Do you fear death?

You play a little too loose with the truth for me.
In your opening post you posed a question and your euphemistic “never mind” and launched straight into a dull review on the subject of death, entirely based I assume on your own personal insecurities.
You did not initially explain how confused you were nor initially ask the question “is the clearly labelled “Debate” room just for debate or not?”
You need only have read the previous entries in that debate thread to understand we were not debating. You might have thought to look up the forum rules and FAQs which can be found by clicking the three horizontal bars on the top right of the forum screen. This is the usually accepted process when one starts on a new forum. Something I have learned in 22 years.

In any case I did answer your question “Is that what this “debate” forum is for?” and like a prize mug I bothered to explain at length why we atheists were chatting in a debate room and the circumstances leading to it. I made my ‘money’ comment. I seriously do not care that you then began your run of insults of me, but try to explain how I was to know you and everyone in your neighbourhood are so preciously thin-skinned? In this country it would be taken as a harmless jocular ribbing and I am still puzzled how any intelligent person could be so offended. Its your choice to be offended and no-one’s responsiblitiy to protect you from unintended insults.

Further in this comment “…that general chat might be posted in a “debate” room. No one said that. Everyone just started insulting me, including you.” Well apart from your incorrect assessment over the ‘money’ comment you will note I have not once called you a derogatory name, nor cast aspersions on your intellgence nor impugned your character.

IN the meantime you have managed to engage in disputes with everyone who has responded to you. Rejecting friendly advice, arguing petty issues and of course exercising your impressive vocabulary of insults. I am more angry you have insulted good helpful and scrupulously honest people.
And for all the above your experience here so far is clearly either one of the most disasterous failures at joining a forum, or a roaring success for typical troll. I dont really know or care which. Ultimately time will tell.

If you want a debate, display a little patience and forebearance and wait for the next theist; AR attracts the lot, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, but be warned most of them are intensely offensive zealots and despite impressive debating skills are totally impervious to reasonable discussion. Save your antagonism for them.


Bravo sir, very well said. You clearly have the patience of Job, so to speak.

Spoken like a true Karen. You are the first Karen Atheist we have had on the site. We have had Child Molesting Atheists, Ratty Atheists, Druged out Atheists, Pseudo Intelliectual Atheists, and some Atheists who were just as ignorant as the theists they mocked, but you get to be our very first Karen atheist. Excellent!


@Cognostic Reminds me a of a certain ex-member of this forum, who shall not be named.

Don’t forget this blast from the past (from 2018): the “Proud Boy” Atheist!

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I told you the truth. You refuse to accept it, and continue to insult me. “dull review.” “thin skinned.” “how any intelligent person could.” etc.

I never thought this thread was a debate, and that was why I asked about the purpose of this particular room.

Why are you pretending you haven’t insulted me, especially when you’ve done so at least half a dozen times in that one response?

Really? I must have missed that. Would you mind terribly posting it again, for me. Thanks a bunch.

A skeptic, I try to avoid truth claims; too hard to demonstrate. Besides, a personal rule of thumb is that the surer I am of being right/holding a truth, the greater the chance of being mistaken.

People here enjoy demolishing truth claims. So it might be good idea to check your facts before making claims. Makes no difference to me you understand, just a friendly warning to a new member from an older member.

You evidently don’t know what you’re responding to. Just go read what I’ve posted. I get this kind of nonsense shit in response to an honest post and it’s just another uninformed trolling attack that I’ve been accussed of? Who wants an argument here?

[quote=“BigNeerav, post:106, topic:1776”]
Let me ask you this……I am not sure how many threads you have read, or are reading, but as you can see, theists come on here and preach about whatever God they believe in, hoping to convert us folks to their religion.[/quote]

If you’re not sure how many threads I’ve read, then why would you think you know what I’ve seen? This one thread is the only I’ve read and been involved in. Also, I’m an atheist, and have no religion. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything aside from trying to convince people that I’m not being dishonest.

Yes. What’s this debate room’s description?

“Atheism is a boundless subject and while some atheists may be very lax about their beliefs, some others may aim to achieve certain objectives. Just as devout believers have their own ideas and agendas, unswerving non-believers have their own. The Debate Room at Atheist Republic is a forum that urges…”

Not exactly helpful that it cuts off, but is an atheist debate forum meant for atheists to debate atheists?

If you’re addressing me, no I do not specifically. I asked because I honestly do not remember such in any of your posts. My request is quite sincere, not made to insult or offend you.

IE : You have claimed to have told the truth. I can’t remember seeing it in any of your posts. I’ve asked you to repost it because I lack the interest in you or posts to go wading .

Up to you if you want to reply to a simple request or want to get your panties in a bunch through a perceived insult when none was intended

Maybe this has been terrible and unfortunate misunderstanding. But understand we get lots of trolls and liars posing as atheists and pushing various subterfuges for whatever reasons. Your responses puts me in mind of several such incidences. I have no evidence that you arent a troll. I dont take people I have only just met, online or in real life, on their word. Both need to earn respect.

As I said if you are sincere, only time will tell. If you so desperately need to have your debates and be seen as an honest contributor, hang around. Get involved in honest exchanges instead of feeding this useless bonfire. Let it die.
Your aren’t getting apologies from me after the blatant insults you have made.
I called your post, and not you, “dull” because it was. I have read hundreds of versions of the “I dont fear death, just dying” line. You will need to understand criticisms made of your ideas are not personal attacks in productive adult debates. Not every criticism or challenge is offered as an insult.
You described yourself as “thin-skinned”. (edited…or rather you suggested you were not thick skinned) I merely re-used your description.
I might retract the comment on your intelligence when I see cooperative intelligent involvement and not attempts to feed a flame war.
Again drop this dispute and let your future contributions prove your sincerity.
I am done. I refuse to engage in this wreck of a thread anymore.


I was addressing you. Clicking on “reply” in this forum insanely doesn’t quote what you’re replying to.

You “lack the interest” to go read through the posts, but have enough interest to demand I quote what I’ve already posted?

So you’re just being an asshole insulting me for your own laziness?

Thanks for asking. Fuck off.

You won’t get any from me, either.

Did I ever insult your intelligence?

You’re a typical asshole. Everything has to end on your terms or it ends on your terms. Go fuck yourself. I doubt your Intelligence will misunderstand that.

Well, that’s two insults in two posts.

I’m beginning to wonder if you will ever consider the fault may be yours.

Have a nice day

PS if you want to quote a person, highlight the bit you want to quote. A quote balloon will appear. Click on that.

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Actually that’s only if you reply to the thread. If you hit the reply icon in the post you’re responding to (curved arrow in bottom R/H corner), then the poster’s avatar and username appear in your reply, with a link to their post. Or you can quote specific text of course, as I’ve done here. Again a link to the original post will appear in the quotation, along with the avatar and username of the person you’re quoting.

If you hadn’t leaped on me, and falsely accused me of insulting you when I tried to help explain all this earlier, then you might not still be making the same confusing mistakes.

So another regular whose erudite contributions abound on here, has fallen foul of your quick temper.

Let me guess, it was all his fault?

I’m curious where you see this conversation going? Grinseed has more than once tried to move on, and offer an olive branch, you seem determined to continue in your previous angry paranoid rants, and not just to Grinseed.

Nothing he’s posted so far suggests this is likely. Honest introspection doesn’t seem to be his bag.

I gave him some friendly advice as well, and would have taken the time to explain further, but he just immediately attacked me for it.

It’s like a Monty Python sketch, “is this the room for a good argument?”

I think maybe he’s taking the debate title a bit too literally.


Thank you for the kind words

Perhaps . But I’m not really all that fond off dynamiting fish in a barrel, although it does save filleting :face_with_monocle:

Your damnation of the forum software is premature, perhaps a result of not having used it enough.

The “Reply” button in the lower right generates a reply to that particular item. I clicked on it, and thus I reply to you:


Next. once you get the editing box, you click in the speech bubble to in the top left part to get all the cited text:


Or you can do as @boomer47 suggested, highlight text and click “Quote”:


Easy peasy, really.

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Lol - physician heal thy self

@NoGods What truth are you talking about? I have read through this thread, and do not see it.