Sydney Lockdown Update

Conspiracies are like a virus, you never know where they’re going to turn up next.

An unauthorised protest march took place In Sydney involving three to four thousand demonstrators demanding their human rights and freedoms. They want the current hard lockdown restrictions to be removed and are demanding the government reveal the real truth behind the calls for vaccinations (ie those identification microchips), the new police state control of citizens ( a step closer to the NWO and the Great Reset) and the re-establishment of their right to die from whatever is going.

None wore masks and social non-distancing was the order of the day. The peaceful superspreader demonstration resulted in over 50 arrests, injured protesters, police and police horses (they were hit and slapped by demonstrators who are now in custody.
Its like our very own little Jan6 riot. Police have already started scanning videos and photos with facial identification software in a bid to identify those who escaped arrest and the enraged State Police Commissioner is promising up to three thousand charges to be made against those who ignored the lockdown restrictions and attended the illegal march. Exciting times.

A new outbreak of the Delta mutation is expected within 14 days.

Aint that the troof. Fucking idiots, pin a Darwin award to each of them and, without masks or PPE set them to cleaning each and every Covid Ward, to wash the corpses and bury the dead. At least it might stop the breeding base for morons.

I do love your optimism.

Meanwhile, in Adelaide. We have 26 active cases and one new case yesterday.

Me? I’m obeying the rules even though I’ve had both shots. I understand there is a 90% chance I’m now immune. That’s pretty good odds, but I’ve long believed gambling is a mug’s game.

The meds I take for my Crohns places me at a higher risk for some serious death-dealing cancers. I also smoke - and stress my liver with the afternoon beer :beer:. I enjoy my cholesterol in the form of real butter :butter: and egg yolks. Love the additional carbon on my meat (BBQ). I’ve pissed off more than enough people that I’m surprised I’m still alive.

I have my two shots. My odds (because of my condition) are around the 70% - and if I get it (unless I already had it) it may be less severe. :woman_shrugging:t2:. We have opened. No one really is wearing masks :mask: which means there’s really no point (it’s there to protect others more than yourself).

Mind you, we are at over 70% vaccinated (herd immunity level) BUT the Delta virus is active here taking out the mostly unvaccinated and the odd vaccinated (which is highlighted via FB by anti-vaxers).

I think the available vaccines are going to other countries now that us more “wealthy, first-in-liners” have been fairly safeguarded.

Glad you’re vaxed Cranks! And yes, I’d still be following any “lock-down” if we had it here.

Oh ffs, a kid I was in school with, dumber than a bucket of hair, turned into a scumbag adult stealing drug abuse, ruined the lives of several of his children, and much more. So now he’s become a god botherer, and is busy preaching to people who unlike him have led decent secular lives.

I was visiting my sister yesterday, and she showed me on his face book page was a lengthy rant against vaccinations, espousing bullshit conspiracy theories that the virus was man made to control everyone, no to masks and lockdown and every fucking thing that makes sense in a global pandemic basically, dripping with sickeningly idiotic religious soundbites, and of course replete with remedial spelling and grammar.

I try never to despair, but jesus wept, people is dumb.


I thought of this;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

Well the second part anyway.

There’s probably a name and psychological reason for the odd sense of comfort I get from seeing that americans aren’t the only ones this dumb. We probably do have more than our fair share though.

It is my understanding that not enough people in have been vaccinated in Oz for heard immunity. My government have made pig’s breakfast out of vaccination.

I didn’t realise Crohn’s disease made you more susceptible to really nasty stuff and I’m sorry to learn it. I’ve only known one person who had Crohn’s disease and recovered***. (spontaneous remission?) He died of an especially aggressive form of leukemia

**Wayne was a gentle, gullible person who didn’t trust doctors. He used a bunch of stuff he discovered on the internet. He swore to me that his Crohn’s was cured by taking chilli powder ,a teaspoon at a time. Although I’m aware the capsicum family has anti inflammatory properties, I was never able to accept his claim . Could find any science to support it…

Poor chap began complaining of being tired all the time. Took over a month to get him to see a doctor. Had blood tests. Doctor rang him at home, telling him to go to hospital now. He died 8 days later. He was a dear friend and I miss him.

My type 2 diabetes makes me more susceptible to a bunch of things

I don’t care about the dumb Darwin award applicants demonstrating. I DO care that such people can cause greater outbreaks, which can kill people like me.

Imo to emphasis that some measures are essential, I would not have complained had our police used tear gas and rubber bullets against those stupid cunts.

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I could not agree more Boomer.
In some photos I saw the most of them were grinning with delight at their own defiant protest against reality.
They collectively told the rest of Australia that their rights and freedoms were infinitely more important and valuable than the health of all others and the fate of everybody’s families was insignifcant compared to their inflated selfish ignorant delusions. Pretend William Wallaces, all of them.
I just dont care if any of them get arrested or not. Fines and jail time would not be justice enough. I’d rather they earn the true badge of their actions by catching Delta and truly suffer.
That they care more about their misconceived political ‘freedoms’ than they do about the health and future health of their own families and children speaks volumes.
I hope to see evolution in action shortly. The poor dumb bastards.

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How American of them. Let them move to a Libertarian type democracy and see how they like that

I hope the womens’ tits drop off and the blokes’ prostates explode. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: