Hindus worship new Coronoa goddess

This hit my feed this morning. Hindus in India are praying to a new Corona virus for cures. They have been hit hard and the government hasn’t been that successful in stopping the pandemic.

I remember reading about a year ago about the man who started worshipping Donald Trump because his team won the championship. He had a big loss of faith when Trump caught COVID.

Awww fuck. There goes my idea for a new religion. I had it all figured out. 75 million years ago Lord Covid came to the Earth in DC - 8 like spacecraft and dumped the strain of Covid 19 into vocanoes to destroy it. Then he dropped hydrogen bombs into the volcanoes to kill it again. After that the earth was cursed and the surviving virus vowed to one day overtake mankind and kill every living soul on the planet. This is the beginning of the Covid revenge. Human kinds only hope is to pray to Lord Covid in the hopes that he will return with his DC-8 spacecraft which have now been updated to DC-10 like spacecraft. Then he can scoop up the virus like he did before. Take it to another planet and dump it in volcanoes to kill it. Here at the Church of the Emasculated Covid, we are collecting funds to keep missionaries employed praying twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. You can be a part of the global war against the Covid virus. Just send your thousand dollar check to Cog right now. Gold and silver bars are also accepted.

I don’t know, people could misinterpret your new religion as a scam…
It just misses the rock-solid serious foundation of established religions, like e. g. the church of Scientology :wink:

Does the Church of the Emasculated Covid provide any sexually deviant activities for the eagerly prospective clergy member?..I am asking for a friend…

Unsurprising in a country which has 15 million gods. One for every occasion. A probable reason is that the vast majority of Indians remain ignorant subsistence farmers.

It’s my understanding that India is not faring well with the virus.

The Catholics are really no better. They may not have billions of gods, but they have at least hundreds of saints to whom they pray. When I was a child I would pray to St Francis to find lost objects. My favourite has always been St Jude, patron of lost causes.

When The Spanish conquered South America they simply adsorbed the local gods, turning them into saints or a new version of the virgin. The church did the same thing everywhere it went. You have your Virgin of Prague, your black virgin of Guadalupe and Ireland is arse deep in shrines and grottoes to the virgin. The Marian cult is especially strong in Catholic Ireland…

Within the last few decades the Mexicans have introduced a new saint; Santa Muerte.

How do you feel about cold monkey feet?

Could not help but have a look at the list of Catholic saints. They have everyone and every modern profession covered…almost.
I note there is no patron saint of atheists…one would think we’d been in the most need of one…its pure exclusionist discrimination.
There is even a patron saint for ‘arms dealers’ ffs.

Where exactly?
[Twenty words]

Above the toes and below the ankels.

[twenty word]

Of course. The church has not been known for disrupting trade

A few decades ago, the church trimmed its calendar of saints. It removed quite a few who probably didn’t actually exist, such as St Christopher, patron of travelers and St Valentine , patron of romantic sex.

A favourite of mine saint is Saint Joseph of Cupertino, the levitating saint. (17th century) Apparently quite stupid but extremely pious. They even made a pious movie.

Manicured? What’s that? Did you mean manure-cured? Absolutely! Nothing but the best for my feet.

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Well ok then, I’m - err my friend, is in. What does he have to do? We dont have volcanoes in Oz.

Another favourite of mine was Sister Bertrille, the flying nun. (20th century) whose life was documented in a quite stupid and dubiously pious television show in which Sister Bertrille was played by Sally Fields, a comic actress, whose patron saint is Saint Maturinus, who was apparently renowned as an exorcist of demons and popular stand up comedian :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

I often wondered where they found that idea. I once managed to watch the open credits and a few minutes of the show. Had to turn it off. Too maudlin for me. That order of nuns was called “the airplane sisters” here for some years.

I think you are pushing my leg; " drive out demons, and calm rowdy or riotous individuals." does not equate to stand up comedian. Looking at his irritating piety, his voice may simply have been so didactic and pedantic that he bored people to sleep. :rofl: (people who go about converting others have earned their martyrdom imo :rage:)

Have never liked Sally Fields as an actress. Even found her excessive as Forest Gump’s perfect mother.

I’m guessing this would be Shaktism

Sorry, I don’t understand your reference.

Ah. OK.

Hinduism remains arguably the most diverse religion.