in South Africa, individuals are brainwashed into thinking this is what diversity looks like. :roll_eyes:

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y [quote=“Arisha_Soodhin, post:7, topic:633”]
diversity looks like. :roll_eyes:

Diversity is people looking, believing, having sex (with other consenting adults) etc however they fucking want - WITH the caveat that behaviour “doesn’t infringe on the cultures or expressions of others” (usually defined within legal frameworks). Being “offended” isn’t an infringement. Being a night worker and getting woken up during the day so someone can “pray” is.


What? Ban freedom of religion?

And aren’t we a charming little bigot. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Okay, call me a bigot but the principle of what I am asking still remains. I am talking about the unrestrained privilege that Islam has in the secular, public. I am talking about the fact that I am forced to hear a prayer that is not mine, 5 times a day for the whole year because they deem it to be their right. If we want to get offended and say that it’s their right, then I have a right as well to be free from religion and not have to hear something that is not for me. :no_good_woman::no_good_man:

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Diversity often takes it’s own meaning so that people can use it to justify them doing whatever they want to without any consequences. I definitely agree as I’ve been working from home during the pandemic and being forced to hear that everyday is frustrating. Especially with the use of modern technology.

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There’s always a ‘but’

As for being forced to hear a call to prayer, that’s a local government issue, not a religious one.(excessive noise) It’s not allowed where I live.

Of course you have freedom from religion. That is you cannot be forced to join a religion or to celebrate any kind of religious practice. Take a day off at Xmas do you? How much time are Muslims given off during Ramadan?

What you do not have ( here in Australia at least) is the right to prevent others from practicing their religion in any way they choose, so long as they are not breaking the law.

Freedom of speech must include the freedom to offend or it isn’t free speech

Imo your whining is a bit precious. Get over yourself.

Hey Boomer

Sorry but I think if she is subjected to amplified prayer 5 times a day 7 days per week I reckon that is excessive noise. Never mind the religious content. She isn’t whinging she has a legitimate gripe.

I would find that noise jarring having been subjected to it before…but not in a place that would have been friendly towards my request to STFU.
There was a court case in WA about the noise and the mosque was ordered to use unamplified call to prayer, not before 7am and not after 7pm. Welcomed by all residents within earshot.
Its not about religious freedom (aka religious privilege) but noise.

I once lived next door to a large and busy church that had an enthusiastic congregation and even more enthusiastic campanologists (bellringers to the uninitiated) and was subject to the 6 bell tintinnabulation for weddings, masses (high church) Sundays and Holy days as well fricking bell practice, it nigh drove me bonkers I can tell you. My vodka consumption increased alarmingly. I didn’t complain, I had moved next door to them, they were there several centuries before me. I was renovating the property and had ordered new double glazing.

And this is how the brits handle shit like that…I was in the Royal Oak, sampling a pint or two after knocking out the kitchen when a large chap with a white collar introduced himself as the local vicar. I introduced my self as the "new neighbour: " after small talk he asked me how I got on with the bells on one side and the pub on the other…I replied I couldn’t hear the pub 'cos of the noise of the bells. He laughed, I laughed, we bought another round of beer, he asked about my progress, I told him I was double glazing the home, would prefer triple on the bell side as even with the existing old style double glazing it was deafening. However my budget just would not allow it. We discussed tiles, laundries, Australia all that good stuff. He left, cheery and as pissed as I was. “Good chap” I thought in a British sort of way, yes, I was that pissed.

Two days later my glazing company rang me and asked to make an appointment with me. It turns out the vicar had toddled off back home convened a Parish meeting the next evening and bulldozed them into giving a grant upgrading my double glazing on that side of the house to the top of the line German triple glazing. Ah Sunday lie ins beckoned again Yay!

But no, that is not all, the next caller was a Brewery rep from the local brewery that owned the pub. He had also been approached by the vicar and was there to see if I was going to complain about excessive noise at closing time etc…I
It was a very popular foodie pub with an extended licence. Apparently the previous owners had complained on a weekly basis to the Pub, the Brewery, the council, even the cat as far as I know. Again, I knew the pub was there, I knew it was busy, I bought house anyway knowing things could get noisy. I explained my attitude and my attitude to the church bells. He makes a phone call and announces that the brewery would pay for the extra charge triple glazing the entire frontage and side of the house facing the pub.

My double glazing rep bought me a bottle of Chivas, I had a stone quiet house…Oh BTW did I say the village was on the runway approach to Heathrow? Noisy as fuck without the other two distractions!

I treated the vicar to a dinner at the pub, the pub landlord comped the wine (man it was a good one too) all because I quote " not complaining, like most outsiders who come here" . Loved that place. Took 6 for 17 in the local grudge match (my best offspin) for the local team.

I must say the alt right extremists that I know very well of wants to take everyone’s rights away except theirs .They feel very privileged because of their religion .Some Suidlanders members harass others and they call everybody who isn’t a white supremacist a ‘‘traitor’’ .
They (alt right extremists) also keep making that one annoying joke ''Not even the paper is white anymore ‘’.And also their armageddon questions are irritating and they ask it frequently ‘‘What would you if there no more stock in the shops ?’’ .

I empathise .I am not a militant atheist and I don’t even talk about talk religion in my environment and I have no problems with Angus Buchan followers the problem I have is that alt right extremists that force beliefs on others and they (alt right extremists ) call themselves
victims .

Here is part of one their blogs they always play victim .

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Indeed. I recognise that and opined that 's a local government issue of noise pollution. Not a religious issue, That such is not permitted here.

I grew up on a main road, no double glazing or even insulation. The windows rattled every time a bus went by.

Since leaving home at 18, I’ve had many different addresses, and am currently in the fourth house I’ve actually owned . Have long had a bunch of rules, for renting or buying; No main roads, not near a pub, school, church , mosque, temple or sports arena. My current house is in a so-called dormitory suburb, about 25 minutes from the CBD. At the base of a quiet cul de sac, with a linear park park at the rear.

I have a right to complain about any noise I don’t like. Such as the time the kid next door got a drum kit. The line between reasonable and excessive noise can be a fine one. I will stay with my basic position, and extend it; people are free to live as they like, as long as they are not breaking the law.

IMO more noise than we like from any source is not in itself grounds for a fatuous claim of privilege. A demonstration of tolerance perhaps.

Of course I have rights. I also have an obligation to be aware of the law.


I don’t see your view as to how this isn’t a religion issue when it literally comes from a religious institution that is allowed to have loudspeakers which makes everyone hear their prayer.


Forced conversion is not what I am talking about here. I am free to also have the right to listen to what I want and not listen to what I want. I am an Athiest who does not want to hear a prayer because I choose not to but have no other way to block out that sound as it is so loud. Maybe it was unclear before?

Listing holidays because you think it may make me feel like I should be grateful that religions have some sort of ‘perk’ isn’t really relevant but since you’ve brought it up, I am not Christian so I don’t take a day off for a religious festival.

Definitely. Freedom of speech has the freedom to offend and by me criticising the religious privilege seen in my country, I am still exercising my right to freedom of speech.

It is called the paradigm of intolerance. If we tolerate people who are inherently intolerant like white supremacists or extremists, we will lose all tolerance in society. They cover it up by joking about it so that they can distract you from the bullshit that they are saying.

Exactly! They behave like petulant little children who want to always get their way and the moment you don’t let that happen, they say that you are oppressing them. It is funny because they are intolerant and them getting their way is directly linked to you not having rights.

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Found it @Daniel2


Yes indeed they are also war loving :disappointed_relieved: .I made a post about them in order to expose the real truth about extreme Suidlanders organization and they think they can get with everything .They also believe that their poverty in squatter camps is white genocide .What the Suidlanders really want is white privilege :disappointed_relieved:.

The post about the extremists is located here .

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I think @Old_man_shouts_at_cl has a point, this surely isn’t about religion, but about what local legislation says is a unacceptable noise pollution.

So does it exceed the max dbs allowed, or the duration allowed, or is it outside of allowed times of day or night?