I'm still stunned about this

I would assert both parties have their own muppet-masters. Politicians are often the puppets of multinational corporations. Which, by the way, have earnings that far exceed most countries.

I did mention above that Congress can make laws and allocate money. They cannot do independent research. For this, they rely on the information given to them by special interest groups (Funded by corporations/people with money.) Our media is owned. If we want news, we must do research and compare various sources. We can’t even get the truth from Google. The algorithms just send us shit that we are interested in and not anything that would contradict our beliefs or interests. We are being herded along like sheep and while we can see it, I really don’t know if it can be escaped. It’s in the air we breathe. It is the monster we must contend with as best we can. Awareness is certainly a first step.

I think this is a given. I also think it is one of the big reasons the Democrats are so insistent on keeping the borders open. Don’t jump the gun, we all know immigrants can not vote. The families of immigrants living in the USA can. Anyone Nationalized or born in the USA has the right to vote; we are a nation of immigrants. Immigrants and children of immigrants represent 25 states in Congress. About a quarter of these members (26%) represent California – the largest share representing any one state. Smaller shares represent Florida (9%), Illinois (7%) and New York (6%).

Here is a thought for you: The ‘puppet masters’ Many of the corporations donate to both parties, Democrats and Republicans. While they may be a Republican supporter, they have a Democrat in their pocket and can’t say no when they come calling for a healthy campaign contribution. All they need is a few abstentions now and again. And those can be bought. It’s not uncommon for any company to play on both sides of the aisle. The money goes where it can do the most good. No CEO or board of directors is spending cash just because they like one party over another. https://www.opensecrets.org/elections-overview/top-organizations

No. It is a natural skeleton process in every form of government on the planet. It always has been. And then it slowly morphs into a fucking monstrosity. It always has. This is the process. “Yes, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” (Not everyone values money or power. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice their lives for such gains. The wealthy shake their heads in disbelief at the ignorance of the masses. How in the hell can they not see what is most important in the world?) And they collect all the cash until their glut becomes their ruin. (A totally natural process.)

Fuck: No one pays attention to us! A banana-munching primate with a rolling pin up his ass and a heartless, fluid-leaking Tin-man? We are like New York taxi drivers. Talk to us for 10 minutes and we can solve all the world’s problems.

(Opinions are like assholes: We all have them and they all stink!)

A quick but good read: The focus of this happens to be on racism: about which I have somewhat different views but the roots appear similar. (Specifically, I challenge the ideas of institutional racism and assert the poor communities do as much to keep themselves down as the white community.) Racism occurs because people believe it occurs. Stop giving it power and it goes away.

One of my favorite interviews: Morgan Freeman, “Race is a good excuse for not getting there.”

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Aristotle seems to have anticipated Trump and SCOTUS tearing through laws to grab more power as well?

“Aristotle’s key objection to democracy was that it undermined the rule of law. A functioning state requires that everything is governed by laws. Without this there is nothing to stop those who hold the most power doing what they want and tyrannising everyone else.”

So all that is needed is for an unscrupulous narcissist to convince enough people he is going to save them from the things they fear, both real and imaginary, throw in a scapegoat(s) to blame, and invent some crowd pleasing rhetoric in the form of a slogan they will love, but is in reality meaningless, like Make (insert country of choice) Great…Again, and the game’s afoot…

The problem with democracy is the sheeple, and how easily their base fears are manipulated with rhetoric. For many people it is not enough that they have what they need, their success must involve others failing, for it to satisfy them. After all wealth is pretty meaningless if no one is poor enough to need more money.

On the plus side, since all this seems inevitable, and cyclical. we could just consider we have lived during one of the up turns if you like, and may yet not live to see the worst of the down turn.

I’ll get me coat…

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I recently got, and started wearing a new hat:

I’ve had an interesting mix of reactions to it. Most people will come up to me and say “Good one!”, but there’s a minority (this is California, a blue state) who will tear into me and say how dare I wear a hat like that. I guess they’re the MAGAt faithful.


Did Aristotle factor in the possibility that like everything, the rule of law could be bought and sold.

Sheeple or under-educated people. That term was bandied about by the trucker convoy people who clogged up Ottawa demanding that their first amendment rights were being taken away by the Liberal government. They blew their horns and ran their engines in a suburban neighbourhood 24/7 for weeks. The Sheeple were the people who got vaccinated when they knew from their fearless leader, of more effective ways to fight covid. Trump says he still thinks hydroxychloroquine works in treating early stage coronavirus

The Protesters in Ottawa got their talking points and financial support from right wing Americans. Those folks forgot that in Canada we don’t have first amendment right because we don’t have a first amendment. Since I got vaccinated I guess I am a sheeple. The term pisses me off. :smiley:

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Like the hat SodaAnt. Are you making any money?

I don’t understand your question. I bought the hat. I’m not selling them.

Oops my bad I thought you got it made rather than got as in bought. :woozy_face:

Maybe an accompanying t shirt, with "Congress shall make no law respecting…freedom of speech, "

Too subtle for maga’s? Bless em…


I suspect he (Aristotle) feared this kind of abuse of power, was innate in all human politics.

Sadly rhetoric can move intelligent and well educated people, I wish it were otherwise.

Since you know that getting vaccinated reduced your chances of catching Covid, and thus helped reduce the pace at which the pandemic spread, and the resulting death toll, then I don’t think you fall under the term sheeple. As a younger man, brash and inexperienced, and with only a middling intellect and mediocre education at my disposal, I might easily have fallen into line with the sheeple, but I have always had what family call an unfortunate habit of being argumentative.

It wasn’t until many years later, and when I discovered the Hitch, and his views about being a contrarian, that I started to realise it arguing could be a good thing, and that people don’t really fear argument, they fear being shown to be wrong, and so cling to beliefs with a closed mind rather than risk embarrassment, which is absurdly stupid, as that should be far more embarrassing than admitting an error.

To this day some family members mistake my critical pursuit of all claims, as some sort of attempt to “always be right”, as if anyone ever wants to be wrong ffs. The inroy seems to escape, and I have to smile my socially awkward smile, and remind myself that not everyone to be rational, or cares if a belief they are committed to is in fact supported by any, let alone sufficient, objective evidence.

Have you considered this might be a win win, both serving a good cause and maybe make a shilling on the side? It’s an ill wind etc etc… :sunglasses:

Well thanks for that but my point which wasn’t as clear as I had hoped is that the term itself has become useless if both sides use it. Unfortunately after re-reading my post I see that this point didn’t make it from the thought bubble floating over my head to my fingers and on to the keyboard where it might have appeared in my post. :upside_down_face:

Here in Canada sheeple is most often used to denigrate people who don’t support a conservative agenda and who for example got vaccinated. In Canada the Truckers and other anti vac people also wave the flag and call themselves patriots for defying the government and the rule of law. They also felt completely within their rights to intimidate people living in the neighbourhood who complained about the 24 hour blaring of horns and the exhaust fumes from all the trucks idling, it was winter and the poor patriots had to stay warm. I understand the “Right” in the UK have also usurped the flag and refer to themselves as patriots.

To the extent that we adhere to a set of norms that are shared by others we are all sheeple. People on both ends of the political spectrum can point to each other and label the other as sheeple. Soldiers who follow orders are sheeples. Boy scouts are sheeples etc. "people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced : people likened to sheep

James Nichols, who ran the family farm here, stamped dollar bills with red ink in protest against currency and told his neighbors that they were “sheeple” for obeying authority like livestock.

James Nichols along with Timothy McVeigh were found guilty of the Oklahoma bombing which killed 168 people. Nineteen of whom were children attending a daycare housed in the building. Terry Nichols | Oklahoma City Bomber, American Militant | Britannica
Good ole Terry, he was a lot of things but at least he wasn’t a sheeple :innocent:
Again the term pisses me off because it lacks a useful meaning and was coined by a mass murdering whack job.

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Interesting. I have used the term for years about the followers of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who reference themselves as Lambs.

John the Baptist sees Jesus: John 29
“On the morrow he seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold, the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sin of the world!”

Jesus is the sacrificial lamb through which all sin is forgiven. (The human sacrifice whom the good Christians kill so that they can be free of sin. Then, after killing him, by cannibalizing his flesh, and drinking his blood, they become one with him in spirit.)

What else would one do with a sacrificial lamb?

Sheeple - the killers and eaters of Jesus.

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Hmmm as the jesus figure got that title of the lamb from Mithraic tradition ( there is only one mention of the christ figure being referred to as “the lamb” in John so very unreliable as John is not a single author text nor able to be dated. We do not have the originals) and that reference to the “Lamb” did not become widespread until the 7th centuries and only tied in with the bloody Passover tradition by later writers…I call bullshit.


Oh Damn! Damn damn damn damn!

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…but not, lamb lamb lamb lamb lamb… :wink:


Eat it! As in Rack of Lamb, Lamb Chops, Lamb Curry, Lamb Souvlaki but sheep (pause :thinking: no :thinking: um yuck :thinking: that just leaves mutton, greasy, stinky mutton.

My point once again is that You can refer to christians as sheeple christians can refer to the people they think as less than as sheeple, lefties can refer to righties as sheeple, righties are convinced that lefties are sheeple. Sheeple here sheeple there ei ie ei ie ho. It is a meaningless waste of an arrangement of letters.


Ha! Speak for yourself, Bedtime For Bonzo! YOU might need ten minutes, but I require only FIVE minutes to solve all the world’s problems. :triumph: (The problem, though, is that I can rarely get anybody to listen to me for more than TWO minutes before they start laughing too hard to hear anything else I say. Either that, or they fall asleep. :disappointed:)

Well, now… I just learned something new today. :thinking: I knew there was a reason I hang around this place so much. Thanks.

:musical_note: :notes: “Sheeple are sheeple… So why should it be… You and I should get along so awfully…” :notes: :musical_note: (Thanks, Depeche Mode.)

Side note: By the way, anybody else had trouble logging in lately? Seems like every couple of nights lately I can’t get on here due to the server (or whatever it’s called) freezing up.

This has afflicted me, as well.

I could be wrong but it may be from @CyberLN or someone else in a command position not having turned it off then back on again lately.

I’m imagining a red, candy like button on their desks at home that can shut things down for a while if our shenanigans start running a bit long.

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Don’t have quite enough power to have that button. We just have the delete one.

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@Bluedoc you could be on to something because I wasn’t able to log on a few nights ago. So that was like a time out?

Anyway I’m taking off to a family reunion during which I will be searching out a nice bottle of wine from the 140 or so wineries in the Okanagan. This search will necessitate a sip here, there and everywhere. I will, of course, miss the wisdom of the posters on this board while I’m gone but you will understand that although wonderful people, many of the the relatives attending are Mormons. A nice bottle of wine daily will help to keep me smiling. Cheers
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