God is an asshole

He damns a person to hell for all sorts of stuff. Including homosexuality and many other things which hurt no one.

He floods the earth seemingly for no reason.

There’s so much bad going on in the world, but think god gives a shit?

I’ll be glad to go to hell as there would be plenty of interesting people there to hang with.

Yes I am high, the neighbor gave me some of her medical weed.

For a star, we’ve been through all this many times.

Atheists don’t believe in gods. A probably non existent being can’t damn anyone.

I’m assuming you mean the Abrahamic god, who is simply one of literally millions of gods.

As far as I can tell, it’s the church which invented hell The goal was wealth control and power. Still works ,even on you.

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I am high, the neighbor gave me some of her medical weed

Eat something, and get some sleep…:+1:

Do me a favour; try not to post when you’re high. There’s a good chap. You come out with some really irritating shit.

If that’s too much to ask, perhaps say you’re high at the beginning of your post so I can fucking well ignore you!

I was F***en being funny.

Thanks for taking me so seriously all the time.

You too @Sheldon

Give some sarcastic shit or something.

Honestly mate, you’ve come out with so much really stupid shit I can’t tell the difference.

I’ll give you a hint; funny things people say when they’re high often turn out not to be at all funny. Same when they’re drunk.

Hence my request for you to give me the heads up when you’re high. Thanks a bunch.

@anon14261619 Go sleep it off buddy.

If anyone was to track my activity in here there are times I am away for three or four day periods. That is because I may be as high as you. I don’t post because my head isn’t screwed on properly when the THC is active in my blood.


As it happens I do not drink, smoke or take drugs.

I stand by my opinion of many of your posts. I’m sure someone whose opinion I trust will correct me if I’m being unjust.

Bored now.

I will not deny I used to drink a lot of alcohol in the past, and presently use marijuana. Because of my age, I came from a culture where one drove drinking a beer, and had a case on the passenger seat. In hindsight it was dangerous and shameful.

I am a sim racer, spending countless hours practicing and racing others in fake cars in fake settings. But I had an epiphany one day.

I was doing some serious practicing for a big upcoming race, and after fifty or so laps I had one beer. Just ONE beer. I was tolerant of alcohol back then, I am a rather large individual weighing over 250 pounds, so from my perspective it did not have any effect

But my lap times told a different tale. As I examined my lap times, there it was in harsh data. After I consumed that one beer, every three or four laps I was slow by a fraction of a second. The cause was that I was starting to make mistakes. They were very minor mistakes, but they registered as a difference in my lap times.

From that moment forward I never drive and consume anything that impairs my functions. It was no longer a marter of opinion or position or the belief I could deal with the situation while impaired. The data, the facts told me a different story.

How do you know God is an asshole? Which God are you referencing. I happen to know that Eric the Rainbow Farting Unicorn is universally kind and has never harmed a soul. The fact that he has not retaliated against your slander is evidence of his utter and complete kindness.

Similarly the blue universe creating bunnies have not done a thing wrong. All they did is provide a place for you to thrive and then head off into the vastness of space. So they are assholes for simply giving you a rock to call home? Really?

How is it you come to know all these things about Gods that you seem to know? Do you have some special connections? Do you have a crystal ball? Have you met every version of God ever concaved of ? You speak with such authority I think I want to worship you.

I think Boomer has a point, I’m not that bothered either way since it’s easy to ignore content. Oh, and my post was an attempt at humour which seems to have passed you by, who’s uptight now?

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DAMN - couldn’t find just the small clip - BUT this reminded me of this old episode where Johnny (on air) is doing a sobriety test and he gets more alert and faster reflexes the more he drinks…

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…Dog Army…


I think there is a consensus here… "You are not “funny” when you are “high.” You just might wat to refrain from using the keyboard when you are high. Why not get a pencil and a pad of paper and set it by the computer. When you are high, you can write out your thoughts. Then, after you come down off your high, you can read them again. If you still think they are funny at that point, and only if you still think they are funny, go ahead and post them.


Oops, redacted by author.

Arash my friend, you need to open your heart and stop being such a bigot. Look around you at all god has created. The finely tuned universe attests so his reality. You would be able to feel god in your heart if only you would break down that wall of ignorance. The only evidence for a God is personal experience and that personal experience is yours for the asking. Knock and the door shall be opened. Ask and you shall receive. There is no reason to go through life with anger in your heart when you can be filled with peace and love. You are too focused on things of this world, the Bible written by men and it’s fantastic stories, give up your mind and come to your senses. What is real and true is out there waiting for you to accept it. All you need do is pray and beg the Lord God, Creator of the Universe, to forgive you for your evil ways and invite him into your heart. I will be happy to post a prayer to help you if you have no Christian friends who can assist you in coming to know the Lord God Creator of all.

According to the Catholic church, they do.

The Church has the quaint custom of canonising saints. That means that the church claims the authority to officially declare that person is in heaven with god. (that’s the meaning of the word ‘saint’ in catholicism)

Two quite recent saints are the arch reactionary Pope John Paul 2 and the disgusting old twat Teresa of Calcutta.

The process of canonisation is not complete until two miracles have occurred in the saintly person’s name. That means that a person has prayed to the pending saint to intercede with God to cure them of some disease. The church says it must be able to verify two such miracles. So far there have been no claims of the regrowth of missing body parts. Limbs, eyes, uterus, testicles, that kind of thing.

Miracles claimed by the church tend to look suspiciously like spontaneous remission. The chance of spontaneous remission is 1:30,000. I reckon probably good odds if compared with the begging prayers said by the faithful on any given day.

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Now that’s just mean.

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It was. It was mean. Jesus can fit and bring joy - but not in your heart :heart:

You have to be a woman to truly understand.

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Geez, you’re as bad as Cog. :face_with_monocle: