Might atheists make the best theists?

Yeah, I realise my mistake now. You see I thought atheism was the lack of belief in God. No, no, no, that’s apparently the lie they tell you at the door to trick you inside. Turns out it’s just another fucking religion.

I think I found the problem:

Those are not the same.

Show baby a dog :dog2:. It can pet the dog, smell it and feed it. It know and understands a dog.

Can’t do that with god. Show baby a book. Read it stories. Tell it that god is invisible (no evidence) BUT baby is to believe and trust parents.

We are all born with no belief in god. Atheists.

They find emotional value in fairy tales and myths.

Lol :laughing: what evidence do you have that your god exists and the thousands you didn’t pick don’t?
I don’t claim that there is no god, I say “you claim or believe there is a god - I’m not convinced”.

I don’t “know” just like you don’t “know”. I just don’t believe shit based on feelings.

But they both describe an Athiest…

Well I see 3 possible explanations:

  1. You are insane.
  2. We are insane.
  3. You don’t mean the same things by those words, as we mean.

I couldn’t agree more; it is a semantics argument, it’s pointless.

Sorry were you born already knowing what a dog was?

I am agnostic, that’s my point. The baby doesn’t know if its petting a dog, a cat, a football field, or the concept of jealousy, it could be anything. Your argument is you know it cant be jealousy so you say its none of them. A theist might argue its a cat. My point is I don’t know if its any of these, but I also don’t know if it might be one of them. I just don’t know. The reality is that you too just don’t know.

Pointless? Its an argument about the existence of god!

Seems to me the argument is about the definition of words atheist and agnostic.

Utter complete bollocks. Really.


Maybe you don’t understand how the brain :brain: works, grows and children learn. Of course all babies don’t know shit… as a parent YOU teach it about (my example) a “dog”… call it whatever you want in a language that society agrees is a name for that particular animal.

Are you suggesting that theists are so fucked up they would teach their kid a dog is a “cat”?

Lol… don’t assume my understanding or confidence level in what I deem “reality”.

Isaac Asimov said it pretty well: “I am an atheist, out and out. It took me a long time to say it. I’ve been an atheist for years and years, but somehow I felt it was intellectually unrespectable to say one was an atheist, because it assumed knowledge that one didn’t have. Somehow, it was better to say one was a humanist or an agnostic. I finally decided that I’m a creature of emotion as well as of reason. Emotionally, I am an atheist. I don’t have the evidence to prove that God doesn’t exist, but I so strongly suspect he doesn’t that I don’t want to waste my time.”

I can’t be 100% sure god doesn’t exist, but I can be so pretty damn sure that to concern myself otherwise is a waste of time. That god or gods exist is an extra ordinary claim for which there’s never been given any convincing proof.

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Great. Thanks! I’ll take all the help I can get :slight_smile:. That’s my personal philosophy in life.

Let me explain my perspective. At first I thought is there a God, well no, I don’t think there is. Then I thought well is there no god, and I realised, well I cant tell if there is or isn’t a god. So then I thought what do I know. Well they say all you can know is, ‘I think therefore I am’ (I exist), and well if I exist there must be some place I exist in. Science and evolution might explain why I am, but science can not explain why there is, as with every explanation is a new question of why? or how? this unending stream of question to me could be described as a map of nature, and we are a part on this map. As science and reason maps the line nature runs we search for the last question or the edge of this map but you cant map an infinite line without ignoring parts or oversimplifying. To me the shape of nature is God. Nature as a whole does not have intent, yet we are still ‘built in its image’. I have reverence in not being able to know shape of Nature/God I do not say I can’t know because I am avoiding the question, I say I can’t know because I believe it is the answer to the question.

Tbh I don’t if this makes me agnostic or the space outside the Venn diagram

Sounds like some new-age woo-woo and some bad math had a baby.


Good start. An honest observation.

…there is …your body.

Actually, science makes observations and comes up with the best explanations for evidence.

…it’s just a stream of thought. Imaginative brain work. Your brain is in your head - you exist as apart of nature, so perhaps in this way it may be connected to nature.

This is a woo-woo stretch. What the fuck is the “shape of nature”? The universe down to quantum is all apart of our reality. Why are you adding “god” into this? Can you evidence your claim that this nature is god? Why rename or add? Can I call my iPhone god and say “to me I am communicating through god to you?”

Whaaa? What image? First nature has a “shape” and now “image”?

This is gobily gook nonsense. This has absolutely no meaning.

Just reading this post made me lose several million brain cells.

The answer to your question is obvious. Baked beans.

Think of it like Schrödinger’s cat. You might think of spirit as made up mumbo jumbo, but its not, its just your ego, or your stream of consciousness, the perception of yourself. One side might argue this is a soul, you might argue its an illusion, but I’m saying it doesn’t matter because it functions as a consciousness what ever it is that’s the bottom line. You can argue the cat is alive or the cat is dead till you’re blue in the face, but the truth is it both is and isn’t, because it lives in uncertainty. Nature (as a process) to us is uncertain, we will never know the answer as humans or even as a society it is literally impossible. We know we exist, and everything else lives in the box of uncertainty, now you can argue there is a god or there isn’t a god but the truth is you cant know because we can only ever look at the box from the outside. Now my point, is it all functions, there is a box, there is uncertainty. I think if anything where to fit the description of what god is spiritually, it would be the nature of is, and the incomprehensible uncertainty that comes with it.

In order to claim there is no god you need to be able to fill in the gaps prove the universe lives in absolute certainty there is a reason no god can exist or else atheism is just a hypothesis.

You know (have knowledge of this)how??

Knowledge how?

This is a helluva claim considering our knowledge of all things natural is expanding daily.

I think you mean “inside” otherwise your argument is nonsensical. For that matter if you DO mean inside…it is still flawed.

That is word salad. It makes no sense at all.