Grownups with imaginary friends are dumb

I’ve been married to my wife for almost 40 years now, and I still love her very much. We take care of each other and enjoy spending time together. However, I’m an atheist/Satanist, and she’s a devout Christian, and it took several years before we figured out how to make this marriage work.
She has several christian symbols and sayings on the walls of our home, and my “stuff” is all in the garage, of course. But she has one in particular that, in my opinion, doesn’t make any sense. It’s in the kitchen, and it says “WHAT YOU ARE IS GOD’S GIFT TO YOU”.
I started to think about what it says, and I thought, what? Does that mean that being forced to retire in my 50’s and go on permanent disability, along with all of the pain and surgeries that have followed is a gift from god?
Are you fucking kidding? Does that mean that god is the reason people suffer all or any of the things that happen to us, even when it’s something fucked up like cancer, depression, alcoholism, Alzheimers, or leukemia?
Anyone that truly believes that can’t be very bright, can they? My wife is not dumb, but this crazy shit that she and our kids and grandkids all believe in is.
I’ll never say anything about the subject to anyone in my family, but I have to wonder, can they truly believe this fucked up stuff is real?


Unfortunately, Mr.Mac, they do believe it. My little brother, for instance. Incredibly intelligent guy. Retired firefighter/paramedic. Spent many years in the Army Guard as a scout in an armored cav unit, and then awhile as a combat medic with an Iraq deployment. He’s pretty dang funny, too. Great sense of humor and an upbeat personality. But he is absolutely fully two hundred percent dedicated to the god in the bible. Fully lives his life around it. Here’s the real kicker, though. For the past several years he has suffered horribly with lung problems and multiple other ailments that resulted from his deployment. A guy who was once healthy, lean, and fit and putting on body armor to run five to six miles a day has since deteriorated to barely being able to walk up a short flight of stairs while using an oxygen generator, while suffering severe bouts of nausea/vomiting and suffocating pulmonary attacks… DAILY. Yet, he STILL praises his god each and every day for “giving him the life he now has.” I swear it totally boggles my fucking mind sometimes.

Thankfully, even though we do not talk often, we still get along quite well. We can even have discussions about religion without either of us getting upset. And even though he often agrees with me about many of the points I make, it does not put so much as a smudge mark on his faith. He simply cannot fathom living without his god. Again, it’s mind-boggling.

This brilliant scientist is a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.