Catholic Study - national Study of Catholic Priests

I missed the live presentation from the Catholic Study on the National Survey of Catholic Priests & just caught up yesterday. It was worse than I thought.


My responses to them.

. I am 3 pages in and already seeing a major disaster. I don’t think it has dawned on you what you are saying.

“bishops’ understandable eagerness to crack down on abusive priests” – BULL! They have only shown eagerness in COVERING THEIR REARS & DEFENDING the pedophiles. It is NAUSEATUING to see the enthusiasm they bring to defending the pedophiles. I can pull hundreds of pages & videos in about an hour.

The Vatican is based on ROMAN law – guilty until proven innocent. Innocent until proven guilty is a MODERN concept.

Due process protections for the accused would be based on the PRE 1919 Canon Law – Turn the accused over to the SECULAR authorities for investigation.

Active perpetrators among the bishops was irrelevant to whether they were under the Dallas Charter at all. The Dallas Charter HAS NO TEETH. It is pure P.R.

You had a 36% response. I think you pulled the dumbest of the lot. The smarter ones could see the errors in your survey and wisely kept their mouths shut.

Yes, it would favor the bishops to respond to this.

Over 80% of the priests and bishops may be flourishing. You correctly pointed out that THE LAITY AREN’T.

Yes, the younger priests are going to be better able to see through the bull.

For a group of men, WHOSE JOB DESCRIPTION IS SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING OTHERS, THEY ARE WHINIG ABOUT LOSING THEIR PRIVELEDGES, not the state of the CHURCH, the deaths from COVID, the fact that the Church is close to schism, the well being of the CHILDREN. Did you take any of the VIRTUS classes? The number one red flag of spotting an abuser is that the rules don’t apply to them and they are never at fault.

You made the group sound like narcissistic sociopaths. Actually, that confirms my experience with the clergy. I swear the bishops have been actively recruiting seminarians from psychiatric institutions for violent sexual offenders for the last 50 years.

I would say the priests have it right about a bishop willingly throwing them under the bus to save their own hide.

Did you note that the priests highest trust in the bishops was 2001 – WHEN THE PRIESTS WERE FAMOUS FOR HIDING PEDOPHILES! It is dropping when the bishops are trying to appear that they WON’T TOLERATE THE CLERGY ABUSING THEIR PARISHIONERS!

A 24% confidence level in the bishops is UNUSUALLY HIGH. The confidence ranking of bishops in the laity is MUCH lower. Some reports put it in negative numbers.

Yes, you can see the bishops trying to scramble up the ladder & they do so by trying to impress the other bishops. Everything they do to impress the other bishops makes them look like sadistic, pagan, morons to the laity, especially the younger generations.

Forget the low trust level in the clergy. The Church is the laity!

The final fate of the sheep is to be EATEN BY THE SHEPHERD! Why do you think humanity has been raising them for millennia? To fill out bellies. Go order a nice Passover lamb dinner and meditate on that.

Did your respondents come from the same city as their bishops? Why the very high percentage who would look to their bishop for support? You don’t usually travel hundreds of miles to visit a near total stranger.

I’m having fun dealing with a family run business where the father is a slave driver.

A bishop being an administrator in the first place is a stupid concept. That is a task better ‘hired out’ to the laity. The one wag put it – Blessed are the book keepers, for they will become bishops. Such a system is a recipe for disaster in the first place. An administrator who primarily covers their own rear is quickly weeded out as totally incompetent.

The PARENTS certainly aren’t seeing the dioceses as safe for children. It is TERRIFYING that the ineffective Dallas Charter measures are seen as being to harsh by 40% of the priests. That equals a rate of 40% of your respondents as being predators.

Since is it known that children almost never lie about being abused, the fact that 82% of the priest fear being ‘falsely’ abused jacks up the rate of predator priests to 82%. Go back to the quickest way to spot an abuser is that they think they are above the law. That is the opinion of most priests and is actually about what my experience shows. I left when I got sick of the continual death threats from the clergy.

The priests are right to be terrified to go before a review board of bishops. The bishops are totally incompetent. That is how JPII picked them.

If the clergy had continually claiming that they are “right next to God,” the laity would be more forgiving of error. When you keep claiming you are perfect, expect back lash when you continually show you aren’t.

The priests should be down on their knees thanking Francis. It was JPII & Benne Dick who were famous for kicking out anyone who disagreed with them.

Yes, YOU CAN NOT FIRE PRIESTS. The diocese is still responsible for their livelihood, working or a detriment to society. The MN bishop was famous for sending them to the Caribbean.

I agree with the vision of bishops as incompetent CEO’s.

Bishops are trained from seminary onward not to be transparent in decision making – part of the – I AM God doctrine.

Neither the bishops nor the priests are held accountable. It is why the laity are fleeing the Church.

I haven’t seen a priest yet who is supportive of the concept of protecting the children mouthed in the Dallas Charter.

Only 10% Hispanic priests in the US is an appallingly low figure as is 5% black. 24% foreign born = mining 3rd World countries for priests. The Vatican is ADAMENT that the only requirements for priesthood are male and breathing. Sounds like a great plan for refugees, just put on a Roman collar and come on in!

Diocese size by what? Population? Square miles? # of churches?

Yes, JPII & Benne Dick drove out nearly all the progressive priests.

Thank God we are getting rid of the JPII & Benne Dick bishops.

90% white bishops is appalling.

I think the bishops are more traditional than you show. I think the traditionalists were not going to be bothered to fill out a survey for anyone other than fellow bishops.

I enjoy your enthusiasm and it is quite an interesting read, but being as I didn’t grow up catholic a lot of this is lost on me.

Most of what I understand, unfortunately does not seem shocking. These men have positions of power and authority, they won’t call themselves out. When you consider they have no jobs or skill sets that apply outside of Catholicism, they can’t even afford to lose their jobs. What would they even put on a resume?

To suddenly be kicked out on the street with no job, no salary, no resume, etc. by coming clean or keep peddling the lie to keep all your worldly possessions?

I’m sure others will scapegoat or snitch on certain other “sacred cows” in order to sacrifice some of their order to appease part of the public. Claiming they have outed the unholy, and hoping this will take the heat off themselves.

I hate to say it, but I don’t think it will ever change.

You made the group sound like narcissistic sociopaths. Actually, that confirms my experience with the clergy. I swear the bishops have been actively recruiting seminarians from psychiatric institutions for violent sexual offenders for the last 50 years.

I submit for the last 2,000

Sick sexual predators often seek out a profession or job where they have a better opportunity to sexually abuse an innocent. It could be a clown, boy scout or girl guide leader, gymnastic coach, or a priest.

Which one is easier to fake to get in? Which profession/job actually has a mechanism to protect them if they get caught?