MEME off! The battleground 💥


I know I shouldn’t have found that joke at all funny, but I just laughed hard.

It was the “lol” at the end that really set me off.

I may need therapy…:smirk:

The two largest risk factors in developing a cancer are genetics and age. Obviously there are many different types and cancer, and different behaviours can increase the risk, but getting old is the riskiest.

Hey!!! She’s sleeping with Annabelle!!! Jesus is also letting her sleep with a fucking possessed dolly!

Getting old increases your risk of death :skull_and_crossbones:. I hear the older you get, the higher the risk :thinking:


One if my grandsons at age approx 4, was climbing on the furniture.

Me “careful good boy, in case you fall”

Him “I won’t fall I’m a good climber”

Me (laughing) “no one ever thinks they’ll fall”

Him “will you run and catch me?”

Me (laughing again) “grandpa’s too old to run”

Him (looking me up and down) " are you really old"

Me " I am compared to you"

Him (looking me up and down again, then earnestly looking at my face with genuine concern) “you could die mind”

I couldn’t answer for several minutes, and my guts were hurting laughing.


Edit…his mother was mortified, I’m still laughing years later…

Falling in front of people determines your age.
If they laugh - you’re young.
If they get all concerned and want to help - you’re old.

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A good friend once told me that older people are kinder and more accepting of each other than children.

I’ve found that to be true of males up to about age 40, with some exceptions.

Oh, seventy is not the new 60. It’s till seventy and still old if you let it be. I don’t feel old, and try stay alert because we don’t have enough lerts.

Baby Calgon

Is that Trudeau when he first became a dad?

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I don’t have meme, will this do? (30 seconds)_


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Did I ever tell you how Noah (one of his son’s actually) discovered methane?

In the meantime, a favourite academic, Dr Irving Finkel of The British Museum, built another version of the ark. He uses the Sumerian flood myth as his reference. It is much older than the Noah myth and has some similarities. Seems the ark was round, like a coracle.

The Time article linked below is also worth a glance.

The full Youtube video is just under an hour, but is highly recommended. I love this man’s puckish wit.


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Ah, Irving Finkel! I have watched that video, and a number of others featuring him. If you are so inclined, I will recommend the talk he held at the Royal Institution about decoding of cuneiform writing: