Praise the Lord, I don't want to be vaccinated? WTF?

Okay, seriously, if it were not so easy for me to get vaccinated, I probably would not bother. The Korean government has made it super simple. Walk a block, over to the doctor’s office, show up for a 3:00 PM appointment, walk in, get the shot, sit for 15 minutes to make sure I don’t have a reaction, and then, go home.

My second shot is on the 10th. What’s the big deal? This is really that big of an issue in the states or is Fox News just being Fox News?

Very easy here as well. Everyone over the age of 18 got an offer to take the vaccine, either on SMS or official government electronic document distribution or snail mail. You could book appointments online on mobile phones or on computers, or use a regular phone call. Very simple and non-bureaucratic. And free. People living in nursing homes got the shots at the home. Result as per today: 90.6% of adults (i.e. over 18) have at least one dose, while 83.8% have two doses. They are currently vaccinating the 12-17 age group, but I don’t have the stats for this age group. Now they offer drop-in vaccinations for those who for some reason have not yet got the shot.

Fox news is being Fox news, but it’s the only news many watch after Trump repeatedly called any other station fake news and their reporters the “enemy of the people”. I can tell who people voted for by which station they’re watching. It is bad. I hear ridiculous conspiracy theories from all ages and education levels. My favorite theory comes from the christians who think it’s the mark of the beast. Something about it being made with the blood of the antichrist. Then there’s the one about a tracking chip being part of the vaccine. Also there’s the theories that the shots will make you infertile or actually kill you. Just the endless flood of nonsense. Oh yeah, and many who just seem stubborn and think the government has no right to tell you what to do with your body. Mostly the same jackasses who want to control women’s uteruses. Needless to say no one is being forcibly given a shot.
Trump never really pushed the vaccine, probably because his conspiracy loving base didn’t like it. He did encourage vaccines while speaking at a recent rally and got booed. Not a peep since. All the former presidents and Biden got vaccinated on camera, but not Trump. No one was even sure for a time if he’d gotten one.
Yeah, it’s a mess. I got mine at work and they are available and free at many places, including local pharmacies. A friend who lives in senior/disabled housing said medical staff came to them. Almost no one has any real excuse not to get vaccinated.

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No problems here now. We had supply problems due to the incompetence of our Federal Government. Our state ensured that all pensioners got their AZ jabs. Now you can get Pfizer at the special clinics or your GP and AZ and Moderna just by popping into your local pharmacy or GP. All free of course.

We have the Royal Show at the moment which also has a pop up vaccination centre offering Pfizer and Moderna to all from 12 years old.

Likewise - super easy but in Alberta the anti-vaccine conspiraturd/religitard are having a temper tantrum.

“Arguments like this” are common fodder in my area. Mind you they’re in the ICUs and dropping dead…

So much disinformation from FOX they should be ashamed of themselves. As soon as that interview began, I said to myself “I bet he’s retired”. He is, he has been for awhile, he is picking up supplemental income.

The suggestion that the community will suffer because he and others quit? They are the ones abandoning the community for stupid, unfounded, and selfish reasons.

Notice how the interview did not get into any details, such as specifically why he won’t get vaccinated? Or precisely how many other cops intend to quit or opposed?

How hard is it to get vaccinated? What can be the health risks of vaccination? What are the health consequences and risk of not getting vaccinated. That last question is easy … near 100% you will eventually get Covid in it’s full nastiness.

About two months ago I had a talk with a young Brit who was hesitant because he feared needles. Fair enough, a valid reason. Then I explained to him that with almost sure certainty in the near future he would wind up in a hospital with IV’s stuck in his arms, possibly a ventilator stuck down his throat.

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People is dumb…:+1::wink:

Some local god botherer I was in school with, dumber than a bucket of hair, ex junky and all around scumbag. He’s on Facebook plastering his page with conspiraloon nonsense, and anti vaccination bullshit.

It’s not natural apparently, unlike his shoes, clothes, house, car, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, telly, fucking Face fucking book, etc etc…he was always an ignorant nasty piece of work, now he’s found Jesus, and hasn’t broken stride, twat.

Oh, and he thinks Covid is a global conspiracy, and is dead against any lockdown restrictions.

:roll_eyes: kmn…

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I did a little research.
The usual needles used for the vaccine is a variation of the standard G20 gauge of 0.8 mm.
The needle is usually 31 mm long, in order to deliver the vaccine to deeper muscle layers rather than to the subcutaneous fat layers.

The Micro Hornet GPS chip made and sold by OriginGPS is one of the smallest micro trackers available.
It measures 10.0mm x 10.0mm x 5.8mm and weighs 2.5 grams.

Its a bit of a squeeze to get the Micro Hornet down through the G20 gauge 0.8mm needle.

There are apparently smaller microchips that could be injected into the body but their range is limited to centimetres and might be trackable by sensors embedded in doorways or similar narrow passages. But they would only track you as you passed through. Motion detectors at best. They would not identify an individual or where he/she came from or was going to, and the entire world would need to full of such sensors, which would be an utter nonsense because nearly all of us already carry mobile phones. Big Brother already knows where we are, where we’ve been, what we bought, who we know, what our politics and inclinations are from the internet sites we visit.
I watched a YouTube video in which one young lady during a recent anti-vaccine protest in New York was addressing the crowd about the loss of freedom through the use of supposed tracking devices in vaccines while reading her prepared statements from the cell phone in her hand. It’s likely the FBI, Homeland Security or any talented hacker might have been watching and listening to her through her own mobile screen.
People like to think they are being targeted as if they were important or they needed acknowledgement of having a problem in their lives.

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Exactly, paranoia seems to be something some people enjoy indulging. If the powers that be really cared whether I’m shopping in Tesco, or at my Mother’s, in the pub or on my couch or toilet, then I’d feel a little sad for them. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Those nefarious clowns tracking me through my vaccine are in a for shock next weekend. The rugby season’s started, and it’s the first home game I will be allowed to attend since Covid restrictions started. Woooohoooo…

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It sucks for the stupid when they have to deal with facts and numbers. I encountered an anti-masker, who claimed that he could not get enough oxygen because the mask was filtering it. An oxygen atom, at it’s maximum dimension is 150 10X -12 meter. The filter of a N-95 mask is 3X −5 meter.

Well, duh. That’s the commercially available technology. You’re not appropriately accounting for the tech the Spooks of the Elite has available, which is of alien origin. Obviously, they use alien technology for the vaxx-traxx-tech.

(Bloody hell, I have to get a full-body internal and external woowoo-detox after writing that)

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Yeah, because surgeons are deprived of oxygen while fully masked up in the OR doing complex surgery. Right.


All surgeons are aliens who breathe through their ears.
Disinformation is sooo easy.

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Yeah, I heard a woman telling how she wouldn’t get vaccinated because she didn’t want to be “chipped”, all the while scrolling on her phone. There’s been some pretty high profile cases being solved by the police tracking people’s phones but a lot of people don’t seem to have gotten the memo that their phones are tracking them. Anyone who’s interested in true crime stories I recommend looking up Chad and Lori Daybell. They have some bizarre beliefs, even by the standards of their mormon faith, and that’s saying something. I’m happy to say that their predicted date of the apocalypse has past uneventfully. It really is a story stranger than fiction. They killed, or had someone else kill, both of their spouses. They would have gotten away with it, but then they killed Lori’s children. Supposedly because they’d become “zombies”. Anyway…they found the kids bodies by tracking back Lori’s henchman of a brother’s phone and pinpointed the kid’s graves. Lori’s in a mental facility as they try to get her fit to stand trial, and her hubby Chad is behind bars, so it’s on going. I’m sure it will be a movie someday.

Something to think about:

500+ days after the start of the pandemic; YouTube has decided to start banning users who are using their platform to distribute lies about vaccines! Apparently they were too busy making sure no one posted 15 second clips from 50 year old Disney movies to do anything about it until today.


I’m not fully in support of their decision and would have argued against the idea had I been consulted as a decision maker in their policies.

Adding a “fact check” - fine. Demonetizing. Fine.

Ban??? Whaaaaa - what about young earthers, flat-earthers, religitards, “the BIG lie”… shitloads of lies and falsehoods on YouTube lots


I guess it is their site and they have the right to ban what they want. There is always TicToc for the weird and disenfranchised among us. I don’t know of a site that is as well organized as YouTube.


As a side - a selfish, personal opinion - I won’t miss the anti-vaccine propaganda and falsehoods. They cost society and people who accept their “logic”.

As does religious and extreme political opinion (not talking policy) :woman_shrugging:t2: and I wouldn’t shed a tear if the pink-haired and Kraken among the extreme were off to some dusty internet corner. Like the sign holding, screaming nut job on the crowded city street.

I guess freedom of speech doesn’t guarantee a platform - it never did…