Do you always admit your Atheism?

@boomer47 You guys deserve the compliment. You folks are more rational and intelligent than any of the theists that come on here, with the only motive to covert us, which is not a very nice thing to do!

I don’t think anyone gives a damn about converting you… (I may be wrong.) This is evidenced by the fact that the Atheists on the site get the exact same treatment you get when they say stupid shit. Say something stupid and you will be challenged. You can either clarify your position or alter your perception with the new information or chalenge you have recieved. Digging your heels in and pretending you are correct when it is demonstrable you are not, is kind of silly.

I don’t think it is "you’ that anyone is interested in converting but rather your ideas. When you post nonsense, nonsense will be challenged. That, in no way means, you can not hold an opposing view. There are debates going on that are unresolved. Can you defend your position effectivly? Isn’t that what a debate is about?

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I am admin, yet if I make an incorrect statement, I will be corrected. It does not matter who you are, say something stupid, and it will be challenged. It does not matter who you are, your beliefs or position, this is how it should work.

And for that I am grateful. I never stop learning and growing.


This! All of this! Indeed…I have seen this elsewhere. They hold onto ideas, which are a product of the human mind or intellect, which may or may not reflect the actual reality of the world around them. They are willing to see life and the world, through the filter (or blinders) of whatever they were taught by their respective religions, instead of seeing reality as it truly and actually is. This is why I will NEVER trust religion or respect it, in any way, shape or form!

This is where theists have consistently failed, when challenged to provide evidence to prove their case, beyond a shadow of a doubt. If this be the court of law, they would be losing pretty badly, and would make for some pretty bad lawyers, IMO.

@David_Killens Indeed. This requires what is known as humility, as well as an open mind. Well said!

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OOPS! My Baaad… Fucking monkey brains get bogged down when the bananas begin to ferment. I was responding while assuming you meant the Atheists on the forum were interested in converting the theists. I really doubt that we give a shit.

The above statement is fairly obvious with regards to religius idologies. It fits other belief systems as well. Call it a human nature thing. As a species, I regretfully admit that we are lazy thinkers for the most part.

@Cognostic No worries. It is the theists that are trying to convert us…to no avail, thankfully.


The most obvious exception is when it comes to rationalising literally any human behaviour, no matter how vile. I’ve sometimes thought religion might be part of that process.

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@boomer47 Like how all that happens in according to ‘God’s Divine Plan’, as theists claim. :roll_eyes:

If there is a god’s plan, than as George Carlin suggested, prayer is being counter to god’s wishes.

But this is something I always jump on. Some theist comes in here, proclaims they know the attributes of their god. Then I ask them why god made children suffer and die from cancer, and they suddenly change their tune.

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I was thinking more along the lines of genocide, rapine and murder of individuals. Religions tends to forbid those things, yet the perpetrators are usually able to justify those crimes.

Of course, religion tolerates and even encourages wars. It tolerates evil and suffering by claiming they’re part of god’s plan or simply karma (fate)

Claiming a divine plan and precognition of everything abrogates free will and makes god responsible for everything as far as I can see. Such a world view leads to an inescapable conclusion of fatalism I think .


Trivia, The Devil: To the Christian, the Devil is God’s enemy. In Judaism, the Devil is God’s servant. A Jew may ask; “How could it be otherwise?” To which I add “What with god being omnipotent and all, he could and would instantly fatally smite an enemy”


I find most theists adopt moral relativism, apparently without even realising it.

They claim absolute morality exist via a deity, yet when pressed on biblical accounts of actions by that deity, clearly violating those same moral absolutes, they claim their deity is morally infallible, thus nothing it does can be immoral.

They also fail to notice that blindly following rules, does not involve morality. We would become nothing more than amoral automatons.

Yet they baulk at the fact that all human morality is subjective anyway, it cannot be otherwise as the bible makes contradictory rules and laws. Which they obviously cherry pick, and admit require subjective interpretation.

The desperate rationalisations that follow are often quite hilarious. Slavery isn’t really slavery, sex trafficking female prisoners from ethnic cleansing is for their own protection, barbaric cruelty was ok then as people were different, etc etc.

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LOL ----- Oh how true!

@David_Killens Yes…it is called cough moving the goal posts cough in order to try to rationalize why their God (if He/She/It even exists) allows for “evil”, and hence, for pain and suffering. Yuck.

@boomer47 Ahh…good old fashion religious hypocrisy among some of the followers of many of the world’s major religions: “do as I say, not as I do”. This especially is true, when it comes to judging.