Is atheism a belief system?

He’s been here before. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s a miracle …he has returned.


Yes. He comes around once in a blue moon and goes on a religious tangent. When he gets knocked back by all of the replies on here, he then disappears until we get one or more theists like Sherlock Holmes ranting and raving.

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I think you guys might like this. It seems relevant to this thread.

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I know…I’ve asked him the question because I want him to supply an answer :grin:

Well now how did @Richeydale67 suddenly pop up after a long absence, and just when @Sherlock-Holmes is given a mandatory time out to calm his ruffled feathers?

Circular reasoning fallacy by the way, try again.

Sure you can, and if theists of any stripes don’t like their cherished beliefs being subjected to critical scrutiny, then it’s pretty stupid to seek out atheists to express those beliefs to. Persecute indeed, how you Christians love to play the victim, but then look at who you worship.

Another circular reasoning fallacy.

Most definitely, he is pretending to be an agnostic, I have seen no evidence he even knows what agnostic means.

Hot on the heels of @Sherlock-Holmes’s departure, suspiciously so?

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Ahhhh, ahhhhhh, my eyes my eyes, the grammar, the reasoning, ahhhhhhh!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I am just going to allow Captain Cat to laugh helplessly at this nonsense. I have seen it all before but this is a new low in theist diversion, CC enjoys a good laugh.

Quote me please where I have said that?
However if you know where you could get a flag like that online CC is very interested.

And again, please give instances of my “persecution” of “christians”?

I think you are using what a politician once called “terminological inexactitudes” but then he had an intellectual depth and experience I don’t think you could equal.


Wrong. One of the reasons this site exists, is so that those of us who paid attention in class, can demolish the canards and outright lies peddled about us by mythology fanboys. Of which there are plenty. Examples being:

“You reject my god because you want to sin”

“It takes more faith to be an atheist than to believe in my god”

“Atheists believe the universe came from nothing” (and variations thereof, including the fatuous description of the Big Bang as an “explosion”)

“Atheists believe life arose by random chance for no reason”

“Atheists can’t be moral because they don’t believe in my god”

These, and several other simila canards, have been destroyed here and elsewhere repeatedly.

Indeed, it’s a measure of how worthless mythology fanboyism is, that its proponents have to peddle such lies, and repeatedly peddle them even after they’ve been comprehensively carpet bombed all the way back to the primaeval slime.

Crap. Read my post above, covering the rigorous definition of atheism. Here’s a clue for you - NOT treating unsupported mythological assertions uncritically as fact, is the very antithesis of a “belief system”.


First of all, many of the mythology fanboys who gatecrash this and other atheist forums, demonstrate that they are stupid, not least by regurgitating the canards I listed above. Not to mention their peddling of fatuous strawman caricatures of scientific postulates, such as the one I mentioned above, referring to the Big Bang as an “explosion”.

Second, pointing out the absurdities in their output isn’t “persecution”, it’s the application of the proper rules of discourse to their assertions. Do learn the elementary concepts at work here.

Indeed, in order to deal with mythology fanboy canards about the origin of life, and alleged atheist views thereof, I’ve just posted an extensive dissertation on the actual science involved, including references to 82 peer reviewed scientific papers. When you can match that level of diligence, you’ll be in a position to talk.


I will give you a hint ‘Richeydale67’ The typical belief system around this place is 'Naturalism, Skepticism, Humanism, some Scientism, I personally like Existentialism. There are of course theists among us. I probably did not mention everyone’s core belief system. We have seen a couple of anarchists pass by. Some of us are more liberal and others more conservative in our beliefs. I know I am influenced by Zen but I hold nothing true in the Zen tradition outside of individual insights (I can say the same for any religion). I believe people can grow and change. I like stoicism I think. I’ve not read enough about it. I am familiar with empiricism and tend to think it is a fine way of making sense out of the world. NONE of this has anything to do with Atheim. Atheism is the RESULT of inquiry into the nature of the universe and everything using some method of inquiry. (Not just ‘faith’ for there is nothing one could not believe based on faith.) The rejection of god claims is the result of the search and not the CAUSE of anything. Nothing is rejected as a presupposition for atheism. Everything you say will be critically evaluated according to each persons own individual belief system. After that evaluation the person will reassert their atheism by stating they do not believe your claim. Or, they will tell you that they have been convinced by your evidence. So what have you got? I would love to hear it.


I’ve just learnt not to trust my imagination or confuse it with reality.



Yes, christianity is quite well known for being intolerant and for persecuting non-believers and followers of other religions, even if only by suspicion. Outlawing non-belief under penalty of death, diverse inquisitions, the opposition to factual knowledge like the heliocentric system and evolution, aggressive missioning, suppression of alternative views, and aggressive indoctrination of their followers, especially children, are but examples of their intolerance and the persecution they perform.


If I didn’t know any better, this is just another one of @Richeydale67 hit and run tactics. I’m not surprised.

Not this bullshit again. Of course, atheism is a belief but herding atheists is like herding cats.

Anem, NOT treating unsupported mythological assertions uncritically as fact, is the very antithesis of “belief”.

I smell socks …

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Please share what belief you think all atheists share.


I believe all atheists believe that the gods do not exist, and that’s just about it.

Your belief is utterly, completely fabricated.

I am evidence of that.
I do not believe the CLAIMS that theists make for their god/gods. I lack belief.


Your wrong! That is a positive assertion and an anti-theist position. There is absolutely no reason at all to assert that Gods do not exist when one has been presented with no evidence for a god thing. Why waste the time trying to demonstrate the non-existence of something that has not shown a glimmer of actually existing.

Now I will admit that most gods that people have argued for in my presence do not exist or are completely irrelevant. That in no way implies that your god is not the one true god. So what have you got? Any evidence to support your claim or are you just wasting air.

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I believe you’re strange.

Could you explain how I might describe myself then, given I do not believe in any deities, but do not hold a belief no deity exists? The dictionary suggests this is called atheism:


  1. disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.