Other metal heads out there

Are there any other metal-heads out there? Being an atheist, I of course love anything that mocks or ridicules organized religion. In my opinion, heavy metal music is the perfect format to express your views or opinions on the subject. Of course, there are many different genres in metal music. I’ve been a metal-head for over 40 years, started with zeppelin, aerosmith, sabbath, rush, ted neugent, alice cooper, and van halen(RIP eddie). My first concert was RUSH in 1980 on their permanent waves tour. I still have the shirt from that tour, it’s one of about 150 concert shirts that I’ve collected. As I’ve gotten older, instead of “mellowing out” like most of us do, I’ve gotten angrier from dealing with all of the shit life has put me through, so my tastes in music have made me a huge fan of DEATH and BLACK metal. I love the atmosphere and darkness that this music conveys. Just listening to it puts a smile on my face and helps me deal with my chronic pain and depression.(I’m listening to EMPEROR as I write this).
Are there any other people out there who are fans of this or any other kind of metal music?

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I agree with every word you said above, I pretty much listen to metal exclusively. Slayer is my all time favorite, I also love Black Sabbath and Dethklok. Recently, I’ve gotten into Rammstein, which is a German metal band. Three of their members are out atheists, and they have some amazing songs. I recommend the song Zeig Dich which translates to “show yourself” (referring to god) and it is my absolute favorite song of theirs. Stay metal!! :metal:

Rammstein put on an insane show when they tour. My tattoo artist is a metal head also, and when he is working on me, he’ll put a DVD in. One of them is a live show by those guys, and it is amazing to me that no one gets hurt. I’m listening to some MARDUK as I write this. I listen to music everyday, and 90.% of what I listen to is black or death metal. Right now, if I had to choose, my 3 current favorite bands would have to be BEHEMOTH, WATAIN, and INQUISITION. It sucks not being able to go to live shows because of this fucking virus, it’s been over a year now. The last show I went to was in DEC.'19 in seattle. It was MORBID ANGEL, WATAIN, and INCANTATION, it was fucking awesome.