Ecological Sustainability

Everything in this medium is just someone’s opinion. Treat it as such, and understand that’s all you also have to offer.

As before, because I can “see” that if one of these fusion reactors works, humans may be able to adapt to the world better, without the hand wringing and shaming of those that don’t think we need to all be worm farmers for the world to survive. Poppycock.

Optimism and sympathy are not well understood here: I need to hang around to bring them up until one of you internet sages adopt it as your own. I’m a patient man, no problem.

FWIW I did not set out to shit on anyone’s thread. Just struck by how dreary the future being discussed is. If you took my comments another way, that’s your problem.

Something in the word “may” must have escaped your careful analysis. I’ve read enough to know this is a true possibility, perhaps you could read some of the thoughts around new fusion reactors, and breeder reactors. That like I said is up to you, it would take far longer then I am willing to commit too for a website post.

I have no doubt we are headed to a crisis. Interesting to read this thread and see how personal some take the issue, even a little optimism is greeted with derision.

Oh here we go, the savior has arrived everyone! Because us lowly “internet sages” are too dumb to figure it out without YOU.

Again what qualifies you as an expert?

Straw man garbage combined with generalizations here, ignore everyones actual points and generalize their arguments to overly simplified bullet points so you can dismiss us as all the same.

Again, I asked politely for you to beat it. So how about we try that again.

Bunk, again you’re implying something will happen.

I’m all for thorium salt reactors, and other actual nuclear tech. I would love to discuss it, but apparently you’re too busy.

So you want to teach us but only under your conditions and not through this format? Sounds a lot like theism to me, read my book and listen to my teachings, in my environment.

Please explain how I derided you. If I did, I desire to recognize my shortcomings and make amends.


In the 70’s we had Love Canal, fire in the rivers around Pittsburg, a hole in the ozone, nuclear war threat. Shitty times. But here we all are, what allowed this to happen? It was not a population collapse. It was technology and money. I look for nothing more to provide a future.

Or, we could all become subsistence farmers, wouldn’t that be fun?

Do you truely have no hope? Sad.

You did not, others did. I apologize if you thought I was singling you out.

Who said anything about teaching anyone? When I found this place I was informed quite quickly how I should understand the majority of posts are for laughs… were those hints in error?

Yes, thorium reactors are a real possibility, the ability to get useful energy from waste is encouraging. Nothing to debate.

Interesting that now a growing consensus is to let the waste sit in pools for several decades then drill deep wells on site to drop it down. Encouraging ideas. Not much real experimentation that I’ve stumbled into.

On a side subject do you know what a SOHC Honda is?

Oh, really? Well! In THAT case…

I’m still actively seeking the little button that will initiate the global seismic chain reaction that will make the movie “2012” look like a mild thunderstorm. And then I’m gonna press that little button and scurry off to my specialized, fully stocked, hardened “End-of-the-World” safety shelter. Take heed! You are all DOOOOMED! (But I’m optimistic that some of you will survive.) And if anybody here disagrees with my plan, I am going to throw a tantrum, tell you to go fuck yourself, stick out my tongue, stick my thumbs in my ears, and wiggle my fingers at you while shaking my butt back and forth and repeatedly saying, “Nanny-nanny-poo-poo!” So, THERE! :triumph:


Great…now you jackasses have the rattletrap all worked up again. You have no idea the amount of work you have created in the form of valve readjustments, pressure attenuator replacements, software program prime directive evaluations, hydraulic systems maintenance and upgrades, and so many more crucial issues that it staggers the imagination. I hope you are proud of yourselves…


Yea I’m done with your misdirections here @Mark. You obviously have no interest in actually talking about the subject, you want to discredit and attack your detractors. You’re just a wanna be Trump, take the victim defense and make everyone else into the bad guys. It’s never your fault, you tease this great argument and never deliver. Just like every religion.

Anyways, to everyone else anyone got anything else actually interesting to as about ecological stability?

Gee, was it my question about old Hondas?

Hey, what’s wrong with old Hindus? Some of them are pretty good folks. Besides, what the hell does that have to do with the environm-… (glancing back at post)… Aw, shit. You said Hondas. Disregard. Just pretend I’m not here… (slowly fading back into the shadows)…

Hey, no worries. Satan is a pretty good mechanic. He even helped install my new environment-friendly catalytic converter. Haven’t smelled any of my farts lately, have you?.. (beaming smile of pride)…

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The dinosaurs were once the most successful species on earth. There have been 8 different species of humans, all successful at one point and we are the only species left. Foxes and Rabbits my friend, Foxes and Rabbits. We are headed for some really rough times. We may or may not survive. All of biology and every culture on the planet supports our failure as a culture. Failure as a species remains to be seen but our test is just around the corner.


Besides, success is subjective. We could logically make an argument that bees are the most successful species on the planet.

Yeah, but they were only around for 170,000,000 years…and where are they now? A little rock falling from the sky and POOF they were gone. Now all that remains is this little turtle who advises me on metaphysical matters…

Are you referring to the ancient Honda VTEC technology from the mid 1980’s? It is a neat solution, being able to select different valve lift profiles depending on RPM and load.

Although I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the Ducati Desmo valve system, and even the staggered intake trumpets in the old Can-Am race cars, today’s technology is more in line with the Mahle jet injector and the Koenigsegg Freevalve system.

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Not looking good. To survive the human race and politicians must co-operate and share priorities. If we can not even do that in this one little thread in this one little forum…

This is true. Should the human race survive, shall we consider that a ‘Success?’ I certainly think so. However, if the humans do survive it will NOT be in the say way they are surviving today. Hopefully, we will learn something from our near and proximately possible demise.