Siddartha Gautama Appreciation Thread

Uh, your dyslexia seems to be kicking in. I’m pretty sure you meant to say Free Sex status, right?

Brethren Cog! Oh, my goodness! I never knew! :smiley: Mossonrockalickum to you! It is so wonderful to see another on the Path of Stationary Journeys. May the fur between your toes never be matted with the slime of non-shelled snails.

Yes yes, and may the great Brillow Pad in the sky bestow blessings upon your tainted and rusty convergences to keep them always shiny and clean.

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Beautiful “ism” if I ever did hear an “ism”.

And I will answer your initial questions and paradoxes which, and I appreciate this fact, were all made in GOOD FAITH. If more atheists here asked and enquired about things that make them uncomfortable or leery in GOOD FAITH it would … be easier for me.

As it is … I feel I am running the gauntlet.

But, great questions - these seeming contradictions can be resolved. But not by me, by the Buddha himself. I will channel him tomorrow and speak from the charnel ground.

Kidding. I don’t have time. Schedule is fucked right now.

I did get the job by the way. Working for a high profile client, providing services. Any other details would be met with mockery and disdain.

But a very good day for me. Ecstatic in fact. Nailed the interview. Got the job over the phone. No waiting in wonder. Upwards and onwards.

And so the “craving for non-suffering” question will be answered in good time and good faith - just as it was asked.

PS. Sorry for assuming you knew anything about Theravada Buddhism, Cog. That was my bad :wink:

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You mean, “Nailed the interviewER.” (There. Fixed it for you. You’re welcome.) Congrats on the new job, by the way! :+1:

Congratulations on landing the new job, @rat_spit.

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Congrats; perhaps joining reality will do you some good. LOL You have obviously had way too much time on your hands.

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This is all I can respond to tonight. Here goes nothing.

The cause of suffering is craving. The Buddha did not say that the cause of not suffering is craving. And yet we crave non-suffering. But; we may say, “Oh that I did not suffer! Oh that my pains were gone!” And so we lament and we despair. Craving non-suffering is not enough to cause non-suffering. It is as if one was addicted to cigarettes. The craving would appear and the man would go to the gas station and buy a pack of twenty. But then he would lament; “oh that I could give up this habit!” So, if only he could go to the gas station to buy relief from smoking. It is not sufficient to achieve non-suffering merely by craving it. However, it is entirely normal. As I think I’ve pointed out, on the same token, it is also a cause of suffering; lament and despair. However the Buddha had something particular to say about the relationship between suffering and the desire not to suffer. And here it is from the suttas.

conviction has stress & suffering as its prerequisite, joy has conviction as its prerequisite, rapture has joy as its prerequisite, serenity has rapture as its prerequisite, pleasure has serenity as its prerequisite, concentration has pleasure as its prerequisite, knowledge & vision of things as they actually are present has concentration as its prerequisite, disenchantment has knowledge & vision of things as they actually are present as its prerequisite, dispassion has disenchantment as its prerequisite, release has dispassion as its prerequisite, knowledge of ending has release as its prerequisite."

“Conviction” in this case regards the four noble truths and the noble eightfold path as the path to the end of suffering. The succession of prerequisites ending in “knowledge of ending” is succession starting with suffering - relying on the understanding that in order to achieve such wonderful things as transcendental joy, rapture, tranquility, and blissful pleasure - grasping and clinging to form, feeling, perception, impulse, and consciousness must end.

That is how the craving of non-suffering both leads to further suffering and also conviction that there is an end, that the Buddha has rediscovered it like countless Buddhas before him and that he shows the way. Notice how consistent his teachings are. That same kind of internal consistency in the philosophy is what the Bible lacked and what ultimately ended my relationship with Christianity. That same inner consistency is what the early Buddhist sutras have - which drew me deeper into reading more and developing conviction and confidence and faith in the dharma.

This is the STUPIDEST bit of dogma in all of buddhism. Suffering is attachment, but the 8-fold path can take you to non-suffering, Suffer the journey to end the suffering. STUPID SHIT. Just drop the fuking rope. You can not have a tug of war in you don’t pick up the rope. It’s that fucking easy.

Nope, that’s just your wishful thinking. Remember, you’ll have to crave non-craving, so that sex stuff is verboten.

Geez, this secular religious craving gauntlet avoidance system just keeps cutting out the good stuff along with the bad.

What’s next, my OnlyFans membership? Whom has intelligently designed this scheme, anyway??

I’ve been with the same company for 6 + years now. So I know a bit about what average Joe looks forward to five days a week.

This was a sizeable promotion with a high profile client and a lot more expectations on me and my performance.

If I told you all what I really do, I feel I would hear the echo of “a schizophrenic in THAT role?” Which is also what my employers would say had I ever divulged such information. :wink: :pirate_flag: