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well I always tip my server when they are providing me with a tasty snack. The real question here is, are blue bull balls in the Bluebells better than buttered brioche in Barbados?

Edit: (note to self: work on affect regulation as it applies to gonad munching)

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Great, another mental disorder to add to the list.

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I once encountered a bumbling band of belligerent baboons, whilst bounding through the backwoods of Borneo because of a blunderous bonner reading banana stained travel books on my way to Busan, Korea. Now Borneo being basically the same as Barbados, both being ocean bound land bearing mounds, I submit, the buttered brioche are basically baked, barbecued and basted the same. And yet, I could not tell, for the band of belligerent baboons swept them from my fingers before my first bite. While I gave chase, the Borneo brambles proved burdensome and I had no buttered brioche. The memories of the blue bull balls linger still. I can’t wait to return to the blue grass of Ky, and begin tipping bulls again.

Hmmm, seems to me that, barring any barrage of beneficent Bonobos bearing basted and buttered Brioche and belligerently bellowing, one can, at a minimum, hope to get lucky in Kentucky…be sure you wait “‘til you see the blue of their balls”…though.

Edit don’t forget my 29% gratuity

Are you both “Flyting?”

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At the risk of presenting a pretentious personification, perhaps a preferred, more palatable structural identification might better be identified as somewhat akin to a “Bohm Dialog”…albeit additional participants would further validate this delineation…

Edit to admire a rooster

Frankly I’m flabbergasted at the forthrightness of our friend’s frankness in forcing his definition of flyting into the foray of this festivly frisky transfer of delightful profundities. I have firmly fixed the figure of myself peacefully frequenting farms in the fresh leaves of the fall, before fragility transforms them into footsteps of fearful warning. I fear that a Bohm Dialogeu is fraught with difficulty as these festivities are best performed forlorn in the deaf dark night.

I think it’s all matter of discernment between fantasy and actuality.

I tend to think gods and angels and what not are very real and alive within a person’s mind , but just not out here in the waking world where none of it exists at all and has no real application whatsoever.

Having lucid dreams myself in the past, I know just how real they are and while you’re in them, there is no other reality until of course you wake up and reflect on it and can descern the difference between the dream and the waking world.

It should be that way because your personal experience it’s just that and it can be profound, but I keep in mind that it’s only applicable for myself, and not applicable for anybody else , aside maybe from relaying one’s experience to another, but just stopping short from trying to mistakenly prove such experiences applies to others as well, as some do in cases, and likely as a result experiencing extreme futility in doing so.