Speaking ill of the dead

Rush Limbaugh has died and the old adage to not “speak ill of the dead” just doesn’t seem to apply to exceptionally scummy people. I should have seen the rise of Trump coming since I’ve been aware of the legions of people who adored this guy since the 1980’s when he was mocking gays who died of aids.

Just like Trump he’s maintained popularity no matter what he did. For years he advocated for harsh penalties for drug use and turned out to be an addict himself. He, of course, got a slap on the wrist, and his supporters actually said it didn’t count because they were prescription drugs. He often didn’t have a &#$@* prescription.
I haven’t seen such glee at someone’s death since Margaret Thatcher died and they somehow managed to push “Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead” to number 2 on the British music charts. That’s some world class trolling.

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I didn’t respect the man in life, I would NOT fake sadness for his death.

I could care less.

Here in Oz, I’d heard the name but that’s all.

I may offer what I think is the greatest insult I can offer to another human being; indifference.

I remember when the armoured hand bag died. Many Brits never forgave her for things such as strike breaking, abolishing free school milk and of course the poll tax.

I also remember the 2011 film ‘The Iron Lady’ staring Meryl Streep. (who else?) as Margaret Thatcher. She still came out as a disgusting old cow.

I was aware that she and Ronal Reagan were apparently friends. She was also a friend of Augusto Pinochet, arguably the most brutal dictator in South American history.

To add insult to injury, Maggie was given a life peerage. IE she was made Baroness Thatcher, but the title did not pass to her children

Hell’s bells. He was only a year older than me. And now he’s dead.

I’d better get to work on my bucket list.

Many Brits who railed against Maggie also seemed to forget about the “Winter of Discontent” caused by rapacious and undemocratic unions under James Callaghan’s useless Labour government. People froze as miners’ unions shut down power plants. Rats thrived in mountains of uncollected rubbish in the streets. The UK was sliding toward Third World status.

\Should be interesting to watch the free market tories totally fuck up what is left of
a) the Union
b) The manufacturing economy
c) the financial centre of Europe.

Afetre all they have fucked up
a) Scotlands fisheries
b) The Northern Island Border…now there is one in reality between it and the rest of the UK.
c) The Union
d) London as the shre dealing capital of Eu.
e) Millions wasted on PPE by dealing with their mates and Tory party donors with no experience, not registered suppliers.

I think that Maggie’s legacy is adequately continued in the chinless fucking Eton Mess they call the Tory party in 2021…

A round of applause Algebe.

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I don’t see any rational reason it applies to anyone. With the possible caveat you wouldn’t want to hurt those who cared for that person, and even that has limits tbh.

I remember a Sunday paper in the UK once published a list of euphemisms people used to describe the dead, to partially hide their contempt. It was hilarious but I really ought to have copied them down. I’ll try one from memory.

A true one off, he kept his own counsel, and never suffered fools.

Real meaning.

He was an arrogant bully, who regularly reduced his staff to tears.

You get the idea…:grin:

So for Limbaugh you could say…

A staunch supporter of the conservative right, who valued and espoused political and religious ideologies he held dear, he was a fierce public speaker who took no prisoners.

Would read…

An arrogant bully whose religious and political views were not dissimilar to a rampant fascist, he treated the views of others with derisive contempt, and in oratory resembled a strident Mussolini on cocaine.



London as the centre of finance generates a massive amount for the UK GDP, I think they used fishing rights as a bargaining chip as some other EU countries viewed it as a non negotiable right, it generates a miniscule fraction of UK GDP in comparison.

Short term I’m concerned, but then I’m 55, and short term is all I have left. I voted remain, but that doesnt mean I couldn’t see flaws in the way the EU was evolving. It had changed from a purely economic trading partnership, to a political entity in it’s own right, with it’s own parliament. I’m not saying everything they decided was disadvantages to the UK of course, but it was easy for opponents in the Brexit camp to play on and distort fears people had about it.

What’s done is done, I’m of the opinion we now have to make the best of it.

The PPE debacle was shameful, though that kind of nepotism and opportunistic greed by politicians is a sad fact of life.

This was the aspect of the EU that I personally took issue with BIG TIME. Were they a “Federal” government (as in provinces united or states united under a federal government)… a sneaky way of imposing laws outside of separate countries agreed upon “trade”… oh AND without the citizens of each country “voting” those within the EU parliament.

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Me neither.

However, such a rule remains implicit in the death notices where human shit stains never seem to die

Of the four of we siblings, three of us pretty much hated my father. We didn’t say anything nasty about him around my mum, but privately was another matter entirely. In brief, he was a person whose evil angels won more often than his good ones. (if you’ll excuse the expression) He did mellow in his dotage, but it was too little too late.


My dad was cremated … ashes spread through BC. Not a word said. Best way we had to not speak ill of the dead :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Mine too. Only because my mum survived him, we scattered his ashes in the Port River, where he spent a lot of time as a boy. Had it been up to me, I wouldn’t have bothered collecting the urn .

Mum was cremated too. At her request, her ashes are to be interred in her parents’ graves in Vancouver. All the papers have been done and a small, tasteful brass plaque has been made. Covid19 threw a spanner into the plan.

At least she didn’t pick Disneyland.

They have security people there who watch specifically for “spreaders” lol (not the Covid kind).

Seriously??? People do that??? :neutral_face:

Yup :+1:

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Yeah, that makes sense. What a deeply spiritual place, the living embodiment of the American Dream (especially if you look behind the curtain)

On reflection I can’t understand Mum’s choice either. She was the youngest child of two alcoholics in full flight. She travelled 11,000 miles to get away from them and marry my father. Of the twenty odd ‘war brides’ who came our from Canada on the same ship, mum was the only one who did not return home.

There’s a rather good gangster movie in which one of the protagonist dies and his mate spreads his ashes on Elvis’ grave. Had quick look online. Seems that’s a thing too.

I didn’t know before today, but Lisa Marie had a son called Benjamin Keough. He shot himself at age 27. He’s buried at Gracelands with his grandfather and several other members of the Presley family.

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