MEME off! The battleground 💥

Thanks, pretty sure I’ve seen it.

Alternate endings have a cowboy----

–and then she said “I’m game”. So I shot her

—and then she said “Cowboy, go to town” --and here I am.



This sign is on the Nullabor Plain. Have never seen it anywhere else in Oz.

ADDENDUM: Here you can buy kangaroo meat in various forms, at some supermarkets.

Australia exports live Camels to the Middle East. For racing and for food.

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Speaking of animals …

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This is one of those facts I’d really like to be true but isn’t (see list below)

Please be aware that 85% of Aussies live in cities. Most of our deadly- things-which-will-kill-you live in the bush, miles away in the country. Simple; don’t get out of the car.



Being that kind of Christian, I doubt they’d notice



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Sounds fair enough.

I have Facebook account with only a few friends. My basic rule is ONLY people I have actually met.

Have always thought it is fair and accurate to call people who use twitter ‘twits’.

That’s my rule too. Glad I’m not alone. Although I have one – 1 – exception. Because good reasons.

I was on Facebook about a decade ago for about a month. Had some distressing experiences with people I didn’t know wanting to be friends and becoming abusive when I declined.

This time, I’ve added a good friend and a couple of people I haven’t seen for over a decade.