Marijuana (Cannabis) quick consumption

For four days I have been working on smoking an ounce. LOL. Bag got small fast. LOL.

On a heavy day, I will consume 2 grams. Thus, an ounce will last me 2 weeks of heavy stoning before it runs out.

Seriously dude, consider vaping that shit. The cost of a vaping device will pay for itself in the first few months, and it is a lot less harmful than combusting.

You may liken yourself to a cartoon character, but IMO you are more like Towelie.

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Cough cough cough.

Yeah and the more I have the more I smoke in a day.
Coughing some more smoked the bowl clean down to ash.
The bowl of my Water Bong that is.

Yes I would like one of those vape pens of 91 92 and 93% THC.

I still enjoy smoking it though.

Make 100% sure you obtain the vape cartridge from a reputable supplier and safe processing methods. If you decide to go down this route, I suggest you avoid disposable systems but get a rechargeable battery.

Please note: two draws from a vape cartridge is the same as smoking a huge blunt. It hits, like a fucking freight train.

I tried it before, bought a complete cartridge. Because I already vape, I used one of my rechargeable batteries, and gave it a try. Two pulls, I sat up straight, and told myself, “wow, I am going to get fucked up tonight”.

Your desire to smoke is yours, I will not mess with that. But I am just trying to offer is less expensive and harmful alternatives.

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First a few disclaimers:

  • If pot/marijuana/thc is illegal where you are, (no medical or retail) consider waiting until you can obtain it legally. This is for valid health and wellbeing reasons.
  • THC absolutely impairs your ability to drive, for a surprisingly long time, up to 4 hours inhaled and at least 6+ hours when ingested.

Okay on to the fun stuff!

Ingestion vs inhalation

Ingestion positives over inhalation:

  • lasts longer, consume once and get noticable effects for hours (most of the night if used for pain relief before sleep.)
  • no long term use negative physical health effects.
  • highly discreet
  • convenient, little to no prep or clean up

Inhalation positives over ingestion.

  • fast acting, effects within seconds.
  • short duration, especially useful for people unused to the effects of thc.
  • greater spectrum of effect (It does “more”)
  • flavor

I mostly like to use edible gummies as needed for when I am using pot for pain control, or other medical benefits, usually late at night to help me sleep better as well. I make sure to try and use a high cbd ratio as well (more positive health effects.)

I like to vape flower (not smoke, and not vape pens with oil concentrate!) If I want the relaxation/enjoyment “high.”

This method very effectively avoids 90+ % of the health negatives of both smoking pot and vape pens. (If set to the right temperature.) This is also the ultimate way to get a chance to really dial in the spectrum of effect, what effects you are after, and actually taste the pot and to try new flavors.

This way does have somewhat substantial upfront costs, and requires prep and maintenance. Good news is, 50 bucks of flower is enough to get stoned every night for a month.

Oh, and if you can, buy organic in this case, you do not want to be inhaling pesticides. As mass production is a thing now for marijuana.