Happy halloween

It’s October, which means it’s my favorite time of year, Halloween season. Several of you have seen my posts “do you look like an atheist?”, parts 1, 2, and 3. I’ve shown you guys what I have in the bed of my truck during the summer months, but I’m not sure if you’ve seen my October display.
I’ve put my “display” away for the crappy weather months here in Washington state and replaced it with my own personal Halloween greeting to any/every one who wants to see it.
Let me show you what will be in the back of my truck during the Halloween season. When November 1st gets here, it gets put away until next year.
Yes, I know I’m crazy, but I don’t care.


The Christians in Southern California are pissing their pants.

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Ride that through certain areas where I live and you are likely to have a few extra holes in your truck when you get home. Got a few hardcore redneck Christian boys in these parts who enjoy the challenge of moving targets. :joy:

Ignorance/arrogance only seems to breed retards. And I sincerely doubt they’d like my response.
The world is being consumed by rampant stupidity. One way or another, we’re all fucked.
The fear of death or anyone/thing different makes people do some really stupid shit. In honor of my favorite night of the year, I’m also wearing my collection of Halloween t-shirts that I’ve acquired over the years during the month of October. I haven’t worn some of them for years, but I’m wearing a different one every day.
I’ve never backed down from displaying my contempt for organized religion out in public. Some of them might bother the christians in our community, but I don’t fucking care.

Every year HALLOWEEN comes along and I see some cool shirts. Too bad for me. What is with the modern trend of splashing shit all over the front of T-shirts. It just screams "TACKY,’ to me. Weird things I don’t wear. T-shirts with shit splashed all over the front; short sleeve button shirts; shorts, baseball caps. Can’t see me in any of that shit. Anyway. I see cool stuff every year but it is always plastered all over the front of the shirts. I will not buy, hell… I won’t wear a shirt that has shit plastered all over the front of it.

DAMN, I’ve lived in t-shirts, shorts, and a backward facing baseball hat for the past 3+ decades, and I’m proud to say that not only do I not even own a single tie, I have no clue on how to tie one. Never will.
To each his own I guess.

Yep! They would not make them that way if people didn’t buy them. I fully admit to being the odd one here.

I think a lot of it depends on what kind of job you end up doing longterm. You have to dress like a professional I assume based on your career of choice. I just had a job that I did for over 35 years, I was a grunt that could move a lot of weight on a daily basis and could drive a truck safely. I still have my 10 years of safe driving award from my former employer hanging up in the garage.
We’re all odd in our own ways.

All Hallows Eventide.

The night before All Saint’s Day.