Jesus Pareidolia

So I was reading the news online. And this sensationalist headline + picture caught my attention. So I found a source for this in English, and here it is, in all its inaneness:

(Screenshot source: The face of Jesus has appeared again — this time on felled poplar)

So someone have fallen victim for pareidolia yet again, and the tabloid press makes a big point of it, without even bothering to explain pareidolia. It’s Jesus-in-toast rinsed and repeated. Funny how they don’t rinse and repeat Jesus-in-a-dog’s-ass:


So what are some other funny Jesus-in-a-XXX you have seen?


My first thought here is , -what will I say when I find myself in an empty room with no door , --nothing but a video screen with this image of a dog’s anus that I posted on on the internet as a representation of my creator. Consider for a moment - if your are queried as to why you chose to represent God your creator as a dog’s anus - (that is if you are lucky enough to get that opportunity-unlikely) what your explanation will be. And post it here.

Come on, everyone know’s you only see the “true” image of Jesus in alder trees, not poplars.

Why would that need an explanation? The mythology is extremely clear that god is the creator of EVERYTHING. Presumably that includes: dog butts, pedophiles, Satan, rock-n-roll music, crack cocaine, disco, rapists, murderers even serial killers, the holocaust, etc. All of those seem like reasonable representations of god (according to the Bible).


Your scenario makes no sense, since as an atheist I don’t believe in any “creator” to reckon with. However purely as a hypothetical I should point out that that dog’s anus was the closest thing I had seen representing any evidence for Jesus, albeit of the absurd and anecdotal kind that theists and religious apologists seem to lend so much credence to.

This sounds like a tortured version of Pascal’s wager to me. It has the same basic flaw, the unevidenced assumption that a deity exists and with that assumption, a further assumption this must necessitate some risk for us as one species of evolved ape, and which of course I must find pretty dubious.

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That’s a very big if. Your ridiculous threatened scenario has no effect on people who find your humorless, draconian god no more plausible than the many other deities that humans have made up.


Strange question…IF your god actually existed, there would be no need for any questions. God knows everything, right? So in this fantasy reality god would know that I view him/her/it as an asshole. Read your Bible some more and perhaps you will learn why.

Edit: he knows he knows

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This is why I noted that you would not be given the luxury of the query.

As usual none of you, not one will give a straight explanation for why you continue to mock and ridicule God. Here in lies the irresponsibility of your position.

Because it’s funny. :rofl:


It is a hard question to answer. Might as well ask me how many angels can dance on a pinhead. I don’t think gods/angels are real; I have no idea what I’d do if I encountered one.

So I have no idea what kind of answer you want. Why don’t you offer a few suggestions?

But the answer to why we mock and ridicule (the believers of) god: because it is fun; and I have no fear of god (because I don’t believe in magic). I do have a fear of the people who believe in god; they are very real.


Uh, if you don’t mind, which god(s), specifically? There are actually some gods out there I think are fairly cool. And IF they somehow existed, I might even have some amount of respect for them. (Still wouldn’t worship any of them, though.) Anyway, point being, I mock and ridicule ANYTHING and ANYBODY I deem as being worthy of ridicule and mocking. Therefore, I can better answer your question by knowing the specific god you claim we ridicule and mock.


well the god you claim (whichever one it is you represent) is my creator…I don’t believe it is. Evidence please.

The representation of your dubious god as represented as a dog’s anus is no stranger than some of the religious depictions of many gods I have seen. In fact it may be more fitting as at least a dog’s anus serves a good purpose.

Edit: Mental images of exploding pomeranians


That’s absurd. I cannot possibly mock an invisible entity I do not believe exists. By writing mocking statemets about e.g. Zeus or Odin or Thor, I mock, per your own logic the actual gods Zeus, Odin and Thor. Or if I mock leprechauns, I mock the actual leprechauns, assumed to exist? This does not make any sense.

What you – and other fanboys of invisible friends – fail to see, is that I mock the idea of a god, the concept of a god, and I mock the particular belief system created around your particular invisible magical make-believe friend. I do the mocking because I find the belief in them absurd. And more specifically, I find the blind following of and total infatuation with the biblical god absurd. I don’t need to believe your god exists to do that. So there is your answer.


I want a straight explanation from you of what you will say when you find yourself before Odin and are facing dire consequences for something he took offense of that you posted on the internet.


I don’t think it’s even an if tbh, I’d need to see sufficient objective evidence a deity is even possible first, before I’d entertain the question as having any meaning. Then of course he’d have all his work before him, and would have to demonstrate sufficient objective evidence for the deity he believes is real.

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As usual you fail to grasp we don’t believe there is any deity to mock, and of course we were mocking the idiotic notion of theists claiming to see the image of a deity everywhere, despite not one of them ever seeing any image of it to compare with. In a nutshell it’s funny as hell, no pun intended.

Gullible’s travels as it were. I also don’t think someone professing to believe in a deity they also claim they can know nothing about, should be lecturing others on being irresponsible.


A number of us have answered your question. The fact that you are unsatisfied with the responses is your problem. Now, in the real world, what will your response be when, at the instant preceding your death, you realize that this is it, that’s all there is, the idea of God is absurd, and that you have pissed away much of your life fretting over a make-believe notion?

Edit: Then let’s keep dancing

IRRESPONSIBILITY? To whom? If anyone is being irresponsible it is you and all of the deluded individuals who deny their responsibility to their fellow man, woman, bird, in favor of an unevidenced sky-daddy, for the purpose of appeasing your own fears and trepidations surrounding the realities of mortality.

Edit: Daddy, please turn on the light


Because the concept of god deserves to be mocked. If you enjoy mental masturbation over your fairytale afterlife then do so in your own privacy. Your religion is much like your naughty bits, I’m glad you have that and enjoy it. I for one don’t want to see it or hear about it. Because it certainly isn’t what you think it is, keep telling yourself yours is the only one that exists…… You might be afraid to think there’s a bigger or better one than yours out there also. But that’s just fairytale stuff to scare children.

It’s much like mocking the one eyed purple people eater, it’s nonsense.

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