Do you look like an atheist, part 3

Since I’ve already posted photos of my ancientness, and you now know what you’re dealing with whenever I respond to anyone else’s posts, I might as well go all in. Kind of.
Do you look like an atheist whenever you’re in your car? Do you let it be known that you don’t believe any of that bullshit that christians display anywhere and everywhere they can?
Am I the only one that’s tired of seeing the christian’s “fish” symbol on their cars, or the crucifix’s hanging from the rear view mirror?
I’ll put up a couple of photos of my daily driver, a 2000 Chevy S-10 p/u that I’ve personalized over the years to the point that my wife won’t even ride in it unless there’s no other choice.

It took me a few years to get it to this point, but it was worth it, to me anyway. The inverted cross with the saying “godless heretic” in the same style that Black Sabbath used was my own idea. I made it probably 20 years ago, and it’s been on display in one of my trucks ever since.
Does anyone else advertise their atheism in public like this? Come on, don’t be afraid, what’s the worst thing they’ll do, tell you that you’re going to hell? Fuck 'em.


I look at it this way. You are a man who knows who his true friends are. LOL


The inverted cross certainly does get its point across. :joy::joy: I rather like the “Inquisition” one, too. All in all, pretty nice display. I would definitely have to stop and have a chat with a person driving a vehicle decorated as such.

As for myself, as I have said already, I prefer to be low key out in public. Simply my nature. Sure, every now and then I will publicly wear one of the “Pagan” shirts my wife gave me. Just for shits and giggles if the mood hits me. Otherwise, I prefer to be an “unknown” when dealing with the general public. At the same time, I also do not mind one little bit if/when people put their own personal belief preferences on display. Makes it that much easier to identify who is who should that info become important for some reason.

Also, unless I am around friends, I’ve always felt that my personal beliefs (or lack thereof) are nobody’s business. Here’s something funny for you, though. While I personally think people in general would be better off keeping their personal beliefs/faiths “private” when in public, at the exact same time it makes me happy to see people freely displaying their personal beliefs in public (t-shirts, jewelry, tattoos, etc.). Remember I said I live in a small town/rural area that was incredibly Christian during my childhood and early adult years? Well, I pay attention when I’m out and about. And over the last several years, I have noticed a steady increase of folks openly and freely publicly displaying things that would have NEVER been tolerated during my childhood years. Mixed race couples, same-sex couples, anti-Christian shirts/tattoos, and such other things that once would have potentially put a person in the hospital or an early grave, are now openly free to be who they are without so much as a second glance nowadays. And even if there are those who see it and don’t agree with it, they dare not express their opposition aloud. Because to do so would put that person in a world of hurt by the backlash of most others around them. Therefore, while it is my personal choice to not put my beliefs on public display, I am grateful and happy we still have the freedom for others who choose to publicly proclaim their beliefs.

I’ve had a couple of conversations with others about it, one guy even asked if he could take pictures of my truck in the grocery store parking lot. Another guy asked me what the inverted cross meant while I was getting gas several years ago. I told him to figure it out for himself, boy, some people are really stupid.
I’m pretty sure you already know this, but the decals on the windows are band logos from some of my favorite bands. I’ve been a dedicated metal head for over 40 years now, and as I’ve gotten older, my tastes in music have become more extreme instead of “mellowing out” like most people do.
I listen to black/death metal music every day of my life, at home, or in my truck. My wife hates it of course, so I don’t expose her to it. I wear my headphones whenever I’m at the gym or if Becky is at home.
I was just at a show last week in Seattle, I saw the Agonist, Carach Angren, and Hypocrisy with a young man who used to work for our son’s business. David moved from here to northern Idaho a couple of years ago, and he drove for over 6 hours to come to the show.
You either love this music, or you hate it, there’s no middle ground, and we both live for this music.
My truck is one of a kind, just like I am, at least, that’s what my family keeps telling me.


lol that’s wishful thinking. Too many Christians are telling each other to be like that fictional cult leader from the bible that got flogged and killed by the Romans. :rofl:


Like I said… You are obviously going to know who your friends are.

Agreed, he’s a very cool young man(geez I’m old) who saw my truck at an employee dinner at our son’s home several years ago. He asked our son if he could meet me because he’d seen the logo’s on it, and just wanted to talk about music.
We hit if off, of course, and we’ve been friends for several years now. Even though he’s moved out of state, he’s more than willing to drive all the way to Seattle and meet me at the shows that are worth the trip.
He’s getting married later this year, and like my wife, she has no interest in any of it, but is fine with us going to a show whenever we can.

Seems like a good thread to post this little story of an encounter.

One Saturday afternoon as I relaxed listening to some 70’s soft rock, having washed the cars, mowed the lawn, helped wife clean the house…etc. A pair of proselytizers came to our door. I had given them a minute or two to introduce themselves and start their spiel. I then told them we were atheist and had no interest.

Her comment was that our home looked like a christian home so neat and clean.

My response was I guess that blows that theory to hell.

They left.

Good day!