God makes people Atheists

Don’t be so sure of that. There’s concrete evidence the earth is a sphere, yet there are still flat earthers.


But IF deities were real. Wouldn’t they “convince” us of their existence like this example?

Nah, that’s just CGI :wink:

But on the serious side, IF gods existed, I would like much better to live in a world ruled by the gods of the Greek pantheon than under the oppression of the Abrahamic god. They make so much more sense (or less nonsense, depending on your perspective), and the mythology is way cooler.


And at least the Greeks knew that their gods could be complete assholes, while the christian god must always be so loving and perfect, with the manners of the gentlest and most accommodating host.

It wasn’t uncommon for some Greek god to get drunk and go to earth to rape some girl or goat. At least Hades told the world “I’m a nasty fucker!!”.