Just When You Thought You Had Heard it All


South African Pastor Farts on Congregants to ‘Heal’ and ‘Cure’ Them, Photo Goes Viral


Uh…why the skepticism? Have you not had the enlightening and/or healing experience of “Hem” (Human emitted methane) therapy?
Sheesh… and after all of the alphabet letter therapies of which you claim to have at least a functional understanding.

Edit for…gas

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Hey, does the “healing power” double if he happens to shart during a session?

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I always knew there was something about the blessing of poo.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Should this be titled, Just When You Thought You Had SMELLED It All?

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This totally reminds me of the “shit” Hindus will do with cows when they drink their piss to get “blessed”.

That pastor is obviously trolling the members. Once they figure it out, I’m sure they’ll kick him out of the congregation for farting all over them. :rofl: