Homosexuality & the bible

Apparently, a very ignorant mod over at Reddit considers the following to be misinformation and propaganda. Edit As I was made aware of it, I should mention that the issue arose on the atheism subreddit. Where I was summarily banned due having posted the following:

It is in relation to the word homosexuality not being a part of the original interpretation of the bible.

Our key words for the discussion here are the words translated as “effeminate” and “abusers of themselves with mankind.” These somewhat ambiguous translations in the King James are consistent with how these words were actually translated into English for hundreds of years: some kind of immorality or abuse, but specifically what kind was never stated. This changed halfway through the last century, when some Bible translators began connecting these terms directly to homosexuality.

The word ‘homosexual’ was never in the original Bible . In the original Greek and Hebrew texts, the word that is now translated to ‘homosexual’ actually accurately translates to ‘pedophile; or ‘boy abuser’ or ‘boy molester.’*

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The sad part, Fox, is that no matter how you might try to tell most Christians about this, they will never see it any other way than what it actually says in their own bible. Despite the fact that particular “book” has been translated through multiple languages (many of which are translations of translations), edited and interpreted in countless ways by countless “scholars” and rulers, and compiled and revised over the course of many centuries, in their minds it has ALWAYS been the absolute PERFECT word of God. Nothing will convince them otherwise, regardless of what you (or anybody else) present to them. They will ALWAYS find a way to “rationalize” it in their head.


The irony is that it was on the atheism subreddit where the mod got his panties in a twist.

Another reason why I say my own moral code doesn’t go by what religion says or the laws of the country are. For gays to marry each other was illegal in the united states for a long time, seen as a mental illness. Someone caught being gay in some countries is a crime punishable by death.

From an athiest heterosexual viewpoint the way I see it is this way… people are uncomfortable around people who are different then them by human nature. Someone isn’t born heterosexual like them they don’t understand it and figure there must be something wrong with them, their evil because they aren’t like them.

I think it is awful how not only religion but laws of countries around the world have targeted gays. Just because someone is gay they have to die, go to jail, aren’t allowed to marry by law. This is where my saying comes in if you don’t agree with the laws of whatever country you live in you can break them and come up with your own moral code. Some laws are stupid and should be broken.

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Oh, dang. Missed that part. Sorry. So a theist mod on an atheist site was giving you grief? Holy hell. Not even sure I can wrap my head around that one.


No need to apologize. I forgot to mention it in the original post.

And at this point, I’m done with the atheism subreddit. They have a history and propensity for banning atheists who go against their thought processes.


Well that is a complete load of bollocks. Homo/trans sexuals were held in very high esteem by many cultures including the Egyptians, Nubians, Greeks, Spartans, Amer-Indians, Australian First Nations, early Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese The great Macedonian conqueror Alexander was inconsolable after the death of his “great friend”. It seems historically that it was only after the general acceptance of the Hebrew Death god did anti LGBTQ+ bigotry become an everyday occurrence.

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Yep I totally agree with you as you say what Christians think it is a total load of bollocks.

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There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality. Sex isn’t all about breeding the way religion peddles it. Sex is also for social purposes. Homosexuality is evident in many species of mammals. It’s normal. It’s just the religtards who have a fucking problem with it like they do everything else.

In any case, I found an interesting article I’d like to share.

For humans, and many other animals, sex is not just about reproduction. In our closest primate relative, the bonobo, straight and gay sex have vital roles in play, social transactions, barter of food, same-sex social bonding and bonding between mating pairs.

We shouldn’t limit our thinking about the evolution of sex to its reproductive functions. We must also consider its social functions.

Based on the social behaviour of primates (and other social mammals), we argue our species’ recent cognitive and behavioural evolution was driven by natural selection favouring traits that allowed better social integration. This is called prosociality.

Early humans that could quickly and easily access the benefits of group living had a strong selective advantage. We believe this led to the evolution of a whole range of traits including reduced aggression, increased communication, understanding, social play and affiliation.


>In the original Greek and Hebrew texts, the word that is now translated to ‘homosexual’ actually accurately translates to ‘pedophile; or ‘boy abuser’ or ‘boy molester.’

Whicjh word are you talking about? ‘Arsenokoitai’ was a never- before-seen word that Paul coined; it is found only in Paul’s letters, nowhere else in the bible nor in any other ancient text . It isimpossible to say what the meaning was. It may have had a meaning associated with pederasty but no one can say for sure. It is likely, however, that Paul coined the word based on the Levitical proscription that everyone reads as “men can’t have sex with men” but that is another really bad translaition. Dr, Renato Lings translates the very opaque ancient Hebrew (with a man - or maybe it was ‘male’ and the difference is important - you shall not lie the lyings of a woman) as You shall not lie with close relatives, whether male or female.* Other scholars hold that the passage was a prohibition on sacred or Temple prostitution. The latter view is supported by the scriptural context and by Philo’s recount of his visit to Rome, in the part where he talks about the male sacred prostitutes of the Cybele Temple.

In any case, you cannot say that it *translates to ‘pedophile; nor ‘boy abuser’ nor ‘boy molester’ in the modern sense of those terms.

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Uhhh, been following this part of the discussion, and I have a quick question…

WHY does it even matter what the original word was SUPPOSE TO mean? And not just that word, by the way. I’m talking about ANY of the questionable words from the original texts over which countless “scholars” have bickered the meanings of over the last several centuries. Seems to me to be a rather moot point. Because the ONLY thing that matters is what the millions of faithful believers across thousands of Christian sects “interpret” them to mean. And I can assure you 99+% of them DO NOT CARE what some “scholar” not-of-their-particular-denomination tells them what any given word from the ancient texts really means. They ain’t gonna let Satan lead 'em astray THAT easily. No-sir-ree!

So, sure, while it might be intellectually stimulating to discuss various biblical translations and such, in the end it does not matter a hill of beans what the word in question actually meant. It means only what the individual faithful believes it to mean. Hey, I’ve said it before: Several thousand Christian sects can’t be wrong.


The biggest personal problem that have with religious views on LGBTQ people is when it interferes with me doing my job in healthcare.

In Florida, one hospital bed in six (and some estimates claim one hospital bed in four) is in a religious hospital, and this creates no end of problems. Part of why I stopped working in EMS was because of religious issues with homosexuality.

As an example: I was a field training officer, which meant that I proctored new paramedics on the road before cutting them loose to work. Our medical director taught at a local university, which meant that we sometimes got osteopath students and nursing students whom were taking elective courses in emergency medicine.

One day, I had an RN assigned to me who was working on an advance-practice nurse practitioner credential. He had seven years worth of experience working in a pediatric intensive care unit, and he was phenomenal. Even though he was the student, I learned more from him than he did from me, and all the ER doctors knew him personally and were on a first name basis with him.

Well . . . I get a call for a very, very sick kid who was being treated for a form of pediatric leukemia with aggressive chemotherapy, and this kid was having a diabetic emergency at the same time.

My gut instinct (which I know is unscientifc, but I listen to it anyway) told me I was missing something, so I put my student in charge and delegated myself as his resource person.

He performed magnificently, and saved this kid’s life by working aggressively and quickly with a skill that bordered on the supernatural.

Here’s where I get to the point: He was very effeminate in a way that would cause most people to assume that he’s gay within ten seconds of meeting him (and yes . . . he’s gayer than Liberace, Paul Lynde, and Ru Paul combined).

The parents were deeply religious, and were incensed that I exposed their son to “homosexualist influences” during a “delicate stage in his masculine development,” so–if their son turns gay–it will be my fault. “Nobody is ever born gay, because God doesn’t make mistakes,” which is why gay people have to recruit.

And–since gay people are almost all pedophiles–“how would you feel if someone had a child molestor handling your sick kid?”

They drafted a letter of complaint, and had their whole congregation and pastor sign off on it, and sent copies to their Congressman, the Division of EMS Licensure, and–of course–my employer. The congregation contacted the local hospital (run by a Baptist organization), and the hospital threatened to pull their transportation contracts if the situation wasn’t fixed.

Part of the reasoning behind the disciplinary process that I was suspended for was because if I wouldn’t force a blood transfusion on a Jehova’s Witness, then why would I have a gay man take care of a child from a religious family? The ends don’t justify the means. I was referred to this book:

I will confess that I created a part of this problem, as I got tunnel vision. The kid was on death’s doorstep, and it never occurred to me to use anything less than every resource at my disposal . . . which included my gay student.


There have even been situations where gay partners were kept apart when one of them was dying. See below:


Religious hospitals have even refused deathbed marriages because it was a gay (or lesbian) couple.

Please note that with the Langbehn case, the partner furnished power of attorney paperwork, and the partner still wasn’t allowed to visit the dying patient . . . because of hospital policy regarding homosexuality.

I don’t believe that a paramedic (or any healthcare worker) gets to pick and choose who deserves or does not deserve compassion.

Ironically, I believe that my views make me a hundred times more Christian than any of these people . . . despite having Atheistic leanings.

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That is the bottom line and I believe I am in the same boat as you. I practice the positive teachings of jesus much more than christians in general because I practice tolerance and acceptance towards all.


Thank you.

Tolerance and acceptance are matters of life and death, as we are destroying our only home with pollution, global warming, overpopulation, and so forth. We either all hang together or we’ll hang seperately.


@Kevin_Levites Even for the most obnoxious asshole, I can find room to not dislike them because (and this is very important to me) we always have a lot more in common than differences.

Go Bears. lol

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Doing the right thing to the best of your ability and letting the consequences follow; sometimes those consequences are a bitch, though, ain’t they?

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I don’t regret what I did, and I don’t see myself as a victim. If that kid would have died because I capitulated to homophobia . . . then I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, and then I’d be a victim.


Yes, it’s mostly an intellectual exercise - I doubt that many religiobigot minds will be moved from their out-group hating ways. Here, my comments were to counter the oft-repeated claim that “in the original Greek and Hebrew texts, the word that is now translated to ‘homosexual’ actually accurately translates to ‘pedophile; or ‘boy abuser’ or ‘boy molester.” I do this for (at least) two reasons First, no you just can’t say that - obviously you can but it’s “not even wrong” - because nobody knows exactly what it meant to those desert goat f*ckers. Second, the claimant may be trying to be helpful but saying “God doesn’t hate all homos, he only hates boy raping homos” isn’t helpful. Disregarding that, thanks to Anita Bryant and others, the haters think that all of us homos are child molesters, trying to paint things as "good homos vs. bad homos is no less insulting. And whether they think god hates all of us or only some isn’t the problem. The problem isn’t in who they think their holy effin scriptures tell them to hate, it’s that they believe their holy effin scriptures tells them to hate some certain kinds of people, period.


Kevin: did you tell them how sorry you were that a homosexual saved their son’s life? Because you really should have asked, preferably on the radio and on television and in the newspaper. “If I’m ever in this situation again, per your wishes I’ll let the child die.”

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