Do you know any Atheist music?


Wow, so much beautiful music :grimacing:

Sorry for such a late response :eyes:

This guy, in my opinion is before his time, unfortunately he doesn’t get anywhere near enough recognition

Surely any music that doesn’t involve a mythological magic man as a theme, is “atheist” by default?

In which case, vast swathes of popular music are “atheist” in this sense.

Likewise, for all those pieces of classical music that don’t involve a mythological magic man as a theme ranging from the Kaffeeleid (once attributed to Mozart, now thought to have been written by Karl Gottleib Hering) and Bach’s Coffee Cantata, to Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.

Of course, other mythological entities apart from gods feature in various pieces of music, with Nijinsky’s Afternoon of a Faun being an example, but once you start trawling the ballet catalogue, the subject matter can start to become surreal rapidly. Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals is whimsical in parts, while Coppelia is an exquisite piece of silliness on the part of Delibes.

However, there are comparatively fewer works that are ‘athiest’ in the polemical sense, though I see a few have been brought here already. :slight_smile:

Found this recently on Youtube. Even though some christians have claimed it, as far as I know the lyrics are intentionally ambiguous. Call me a boring old fart, I think this group is terrific.

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This is more of an Agnostic themed song

And so is this

Still, the message is more against Christianity than for it.

Okay, since you asked nicely, you boring old fart :rofl:

You walked into that one.

The correct response is “I’d rather be an old fart than a young dickhead” (saw that on a bumper sticker) :innocent:

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That was the first song I learned to play on my new Baritone Acoustic. Heard it once and just had to learn it.

Yes, not a religious song. "“Finally I understood that it was not necessary to refer to the Bible anymore. And I rewrote this song; this is the ‘secular’ ‘Hallelujah.“


There is a land rover defender that I’ve seen being driven around where I live, it’s got stickers plastered all over it, two of the ones I remember distinctly are, “one life live it” and “you can go fast, I can go anywhere.”

You don’t see many bumper stickers on cars in the UK, normally they are generic and uninspiring.

There is one giant privately owned riot type vehicle, that gets a good laugh among my peers, it has a massive flat earth society logo on the side. :see_no_evil::earth_americas:

This one must be offensive to Atheists.

I think you’ll find, Atheists don’t really get offended by anything as such, to be offended would imply something is an affront to a person.

Well, atheism is just choosing not to believe in God, due to a lack of evidence.

So, to say something is offensive to Atheists is a nonsensical statement, anything that an Atheist chooses to be offended by, would more than likely just be plain offensive to any moral person.

We aren’t offended by religious music, anymore so than religious statements, we just maintain the position that there is no evidence for the claims held in the music/statement.

If somewhere to outright say, “all atheists are inherently immoral or stupid” for example, this could be considered offensive, but again, a person chooses to be offended.

I’d wager, in my opinion, that an Atheist is more likely to have thicker skin than a Theist of any major religion, because they have felt the fire of unwarranted ignorant persecution from oppressive Theists amongst their peers; of course this is pure conjecture and is entirely dependent on individual experiences.

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You beat me to it. I was going to suggest Greydon Square. I’ve been a fan of his since…2006?..or around there. Whenever his first album came out.


I can name three pieces of religious music I find quite beautiful. (1) Ave Maria by Schubert (2) Gregorian chants (3) I have CD with a Mass by Benjamin Britain, sung by the choir of King’s College Cambridge which I think is sublime.

LOL… I can actually play and sing Ave Maria on guitar. I bust it out every now and again. I also do a bunch of Christian songs from my evangelic days, but only recall bits and pieces. (Yep, ole Cog can sing) All chimps can sing. I know some Latin Mass songs because I sang in a Choir and still recall some of that stuff. Agnus Dei (The Lamb of God) and other such nonsense. Oh! I know, The Hallelujah Choirs. I can sing that with “Watermelon” and "Walter Kröhnkite. "For when the evening comes, he gives the news, Walter Krohnkite, Walter Krohnkite. He he he, Such sophistication for a monkey!!! Anyway… I agree. Ave Maria is a fantastic piece of music.

I can’t play an instrument. Nor can a hold a tune, so cannot sing either .In the last few years I’ve taken to singing loudly when I’m in bed and cannot sleep. Have even taught myself to yodel!–Of course I’ve never recorded myself lest I destroy the illusion.

One of my life regrets is that I never learned to sing. My dad was trained and was apparently a fine boy soprano. As an adult he was a wonderful lyric tenor. He lacked confidence so only sang at parties when he was well oiled.



You may nave natural ability and not even know it. I have tried yodeling and just don’t have the motivation. I have no desired to perform for others. I sing because I like to sing. People who know me, know that I can carry a tune. But if you are not around me much, you would never suspect it. (It’s the same with my sense of humor.) I keep my sense of humor locked away. In case you didn’t notice, it is quite dark and a bit off the deep end. The result of freaking people out most of my life is to stay quiet until I feel comfortable enough to allow the monkey in me to play.

I agree with boomer there really isn’t a ‘atheist genre’. But Ensiferum-God is dead is pro atheist.

I find this song in many music videos .Here is Requiem for a Dream (Alienator Remix) used in Crysis 2 [Unofficial Trailer] .

And here is Tom Clancy’s Requiem for a Dream music video.

And here is a GTA V music video using song .