Can atheists be good parents?

Scroll up and look at @Richeydale67’s definition of agnosticism. I will never understand in this day and age why people define words incorrectly with absolute confidence, when the dictionary definition is a couple of clicks away.




  1. a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God.

So am I alone in wondering why…

  1. Someone would ccept that there might be a God, if they believe nothing is or can be known about its nature or existence?
  2. Be waiting for proof of a deity, when they believe nothing is or can be known about its nature or existence?

It’s amazing how many theists who come here that don’t seem to know the dictionary definition of agnosticism , and often of atheism.

Why deal with bothersome factual definitions when you can just define words to mean whatever you want them to mean? I mean, we can just define “God” as “non-existing entity”, and there is nothing more here to discuss, right?

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I do not intent to cause you any pain, either intellectual or emotional. But you came in here of your volition, and unfortunately, received answers that offend you. Obviously you are offended by the portayal some of us atheists have towards your god. But this god does not frighten or scare us with threats of hell, it’s story from the bible is logically contradictory, and the tales on what it has done are tales of murder and horror. These are opinions, not words designed hurt you or any other theist.


Obviously, they can be good parents. Yes they are because atheism allows people to think freely and atheist parents can give best possible way to lead humanitarian life but thesist parents can’t.


Not true - a very absolute statement. A person can be a good parent or not. Full stop.

NOT all atheists are humanitarians NOR are all religious beliefs anti-humane…


Not sure I agree with that, we’ve had atheist on here who proved otherwise. I’d be prepared to say that atheism frees one from religious doctrine and dogma, what an individual atheist does with that is up to them though.

Not sure I can agree with that either, what exactly in your opinion stops ALL theist parents from being concerned with, and seeking to promote human welfare, when raising their children?

I think as Whitefire says, you are making absolute statements, I am always wary of such sweeping claims, as they strike me as likely to be true.

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