Growing up as a Catholic, Intersex Transgender Female

As you can see Johanna (may I call you by this name?) some of us have a weird sense of humor and the conversation may go sideways at any time.

I hope you are not offended or put-off. We do this in the company of those we consider friends. If you do not approve, please send me a private message and I will accommodate your position.

I am deeply connected to the world of motorsports, that is my life-long addiction. One of my genuine heroes is Michelle Duff.

I hope Michelle’s story gives you comfort and strength.

Welcome Johanna. What an amazing sad and inspiring story. You’ve made me realise the one thing about my life has been the lack of a real bloody problem. I’m glad you have made your way to the forum and look forward to your contributions. Once I got to AR I turned up here and I haven’t seen much of the rest of the AR organisation as the forums have taken up all my attention. I hope you find it as interesting challenging and entertaining as I have.

I can understand the attraction. A bloke I shared with back in 1977 had a Ducati Dharma and a Kawasaki 900cc. Beautiful machines.

My idiot erstwhile brother in law was amateur world champion dirt racer in his age category (he was 40 at the time) Bought his 8 year old son a 50cc bike, against my sister’s wishes. Kid broke his leg. Decided he didn’t want to ride bikes any more, and hasn’t.

Me? Have not owned a bike since 1969, Malaysia. A second hand BSA 250cc. Built like a tank. A friend in a local village asked if he could ride the bike around the large yard. Yeah, Ok. don’t take it out of the yard.My mate and I went inside. Heard putt putting for a bit, then it stopped. Fine, he’s finished. But nooo, he just had to take it onto the road. Failed to take the first curve he encountered and hit a telephone pole . He died instantly. Pretty much removed any romantic notions I had about motor bikes.

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I was a prima ballerina before I hat that rolling pin stuck up my ass. Hiding it there was the only way to keep White from using it on someone else. I’m the jealous type.

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sometimes tho, it is good to look back, see where you’ve been, where you came from, and feel good about how far up that ladder you’ve actually climbed, and sometimes, we need a break from climbing

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LOL: And aren’t the breaks just a part of the climb? All we are trying to do is catch our breath before it all starts up again. Mistaking a break for something that is not climbing, for something that can be held onto, is just clinging to the side of a ladder. Hang as long as you like but eventually the rungs wear thin and you will be forced to move in one direction or another.

Climbers high is like runners high. Even though you continue to climb, your mind is taking a break from the stress the body is feeling. This is nearly as good as a real break and leads us to a second or third wind. (Are there ever any real breaks from the climb?)

Runners/climbers high… I dunno, I’m lazy, I’d probably just take the lift :rofl:

Also a very warm welcome from me! Also ex-catholic and quite new to the forum. Your story is deeply touching…

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This an obscure quote unless you’re a major Start Trek fan.

" The higherrr the fewerrr"

In Oz civil service this was a vey popular saying: " The really big bits always float to the top."

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LOL… “It’s lonely at the top.” A very common quote with the exact same meaning. There is only room for one boss in a business. Too many Chiefs and not enough indians makes a very confused tribe. Too many cooks will spoil the broth.

Even so… “The big bits float to the top?” Big bits of what? I am assuming ‘poo,’ given that it is civil service we are discussing.

Nah mate. No Aussie above the age of three says “poo’”. We say “shit”. But, yes, that is what I meant.

Not sure if this can be called segue. A teaching from my studies in Human Resource Management has just popped into my head . “The Peter Principle”. The idea is that in bureaucracies especially, everyone rises to his level of incompetence. I found this generally true, except for women who still have to contend with the glass ceiling.

Me? I stayed one level below that where I would be incompetent. Of course that was not intentional. Didn’t actually realise that fact until after I had retired.

Trivia: The term ‘bureaucracy’ was a not initially coined for government organisations. It was coined to describe large private sector organisations. EG My dad worked for BP for over 42 years. He was an overworked and underpaid executive. Over the years Iearned a lot about that company. It was indeed a bureaucratic organisation.