Paul of Tarsus v Peter

Jesus didn’t write anything, so what exists is the writing of 1st century misogynists. Even (big if) Jesus respected women as equals, the authors of the gospels weren’t going to write that down.

I like the part where Jesus takes Mary to the top of a mountain. pulls a woman out of his thight, copulates, withdraws early, and then teaches Mary the secret of Christianity by eating his own seed. “Greater Expectations of Mary.” Yummy. There is a reason you are not to waste your seed.

" Epiphanius of Salamis records that The Greater Questions of Mary contained an episode in which Jesus took Mary Magdalene up to the top of a mountain, where he pulled a woman out of his side and engaged in sexual intercourse with her. Then, upon ejaculating, Jesus drank his own semen and told Mary, “Thus we must do, that we may live.” Upon hearing this, Mary instantly fainted, to which Jesus responded by helping her up and telling her, “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?”[6]"

…as a parent I can confidently state that if one of my boys did that in front of me, yah, fuck, I’d miss the “point”. Lol, definitely the making of a cult leader.

Just so. Especially considering Yeshu ha Notzri probably didn’t exist.

I’ve mentioned before my position that religions reflect the culture which invent them and the individuals who practice them . In the beginning, ‘The Way’ was a small **Jewish ** sect. IE patriarchal and misogynistic.

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I think christians believe he (Jesus) IS god. The fact there was any change to anything in a supposedly perfect message from an omniscient omnipotent deity is in itself a rational contradiction. Human’s collective knowledge changes, and their cultures and societies evolve, along with their subjective perceptions of morality. That simple fact is all that is needed to understand why patriarchal societies have now given way to more egalitarian societies, especially in post industrialised democracies.

Occam’s razor applies here, remove the unevidenced assumption of an angry needy and misogynistic deity, and the remaining facts make sense.

This is a bit like arguing who is a better starship captain, Captain Crunch or Captain Kangaroo?

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That is certainly common among them; but not universal. Some exceptions: Unitarians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, WCG “Armstrongism”Church of God”.

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Good point, I should have said many or most.

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You only have to look at Texas for a prime example of that.

A woman holding a sign reading “I Can’t Believe I’m Still Protesting This Shit” pretty much sums up the way I feel. Despite Roe vs. Wade seeming doomed I am feeling more optimistic. States can pass their own laws allowing abortions and laws trying to govern morality have spectacularly imploded in the past. Prohibition being a prime example. That didn’t work out so well. Young woman have just been doing an end run around the law by heading for help online for arranging abortions and getting abortion inducing drugs. The “pro life” people appear hilariously out of their league with this new fangled technology :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: . A website set up to help enforce the law and gather tips on people who help a woman get an abortion hasn’t been able to stay online. They can’t keep a host for their website, and they’ve been relentlessly spammed with false tips. It appears places like the governor’s mansion have been a hive of pro choice activity, according to the tips anyway :slight_smile: . The websites owners were actually bragging that they were already getting lots of tips, before they took a closer look.

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…agreed. Us older gals may remember the before BUT newer generations that didn’t experience that?

It’s like the Afghan women overseas are letting their voices be heard on behalf of those in Afghanistan (women/Taliban issues).


I have a beaut. It is actually a very simple method of birth control. No drugs and no implements. In fact the woman does nothing.-----

The bloke fills a large bowl with boiling water see. He then immerses his scrotum in the water for 45 seconds. Analgesics are permitted at that time. The effects can last anywhere from a few weeks to forever. (some blokes die of shock and pain)
I think this procedure is eminently suitable for men who presume to tell a woman what to do if she becomes pregnant.

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What a great idea! I would like to suggest a few tweaks though. To make its effectiveness 100% certain I’d up the immersion time to 5 minutes, and for those not agile enough to maneuver their scrotum into boiling water, I suggest the convenience of a blow torch :slight_smile: .

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Not something every household has in Oz. A sand blaster would do in a pinch. You’d probably still need ear plugs to drown out the screaming, but you wouldn’t have to put up with that nasty smell of charcoaled flesh.

“A man who wouldn’t burn his balls with a blowtorch for a poke don’t want one bad enough." with apologies to Augustus “Gus” McCrae (Robert Duvall) - Lonesome Dove.

I’ll pass.