Quran and its scientific predictions

Liar, liar, pants on fire.


Hmmm, seems like more blaming the innocent nonsense to me. What did drugs ever do to you anyhow? How about holding people responsible for their babbling inane horseshit?
Oh, it must have been the drugs!”. WTF?
Obviously ALL crazy shit is traceable to drugs…sheesh. Sounds like something a cop would say.
FYI, I have only been assaulted by a drug once, namely a rogue laxative that wanted me to poop myself to death…and it was put up to it by a crazed Korean Buddhist.
(musing to self…”I wonder why there were so many banana peels strewn about…”)

Edit : (names have been changed to protect the innocent)

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Sorry but when you post the ridiculous you can expect a bit of ridicule. Also, not many of us enjoy wading through articles that people post. Instead, if you thought one of the arguments was particularly good, it would be best to post the argument in your own words.

Why does the expression, ‘Ask a silly question.’ come to mind? No one on this site is going to give a lot of credit to any Quaranic miracles. Every assertion made by Quaranic apologists has been thoroughly and completely debunked. If you think you have one that could really sway scientific inquiry and convice everyone that there is prophecy in the Quaran, please post it.

What! I will have you know I was a Japanese buddhist in the tradition of Zen. Korean buddhist are following false teachings. As are the Buddhists in Thailand, both of which I am familiar with. Oh, and while I am at it, the Dali Lama should have bamboo spikes moved under his fingernails. That piece of shit is deserving of Buddhist Hell.

This asshole has nothing on the POPE.

He literally believes that he is the reincarnation of a godlike figure.He believes this means that he should be able to rule of Tibet as theocracy. The man is delusional from the ground up.

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Wait… Are you trying to tell me there are people who think like that WITHOUT using drugs???.. :flushed:… Oh, shit! Now I’m getting scared. :dizzy_face:

Hey, what do you call a Shaolin monk dog that cries a lot?

A Chi-waa-waa! :joy::joy::joy::joy: (Made up that one all by myself! :blush:)


You might want to sit down for what is coming next…
Edit to look up the phone number for Ripley’s

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So they need reality to conform to their notions? In my experience; reality don’t work that way.

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And what do you call a meditating chinese bird who has been in the family for three generations?
a ‘chi-kin.’

Sadly, that’s pretty much the modus operandi of mythology fanboys, who think that the unsupported assertions contained within their favourite choice of pre-scientific mythology somehow magically dictates how the universe operates, no matter how much the universe supplies us with data pointing and laughing at this cosmic hubris.

Indeed, that’s the stark difference between scientific thinking and magical thinking. Scientific thinking concentrates upon being DEscriptive, and shaping its models to be in accord with ever larger bodies of data - the larger, the better. Mythology fanboys, on the other hand, are advocates of PREscriptive thinking, in which their favourite unsupported mythological assertions are treated as purportedly constituting “axioms” about the universe, that the universe has to conform to.

Except, of course, that the universe doesn’t operate in this manner. The universe has supplied us with a wealth of data, informing us that its underlying behaviour is frequently counter-intuitive, requires sophisticated mathematics to describe adequately, and routinely destroys simplistic presuppositions. Which, of course, is why mythology fanboys have to resort to the generation of ex recto fabrications (otherwise known as apologetics) in order to pretend that the universe does indeed conform to the frequently asinine assertions of their sad little mythologies.

The fact that scientific discoveries have detonated a nuclear depth charge under the assertions of pre-scientific mythologies, is an annoying fact that the mythology fanboys keep trying (and failing) to hand-wave away with at times frankly cretinous apologetic fabriactions. Which they waste time fabricating in the hope that said fabrications will become magic spells that conjure their fantasies into life.

It’s the reason you see so much railing against, for example, evolution on the part of many mythology fanboys - they can’t stand the notion that they share a heritage with the rest of the natural world, instead preferring to see themselves as the products of a cheap conjuring trick with some dirt by a cartoon magic man, followed by several florid instances of incest. Indeed, in the case of the Bible, it’s not hard to understand why that sort of thinking persists among its adherents - the whole business of “clean” versus “unclean” animals, the assertion that we were some sort of “special” and “pre-ordained” apotheosis poofed into existence separately from the rest of the biosphere, and that business about us being purportedly told to treat the planet as a limitless source of plunder - it’s all very appealing to the bumpkins.

Unfortunately for said bumpkins, we’re learning the hard way that these assertions are not merely wrong, but frequently dangerous - extinction-level dangerous for us if we persist behaving in accord therewith. Unfortunately for the rest of us, those assertions were also part of the driving force behind capitalism, which is predicated upon the fatuous idea that you can have perpetual exponential growth on a finite planet with finite resources, and sadly, the practitioners thereof now wield power to a level that is an existential threat to the rest of us. It’s no surprise that the most florid manifestations of fuck-you capitalism have frequently been hand in hand with Abrahamic religion.

The gulf between “what is the data telling us?” and “what does my favourite magic mythology dictate?” is a yawning chasm.