More evidence against intelligent design (?)


It’s true, human ideas are most often anachronistic, to all but a few visionaries. Though I think it’s clear, or at least it seems so to me, that our collective knowledge is only scratching the surface so to speak. If we can avoid destroying ourselves and the planet, and breeding ourselves out of existence, what marvels in scientific understanding might the 21st century give up?

I find it odd how insular much of Victorian thinking now appears to have been. Given they were at the head of a vast global empire, that has had lasting and positive influences on Britain long after her Imperial heyday has faded into history.

Probably because then as now, the movers, the thinkers and the inventors only made up a small percentage of the total population. We the people were then and remain sheep. Then as now, the true conservatives of a society are the hoi poloi.


ADDENDUM: Just had a thought about Queen Victoria. Although her husband Albert was progressive and quite bright, she was neither, although not actually stupid… Her views and values could best be described as bourgeois. It was the emerging middle class which which slavishly followed any new practices or fads she espoused. Small examples; Xmas trees, and white wedding dresses.

Albert died of typhus in 1861. As far as I can tell, he was the last member of the British royal family with any claim to brains. Victoria’s heir, who became Edward V11, was quite stupid. William, the current heir, seems ok without being exceptional in any obvious way. Harry showed some backbone by getting away from his ghastly dysfunctional family

. Queen Elizabeth has remained Queen by the simple expedients of being pedestrian, generally inoffensive and not dying. Prince Philip, with his affairs and brains of a polo pony was her cross.

------.----imo as an anti monarchist and Republican. (wanting a republican type government does not necessarily mean I support conservative governments )

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