My secular news letter?

I got this shit in the mail today. The topic of the day?

The Imperative for Moving Humanity to a Higher Plane of Existence


So, I took their introduction and rewrote it for them. Then I sent it back to them. Is anyone else subscribed to this rag?

My Reply:

The Imperative for Moving Humanity to a Higher Plane of Existence

What in the )^)^)(^(^) are you talking about? Does anyone at the “Secular News Letter” understand what the (&%(&^ “SECULAR” means?

What higher plane are you talking about. What in the hell is this New Age mumbo jumbo and why is it appearing in a secular newsletter?

SECULAR: denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis. Where else do you hear about “higher planes of existence,” outside of religious bullshit?

Higher planes of existence were born of ignorance and superstition about how the world around us works. I challenge anyone to demonstrate a higher plane of existence. Such an assertion is based on the idea that something is factual without any supporting evidence. It’s typically claimed to be from supernatural sources and fills in the gaps in human knowledge.

What? Are you all special now that you have elevated yourselves to a “Higher Plane.” BULLSHIT! Such language does not belong in a secular newsletter. WTF are you guys doing over there? A bunch of wannabe New Agers pretending to be Secular?

Since their origins, religions have fractured into countless competing groups that have resulted in endless conflicts as they strive to bring humanity to a higher plane of existence and to become one with the gods.


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Ummm… Would that maybe be something along the lines of upgrading from a Cessna 182 to something like a Leer jet? If so, I’m in!

I think you could go from Tin to tungsten - nickel alloy. Just enough nickel to keep the brittleness at bay.

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@Cognostic Specifically who authored this " The Imperative for Moving Humanity to a Higher Plane of Existence?

Well, I’ve had a few titanium upgrades along the way. I suppose a bit of tungsten/nickel alloy here and there wouldn’t be so bad.

I keep asking them that,. I subscribed to something called, Secular News Letter. They send me shit each week or every two weeks or something like that. Most of the time I ignore it as the topics don’t interest me. Lately, they have been sending out this bullshit.

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Yup - the old “higher plane of existence” - then a group all mentally spaced-out …

Thank you Cognostic.

Higher plane? If it cannot be measured or examined or even precisely defined, this topic falls into the woo woo category of using vague definitions such as “soul” and “spirit”.

This reminds me of Heaven’s Gate.

Here’s some secular news :newspaper:

Uh, helloooooo… It’s called an altimeter. Duh. :roll_eyes:

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Silly me, you are correct Tin Man. Here I am pondering some metaphysical stuff, while my mind should have been in the physical REAL world.

Y’all been reading too much woo-woo nonsense lately. Step back, take a deeeeep breath, and re-focus. Nameste. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I need a few hours of porn to clear my … umm, mind


AND here I went and found some cool sciency shit about ENERGY and nuclear WASTE use and batteries that last and… you guys just fuck around. And Off. Yah, you guys fuck off :wink:

Lol; gnome porn. "Fun things to do with garden hoses, rakes, and a lawn-mower engine.

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I apologize for all those assholes. They just don’t appreciate you. Come obver here and have a seat, I will massage your feet for you.

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Here ya go, Dave. From my own personal collection.

More inappropriate sex posts from Tin Man. Where are the mods? Has anyone reported him yet. This is disgusting and offensive.

Damn, Cog. Cool your jets, dude. I have some for you, too. Here…

I can’t comment now… my hands are all oily.

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