Religion is bropleme

Man does not need religion and gods.
The component consisting of feelings, sensations, creative and creative since his childhood.
The human mind begins to pollute.
There is realistic evidence that proves the success of secularism and the failure of religion in educating man.
The real world problems are caused by religious politics.

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Are you havig trouble with English or are you on the spectrum? It helps me to know what the problem is so that I can gage my level of sarcasm. If your disjointed indistinct muckery hidden in verbosity is unintentional I will be less inclined to call you a fucktard during our tête-à-tête.

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He has other posts in Arabic.

Ahhh. I will be kind then.

Oh, okay. That helps. I was trying to determine how to respond to the guy. I believe a little more tolerance is in order. Thanks for the info.

I think his English might be better than Brandon’s.

English is not the OP’s first language.