Is there any Atheist from Pakistan?

Im looking for some like minded people in pakistan … i will not share any personal details though as this can potentially get me killed


My guess? Hang out and chat with atheists from around the world :earth_americas: :earth_africa:

If it’s that dangerous for you, most likely it’s that dangerous for them and I don’t see any reason why they’d offer up info to you.

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Hi Wakas, welcome to AR, best not to share any compromising personal details. Hope you enjoy.

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Hi Wakas,

Welcome mate. Please use a VPN preferably TOR. Welcome. Stay safe.

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Pakistan is not kind to Atheists, so stay safe. It’s good you found your way here, but as pointed out above - use privacy software so they can’t track you!

They do monitor the internet. When I posted a portrait of mohammed I got an email from twitter that the pakistani police complained about me. So I posted an image of mohammed biting the head off a baby and not too long afterward my account was suspended.

The point is - be careful!

I’m sorry you’re having to go through that and I understand why you say that. It’s not fair that they give people the choice there to believe in their god or die. That’s cruel and inhumane.

I think thats the only reason islam is still alive today … supress anyone who talks against it


Why not! That’s how Christianity got its start. It worked once, and it is working again.

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