Finally, I have fixed my opinions on Blasphemy!

After reading the replies on my first post, I’ve finally fixed my opinions on Blasphemy.

I now acknowledge Blasphemy as a Freedom of Speech completely and have realised it’s just a way of Religion to silence our voices. Thanks to those who replied :slight_smile:

Oh and also, I’m not a Hindu. I’ve broken 2 or 3 idols in my life :joy: Hinduism is my 2nd most hated religion for the effect it had on my life


Well, we certainly need more Ex Hindus in the world. Look at it this way… If you are wrong in this life, you can always come back in the next and get it right. How many casts do you think you can be demoted for being an atheist in one lifetime? The cycle of samsarais as mysterious as the Eucharist. I can’t figure either one out and have seen evidence for neither. Welcome to the sane side of the world.


Yes that is true. For me, I’ve never believed a single thing of Hinduism in my life, which I find quite impressing, growing up in an Hindu family.
I’ve never learnt much about hinduism because I thought that no person can even believe in those idols. Mostly what I hate about hinduism is that it contains a very large amount of superstitions, which can be extremely harmful for people. Recently, a Hindu girl cut out her tongue and offered it to a goddess. And also those dirty priests, who molest women more than what you see with churches in the West. I was disgusted how they touched females in mandirs

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I find the idea of Karma and Casts a combination of the most sickening idologies on the planet. You are born Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra .and that is your life. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. And when some horror befalls your family; well obviously you deserved it for some horrible thing you did in a past life. Everything happens for a reason. Bad things only happen because of Karma. Buddhism has a lot of the same bullshit and I am much more familiar with it. Still… Fuck the Cast system, Fuck Reincarnation and the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and fuck all the Hindu Gods who are right up there with the Christian Gods. What has Shiva done for me lately?


The main thing wrong with Hinduism is that it doesn’t have a start. It’s not a proper religion. Literally anything can be added to it. As per the history I’ve read, when the first Veda, the Rig Veda was written, the Hindu society had Caste System but it was possible to increase your rank by getting better jobs and it wasn’t dependant on your birth. The later Vedas was when this changed. Unlike Christianity, which has improved a lot than what it was during the Dark Ages, hinduism has evolved backwards. There was a practice called Sati, which was burning of an alive widow along with her dead husband. It was extremely popular in my area till the British stopped it.

And yes you’re right, the rebirth thing is extremely illogical. It contains logical fallacies.


The great unfolding of Shiva the creator. God is in all things and holds all things together. God is merely playing hide and seek with itself. All beings are god nature, manifestations of the unfolding creator. Just as thoughts manifest from a brain all life and existence unfold from Shiva the creator. You are god simply hiding from itslef. You have god nature as do all living things.


That sounds just like every other religion I’ve encountered.

Religions must evolve or they become obsolete and forgotten. One prime example is the Roman Catholic church. Their early teachings, beliefs, and dogma are very unlike what it practiced today. They had to change and evolve.

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What else are you going to do when you’re without beginning/end and alone.

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Nah Christianity and Islam have the exact year when it started. Unlike hinduism, which nobody knows who made and when

If Christianity didn’t evolve, Western Countries would be hell

There are currently 30+ different versions/readings/Qira’ats/ Qurans that exist in the world today. So the next time you hear that there is only one Quaran you can call ‘Bullshit.’

  1. Nafi al-Madani (d. 785 AD)
  2. Ibn Kathir al Makki (d. 738 AD)
  3. Abu’Amr Ibn al-'Ala (d. 770 AD)
  4. Ibn Amir ad-Dimashqi (d. 736 AD)
  5. Aasim Ibn Abi al-Najud (d. 745 AD)
  6. Hamzah az-Zalyyat (d. 773 AD)
  7. Al-Kisa’i (d. 804 AD)
  8. Abu Ja’far (Medina - d. 748 AD)
  9. Ya’qub al-Yamani (Basra - d. 821 AD)
  10. Khalaf (Kufa - 844 AD)

The following is a list of the transmitters

  1. Qalun (835 AD)
  2. Al-Bazzi (d. 864 AD)
  3. Al-Duri (d. 860)
  4. Hisham (d.859 AD)
  5. Shu’bah (d. 809 AD)
  6. Khalaf (d. 844 AD)
  7. Al-Layth (d. 854 AD)
  8. Isa ibn Wardan (d. 777 AD)
  9. Ruways (d. 853 AD)
  10. Ishaq (d. 899 AD)
  11. Isa ibn Wardan (d. 777 AD)
  12. Ruways (d. 853 AD)
  13. Ishaq (d. 899 AD)
  14. Warsh (812 AD)
  15. Qunbul (d. 904 AD)
  16. Al-Susi (d. 874 AD)
  17. Ibn Dhakwan (d. 856 AD)
  18. Hafs (d. 796 AD)
  19. Khallad (d. 835 AD)
  20. Al-Duri (d. 860 AD)
  21. Ibn Jummaz (d. 787 AD)
  22. Rawh (d. 849 AD)
  23. Idris (d. 905 AD)
    Among all these different Qira’ats, there is an overwhelming 93,000 differences.

Radiocarbon tests reveal fragments of Islamic book held by the University of Birmingham are at least 1,370 years old.

It’s not the Quaran that is important but the Hadith. No one knows how to interpret the Quaran correctly without the Hadith.


Europe and other nations dragged a kicking and screaming Roman Catholic church into a place where they had to evolve or be left behind.

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Really? What was the exact year Christianity started?

eta: I don’t know why knowing the year matters, but I’m guessing you made that part up about Christianity.

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27-30 CE, even though there’s no single year of it’s origin, atleast it’s not that poorly detailed like hinduism

Oh I don’t think that is true, and Christianity also has 45k varyingly different sects and denominations globally. Also a reasonable estimate of when humans created a religion, hardly suggests an eternal deity created us as the main show, if it happened just a couple of millennia ago. Especially when we realise humans evolved roughly 200k years ago, the earth is almost 3.5 billion years old, and the universe over 13 billion years old. Those figures simply don’t support the notion that humans are any more significant than any other species.