Some art on religious subjects

I enjoy making religious art from time to time, and I thought I would share some of it here. I’m going to avoid posting anything blasphemous simply because there’s another thread for that already. If anyone else has artwork they’ve made or like, feel free to share it.

This is an illustration for The Gospel of Thomas:

Here’s one of the snake pre-fall, shown in a flattering or at least non-hostile light:

And here’s the devil from Revelations:

Anyone else want to share some art?

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Interesting drawings. Have you thought of charcoal?

I don’t usually show my painting because I others won’t like them. But seeing as you’re brave enough, I’ll have a go. I don’t title my paintings. Some are obvious, the more abstract can be whatever the viewer wants:



Thanks. I’ve tried charcoal in a college class but more recently, I only use pens or sometimes those crayons. Not crayons exactly, what are they… Thick pieces of color, that’s the best word I have right now.

Nice work yourself. I especially like the last one, the colors are rich and the design is interesting.

Thanks. I misread your heading. Although I like a lot of religious art, I don’t do any. Because I started so late, I haven’t yet discovered /developed my own style. That’s why my stuff varies lot .

“Thick pieces of colour” Do you mean pastels? Oil Pastels are similar to crayons ,using oil and wax, but are softer but don’t mix together. You might find this link useful:

I buy my pastels and canvasses from Ebay, but not my paint. That’s cheaper at my local art shop .One needs to read a the ads carefully before buying anything on Ebay.

Those are the ones, yeah! I’ve used them in the past but I haven’t recently. I used them in some drawings I did for Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law. They came out alright.

Would love to see them.

Imo Crowley was an outrageous humbug and literary hack. His greatest qualities seem to haven been self deception and self promotion.

—He always had the flavour of a self consciously naughty schoolboy to me…

Let me post a a few, the pastel ones aren’t the best, I’ll be honest. The last is erotic, fair warning. Each was inspired by a line from The Book of the Law. I’m with you on Crowley by the way, he played up his occultism and probably half-knew it was all a game. But I do love the anarchy of “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Anyway.

“The god enthroned in Ra’s seat”:

“Girders of the soul” (that’s Crowley in a trance):

“The blasphemy against all the gods of men”:

Pretty intense stuff.

Would like to see what you would produce with looser mediums, such as drip painting or pastels. Liquid acrylic poster paints are really cheap and easy to find.

From memory ,I’m pretty sure that ‘do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’ is not necessarily or even usually chaotic and undisciplined.

Wow… I really like them! I really do!!! You have talent. The paintings are interesting and they capture your attention. First thing I noticed is you have a mirror (my descriptor) within the art.

Thanks. I’ve tried paint and I can’t get it to work. I don’t know how to work with it, truth be told.

Yeah, it’s not a warrant to run wild. “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will,” meaning… well, temper yourself because you care about yourself and other people, as I read it.

I don’t understand.

What kind of paint? I guess you know that house paint isn’t suitable for fine art? (it cracks)

I’ve tried water colour and acrylic. I found watercolour too unforgiving. So I use acrylic. It dries much faster than oil and can be painted over. I used cheap craft paint for the first few months, at around $2 a tube. Since then have been using Montmarte, an OK student quality at around $2.50 for 75 ml. Montemarte also make acceptable student quality brushes.

You might like to try impasto (palette knife) technique. You can get sets of plastic palette knives for a few dollars at craft shop or from Ebay…

Below is link to a simple impasto tutorial, abstract. (1min 56) There are heaps on youtube, as simple or as complex as you like.

I really like the naked women and the fruit basket. I saw the dog once before in Mad magazine.

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Hey thanks for your kind words.

I found that type of art, when doing, cathartic.

It is or was. I haven’t made religious art in a while, I’ve moved on to other subjects. It helped me get a lot of anger out.

Yeah, I kind of picked up on that. There are other perhaps more satisfying ways of using art to express deep emotion. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

At its core, art is always subjective imo. Not really a supporter of objective judgements of art.