First Cause Arguements

…don’t have to…

I just wait for “them” to provide evidence.


" William Lane Craig, an intelligent and subtle thinker "

You GOTTA be shittin’ me…and every else on the planet…

Why is that?

I’ll have a go at providing evidence for my claim,as I have a burden of proof.

In the meantime I’m interested in the reason for YOUR claim. have you actually read his Kalam argument? There’s a lot going on there. I said ‘subtle’, not right.

Logic is an unreliable tool for discovering truth.

In formal logic, each rule of inference begins with an implicit ‘if’ A .

Although I think there is an exception, generally speaking,a logical inference may be valid, but the conclusion false,IF the premise has not first been shown to be true.

At least it is interesting to see how far theism has fallen over time…

Once it explained everything.

Now it’s most ferocious flag bearers are left with only logical arguments, which albeit valid, don’t appear to be sound.

That said though, I’m sure if an eternal universe was proven, or arrow of time going infinitely into the past was discovered… the likes of WLC would still crow bar in their god of the gaps, where ever science next meets a roadblock.

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You can’t be serious. 1. Everything that came into existence has a cause. *REJECTED" You can’t even get past the first premise. Causality is a product of the macro universe in which we reside. Nothing can be said about anything outside of this universe. Asserting the universe had a cause is nothing more than blind bullshit. Causality breaks down at Planck time and an eternal universe has not been ruled out. Finally, at no point in time, does the cosmological argument open the door for a God and that is even if the argument were sound, which its not. All that is being done is attempting to explain an unknown with a greater unknown. The argument is no subtle at all. It is complete bullshit from the first premise forward.



OK, I stand corrected, I obviously misunderstood an earlier post. I’ll see if I can find it,

In the meantime, I’m willing to accept correction from you, because you have explained why I am mistaken,.