Drugs and/or alcohol?

I do both but nothing harder than alcohol.
I smoke Cannabis whenever I am able to get it, and feel strongly about the laws being reformed on it. No one should spend time in jail for any simple possession of any drug, it is not the laws body’s. We should be the ones who choose what we place in our systems, not a law system.

Hmmm, you seem to be making the same type of facile sweeping generalisation as @mr.macabre, but in the opposite direction.

Try and imagine everyone on crack or heroine for a month, what kind of world is it you’re imagining?

I think that a world where everyone was on Crack or Heroine for a month would be perfect. Within a year we would have shit finally sorted out. The drug addicts would be dead or jobless and living in drug zones and the rest of us could get on with our lives.

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Well we were all thinking it really, you just had the cojones to say it…


Hahahahaha we could just zone everybody - imagine theist zones, or tRumpster patriot zones or Portland Antifa zones- lol…

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Just so.
President Trump declined my simple and relatively cheap way of limiting illegal refugees from Mexico-----

You get about a half a dozen or so large helicopters and arm them with Puff The Magic Dragon machine guns they used in Vietnam. They would patrol the border for several miles inland, shooting at anything which shouldn’t be there. With any luck the border vigilantes would get their arses shot off.

These days I suspect armed drones might be cheaper. :japanese_ogre:

I doubt he would have declined it…it’s right up his alley. Most likely he didn’t understand it.

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Yeah. I should have suggested a simpler, cheaper way. Laying out redundant land mines for example. :innocent:

I’m just saying, “give the druggies what they want. Tax the shit and sell it to them. Make them help out the economy instead of drain it.” More jobs for me.


I thoroughly agree. It would be much healthier for society in general and supports for the addicts and their extended families. It would place the family in a much better position to not fall into their manipulations for their next fix.
Plus, those that want to move out of that lifestyle - and taxing it would offer up a means for money and a more accurate picture of how drugs are used within society at at levels.
AND the drug cartels would have legal competition lol :laughing:


I was thinking that as well. I have a great many reasons to despise Hitler and Fascism in general, but one more is that they have discredited eugenics forever, with their evil experiments on living humans, and their euthanasia programmes.

Eugenics might have virtually limitless potential in the field of genetics to eradicate awful diseases and conditions. But I fear whenever it’s mentioned, people will associate it with the appalling behaviour and ideologies of Nazism.

Don’t kid yourself, eugenics research is alive and well. It is practiced in the fields of disease control, aging, and the military is most certainly involved in research. What was the name of the big Viet-nam war experiment where the US rounded up all the retards and sent them into battle. 100,000 (Something)? Guys with IQ’s of 66 were handling guns, stoned out of their minds, walking through the jungles. There is a reason the death count was so high in Viet Nam. To the USA it was an “Experimental War.”

It’s just not popular to popularize such studies.

Oh yes! In Canada we just sterilized them so they couldn’t breed, you know, more retards…


Ohhhh :astonished: there are a lot of incredibly disturbing studies. Not publicized nor all info available (let alone the ability to do a peer review) that will not be disclosed for another 60-100 years so…

Thanks David. This is a bit of history worth knowing about. Hopefully some will go check it out on YouTube. Heck I might even go watch another video or two.

Here is a video that tells a lot.

When I was 18 (early 90s), I was working at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet. There I met an older guy who was also an employee. He was a Vietnam vet, and was clearly experiencing some mental retardation. But he could buy beer; so, it wasn’t long before we became friends. I always assumed something happened to him in the war, and that somehow resulted in his obvious mental retardation. Simply because I assumed no one in his mental state could be in the US Army (they do have standards!).

Two decades later I read about Project 100,000 and then it hit me. I called him up, and yep: he was part of it. I seems he was born the way he is.

One where we don’t use laws to curb people’s want to use these drugs. Some will use them even if it’s a death sentence. They should be encouraged to quit yes. But no law should be made to try to curb that want. You want people to quit we should use encouragement not laws.

They Use the same high standards to hire police now days: